RAW POWER / Collapse + 4 Band / Underground Festival @Contro

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Address: Via Dino Saccenti 33 , Prato

Date: Friday 19 April 2019


Event Fb: https://www.facebook.com/events/2465213283706324/


With them on stage a not inconsiderable battery of fire between Metal and Hc: Over head / Carrion Shreds / Sterminia / Flashback of Anger and Collapse O_O

And if you arrive WITHIN 10:15 pm to listen to the first bands, for you, A 0.33 CL BEER FOR FREE !!
The times shown are precise and immovable both on the free drink and on the bands, so ..:
Come early, drink, support and enjoy this wonderful special event all under the Undergound!


From 21.00 (Exact and real):

9.00pm / 9.30pm: Over Head (Punk / Hc from S. Miniato - Pisa)

21.45 / 22.15: Carrion Shreds (Death Metal)

22.30 / 23.00: STERMINIA (Thrash Metal since 2012 from Pisa)

11.15pm / 11.45pm: Flashback Of Anger
(Power / Prog Metal since since 2003)

00.00 / 00.30: Collapse (Thrash Metal / Hc since 2007)

From 00.45 until your death:

Raw Power (HC LEGEND SINCE 1981)

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Admission Euro 7

Complimentary beer until 10.15 pm!


Raw Power is a Hardcore Punk group formed in 1981 in Poviglio, Emilia Romagna.
The group is considered as one of the leading bands of the Italian hardcore scene of all time.
Many consider them pioneers of the genus and among those who taught Hc to the entire peninsula, with a decisive influence on the whole scene and the subsequent music.
Albums such as '' Screams From The Gutter '' (Toxic Shock 1985) are transversally considered milestones in the history of Hc / Punk.

During the first tour in the States, Raw Power played in Los Angeles with the Dead Kennedys in front of more than 4,000 people.
Thanks also to the support of Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys, who will crown them as '' The only Italian band worth listening to '', the Raw Power begin to receive approval even abroad, entering some of the most important international compilations on the Punk / Hc genre.
Countless tours will follow in America and throughout Europe for 38 years.
Over the course of their careers, Raw Power shares the stage with all the major groups of the world punk, hardcore and metal scene:
Dead Kennedys, GBH, Corrosion of Conformity, Suicidal Tendencies, Motorhead, Cro Mags, Sick of it All, Agnostic Front, Circle Jerks, Scream, Adolescents, Rancid, Poison Idea, Slayer, Venom, DRI, and in 1985 in a small club in Seattle a band that is still unknown opens for their concert, the Guns'n'Roses.

They are also the longest-lived band in the history of Italian hardcore punk and can boast a MOSTRUOSA discography ...:

Raw Power (1983 self-produced)

Study :

You Are The Victim (Meccano 1983)
Screams From The Gutter (Toxic Shock 1985)
Wop Hour EP (Toxic Shock 1985)
After Your Brain (Toxic Shock 1986)
Mine To Kill (Sonik Attack 1989)
Too Tough To Burn (Contempo 1993)
Fight (Godhead 1995)
Reptile House (Mad Mob 1998)
Raw Power / DRI split EP (Killer Release 2001)
Trust Me (Hello 2001)
Still Screaming, After 20 Years (Six Weeks 2003)
Resuscitate (PIG 2010)
Raw Power / MDC / Naked Aggression / Som-Hinoise split EP (DIY Labels 2012)
Tired & furious (Beer city records 2014)


Live In The USA (BCT 1985)
Live Danger (TVOR 1991)
Live From The Gutter (Godhead 1996)


Screams From The Gutter / After Your Brain (Westworld 1994)
Burning The Factory (Grand Theft Audio 1996)
The Hit List (Sudden Death 2004)
Fuck Authority (SOA 2005)
The Reagan Years (Beer City 2010)
Birth (FOAD 2012)
You Are The Victim / God's Course (FOAD 2013)


Raptus - LP (Meccano 1983)
Music on fire - TAPE (BCT 1983)
Alcoholic for the evil one - TAPE (Unknown 1983)
Raptus 2: denial and overcoming - LP (Meccano 1984)
Maximum rock'n'roll: welcome to 1984 - LP (MRR 1984)
4 For Ⓐ // ⒶⒶ for all - 7 ”(Totò alle Prese with Dischi 1984)
I'm buck naked! –TAPE (BCT 1984)
Last White Christmas - TAPE (BCT 1984)
I thrash, therefor i am - TAPE (BCT 1985)
The raw power of life Vol.2 - TAPE (Unknown 1985)
We can do whatever we want - LP (BCT 1986)
World war III? - LP (Rot 1986)
Eastern front III: live at Ruthie's inn - 2xLP (Restless 1986)
I've got an attitute problem - 7 "(BCT / Loony Toons 1987)
Rat music for rat people Vol.3 - CD | LP (CD Presents Ltd. 1987)
Decade of disaster - CD (Toxic Shock 1994)
All for one ... one for all - CD (Grand Theft Audio 1995)
Punk territory Vol.7 - CD (Anthology / FOG 1996)
Network of friends Vol.2 - 2xLP (Plastic Bomb / Ataque Sonoro 1998)
Street punkers - CD (Mania 1998)
Rock sound sampler Vol.14 - CD (Rock Sound Mag. 1999)
Bite the bullet - CD (Know 1999)
Anarchy for money - CD (Detroit Noise 1999)
Last white Christmas - CD (Schizophrenic 2000)
I thrash, therefor i am - LP | CD (Schizophrenic / BCT / Human Stench 2000)
Against your system - CD (Versus 2001)
Uncage your punk side - CD (Dave 2001)
Time to move - CD (No Brain 2001)
Rock sound: punk rock Vol.14 - CD (Rock Sound Mag. 2002)
Punkadeka compilation - CD (Punkadeka 2002)
Hate love - 2xLP | 2xCD (Lovehate80 / SOA / Mele Marce 2005)
Hate love - 2xLP | 2xCD (Lovehate80 / Valium / Agipunk 2006)
Coverones - LP | CD (Tornado Ride 2007)
S-hits! - CD (Tornado Ride / Senza Culo 2008)
Mass prod. anniversary - LP (Mass Prod. 2008)
Shut the fuck up and listen Vol.3 - 7 ”(PIG 2011)
The zombie pit - CD (PIG / Manic Pogo 2011)

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Il Contro (Ex Riff, Ex Controsenso)
Via Dino Saccenti 33 - Prato
In front of the Palazzetto dello Sport of Maliseti

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