Beatles lecture @ Il Salottino De La Loggetta

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Address: Via Aretina 301 , Florence

Date: Friday 22 November 2019


Friday 22 November
The De La Loggetta Lounge
in collaboration with AperiVenere

Beatles Cover Band

Vittorio Dominici - Guitar and vocals
Gian Luca Lastraioli - Bass, guitar and vocals.

Everyone (or almost everyone) knows that the joint signature Lennon / McCartney is considered today, in the field of popular music, as the trademark of the most influential partnership of the second half of the twentieth century. Without the fruitful collaboration of this formidable duo of composers, the Beatles would not have existed and the popular music of the late twentieth century and the early years of this new millennium would not exist in the form in which we all enjoy it today.

About two hundred Beatles songs carry the joint signature of Lennon and McCartney but, in a careful analysis, it is possible to identify and isolate in each song of the Fab Four the musical segments, the harmonies, the poetic verses - in other words the compositional traits - that in reality they were brought as a dowry to the individual songs now from one hour by the other composer. In the various songs it is therefore possible to recognize from time to time the typical compositional traits of Lennon (such as the recitative sentences, the melodic lines' naturalization, the fantastically innate aversion to the observance of the rules) opposed to those of McCartney (the melodies in vertical direction, the innate almost "Mozartian" discipline of the lines, the in-depth knowledge of the most diverse muscular styles).

In his storytelling conversation, Gian Luca Lastraioli analyzes and presents to the public, performing them live, some of the most significant songs of the duo Lennon / McCartney in which the "fingerprints" of each of the two authors are more easily recognizable. Conducted in a colloquial style and yet musically thorough the conversation ends with a question time.

8:30 pm Dinner with AperiVenere
9:30 pm Concert

Arci La Loggetta Circle
Via Aretina 301


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