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Address: Via Dino Saccenti 33 , Prato

Date: Saturday 04 May 2019


Event Fb: https://www.facebook.com/events/368934890382493/

Saturday 4 May at Contro, Punk / Rock Festival:
Headliner the legendary PAOLINO PAPERINO BAND !!!
One of the most important events of the entire season ...
Complimentary beer for those arriving by 10.15pm.


Open doors: 21.15

From 9.45 pm:

(Underground Readings for Guitar and Anxiety.
Spin off of The Hot Jokers , a punk attitude, a 70s show curtain, mixed with song lyrics and readings.)

The Alano (Punk since 2001)

The Real Wood (Punk / Rock all-female!)

Keine Bananen
(Eclectic Rock / Punk band known for the #SavethePanda torch dedicated to the cult car of the 80s / 90s, but also capable of much more committed songs)

Paolino Donald Duck (Punk / Rock Heroes since 1987)

The Paolino Donald Duck band is a legendary group, which with its brilliant and irreverent work has been a precursor of some genres of demented and punk music.
They are among the proponents of some famous urban legends, which are intertwined with those on the band itself.
They were the first to cover the theme of an animated cartoon.
They threatened to blow up an election.
Some even say that they are actually dead.
And yet after twenty years they returned to play and we bring them to Prato, Saturday 4 May, at the Punk / Rock Festival of 'Contro' !!!!


The Paolino Donald Duck is a punk rock band from the province of Modena.
Founded in 1987, the band was among the precursors of the skacore groups that were successful in the nineties.
The different musical influences, from the Ramones to the Bad Brains to the Skiantos, blending with the characteristics and creativity of the members, have led the group to have its own identity that has manifested itself - and still manifests itself - in songs sometimes purely idiotic, sometimes of greater depth: in them, often political and social topics are treated.
However, the salient prerogative of the band is the particular ironic vein that distinguishes its artistic production.
Thanks to the policy of free redistribution of music that the group has embraced, it is possible to download all the songs of the Pauline Donald Duck Band from the Internet. Among their best known pieces include Tafferugli, Carabinieri, Fetta.
The training decided to mysteriously interrupt its activity in 1994.
In May 2012, the group decides to return to the stage.
The albums' Porcellum '(2013) and' C'e 'people that sleep' (2017) will follow.
Saturday 4 May continues the story of one of the most brilliant, original, chatted, mysterious and irreverent bands in the history of Italian Punk!

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Admission Euro 7
Complimentary beer until 10.15pm

ACSI card and mandatory document
(Annual membership card for the Euro 5 card)

Il Contro (Ex Riff, Ex Controsenso)
Via Dino Saccenti 33 - Prato
In front of the Palazzetto dello Sport of Maliseti

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