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Address: Via Dino Saccenti 33 , Prato

Date: Saturday 20 October 2018


Fb event info:

Welcome to one of the events of the year at 'Contro':

Saturday 20th October Festival Punk da paura with the presentation of the new album by NABAT, 'Banda Randagia'.
But the evening will also be filled with other elements.
The legendary PUNKISTAN are back on stage for the occasion.
There will be local heroes of Punk and we will also be able to get them all on stage, the IVANOSKA.
But ... and this is a live announcement, there will be 'THE GOODNESS of the local heroes of the HC, the now legendary PISCIOSANGUE.
In 10 years of concerts, deceased members, misanthropy, crying, miles and sweat, they played with all the historical bands of the 'Old school' scene.
Because the Bloodthirsty are one of the last really Punk / Hc and 'Old school' bands.
They have taken over the legacy, genius and diseases of bands like Nerorgasmo and Skruigners and have made them desperate lives, distorted guitars, rabid dreams and hallucinated music.
And then Saturday, October 20th, for the last time: PISCIOSANGUE.

The concert is dedicated to the memory of Nicholas Terry, a dear friend who recently passed away.
All this, it's for him too.


From the exact 22, real, immovable:

Punkistan 2001 (Punk since 2001 - Reunion)


IVANOSKA (Punk local heroes)

NABAT (Punk legend since 1979 - Presentation of the new album 'Banda Randagia')

The Nabat is a legendary Punk Oi band, with strong anarchist tendencies, active since 1979.
Their name derives from the Ukrainian anarchist federation "Campane a flocko" (in Russian, "nabat").
Always led by the singer Steno, among the best known songs of their repertoire we will descend into the streets, New Times, Nichilistaggio or Laida Bologna.
The band, absolutely unique in its kind, is also well known for the famous 'Fate i Nabat' motto.
This stems from the fact that the Nabat never asked to play anyone in their entire career.
It has always been the people who shouted 'Make the Nabat' their 'Booking'.
And who wants to collect this invitation, must find a way to do it.
We found it with a little bit of anticipation and commitment.
Saturday, October 20th at 'Contro': Let's do the Nabat! ;)

Admission Euro 5

Acsi card and mandatory document
(Acsi Euro 5 annual membership fee)

Il Contro (Ex Riff, Former Controsenso)
Via Dino Saccenti 33 - Prato
In front of the Maliseti Sports Hall

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