Never Never Never / Naotodate ft. F.Panichi (Release party) + Bad Girl

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Address: Via Dino Saccenti 33 , Prato

Date: Thursday 05 December 2019


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Thursday 5 December, in collaboration with Wild Weekdays & Swamp Booking , Super Elettro ambient Drone Night at the Counter !!!

The black star of the ambient Drone, NEVER EVER EVER, will go up on our stage to let you drop the darkness with its kaleisoscope of sounds!

With him two special guests of absolute exception:

The mythical BAD GIRL and NICOLA NAOTODATE (formerly La Cuenta, Gargamella, ex Hate & Merda and a million different projects in at least 20 years of deep Underground) that in feat with Filippo Panichi, will present us his new limited edition cassette fifth episode of the 'Nuit' saga.
And so here he is to you as '' See you, Zed '' !!!


From 22.00:

Bad girl (Elettro space elect)

NAOTODATE feat F. Panichi - 'See you, Zed'
(Electronic Trip, Jazzcore, Noise, Drone)
Release party !!!

Never Never Never (Ambient Drone)

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The project was born in 2012 following the need to give a concrete form to some "takes" taken in the most disparate situations with a portable recorder.
The sound imagery of BadGirl begins to move and develops over time with a minimal and dark language, including ambient, redundant rhythms and field recordings.
The proposed songs are initially very different from each other and only in "Cosmi", the first album produced, find a common line.
Each time the live sets have unique nuances of sound and arrangements that are always new with emotion and the needs of the moment.


Drummer, percussionist, DJ; sound and noise experimenter, an active figure in the Tuscan underground world for years, always looking for the dark and powerful movements of being through the use of conventional and non-conventional instruments, acoustics, electronics and electro-acoustics, alchemically mixing sounds, samples, rhythms and effects.

Cassette limited to 50 hand-numbered copies, MU Versatile Label (NUIT 005)
The concept turns (or Gila) around Philipp K. Dick's novel "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" (1965). which Palmer himself created as an alternative to the best and funniest Can-D.
Many years ago I played in a band, in Florence, called Can-D: when we broke up I fantasized that it would be nice to come back - sooner or later - as Chew-Z. All this has been shaken with some extracorporeal and astral experiences that I have experienced, or perhaps I have simply dreamed of: the suicide mission, The C (at) haostrofe as a journey to the unknown destination, the transformation, the melancholy end, the nullification of consciousness .
The album comes in a limited edition of 50 copies for the Bolognese label MU Versatile Label, as the fifth chapter of the series "NUIT", which proposes a series of works inspired by science fiction books.
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Born on a small island in the Aegean Sea about 30 years ago.
From childhood, he followed his parents in Europe and the Near East, assimilating the different cultures, atmospheres and sounds of the places where he was unintentionally brought. Short periods of time intense enough to leave indelible traces. This project is the transposition of those experiences into music and sounds: a mix of drones and ambient, steamy rhythms, field recordings and sound scenarios that lead us to ancient and arcane eras, on the border between east and west.
After wandering for so long, he now lives in a small village on the Ionian coast, in the south of Italy.
This project is the setting to music of his past; what comes out of it is a mixture of drone and ambient, rhythms that range from the vaporous to the technoide, field recordings and sound environments that transport us to past and dark ages, on the border between east and west ...
Author of 5 albums, he participated in some of the major European Festivals of his genre and is considered one of the leading underground electronic music artists active in Italy.

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Il Contro (Ex Riff, Ex Controsenso)
Via Dino Saccenti 33 - Prato
In front of the Palazzetto dello Sport of Maliseti

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