Davide Friello Music for Handpan @ Salottino De La Loggetta

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Address: Via Aretina 301 , Florence

Date: Friday 28 February 2020


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Friday 28 February
Il Salottino De La Loggetta

Davide Friello - Music for Handpan

The handpan is one of the last instruments invented in the world, rich in harmonics that come from all directions, Davide Friello in addition to the activity of Concerts in Theater and Festivals loves to play in intimate and intimate situations. We will listen deeply to the ancestral rhythms and sweet melodies of his Handpan with moments of strong intensity, immersing ourselves briefly also in the sounds of drums and other harmonic instruments. We will simply sit on the cushions or mats in the room, take off our shoes, whoever wants to can close their eyes.
A magical experience ... a trip ... a DIVE

Davide Friello's latest records will also be available: "Immersion" and "5 Elements

(complete on www.davidefriello.com/bio-ita

International Handpan musician, percussionist, performer and traveler. He has an emotional and instinctive approach to music. Friello's music lends itself to the live experience and it is there that it releases all its strength and delicacy. He has performed in numerous theaters including the Auditorium laVerdi and the Foyer of the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan, Parco della Musica in Rome, Teatro Verdi, Cine-Teatro Alfieri, Auditorium Sant'Apollonia and Sala Vanni in Florence, Teatro Duse in Bologna , Camploy Theater in Verona, Cristallo Theater in Bolzano, Cicognini National Convitto Theater in Prato and Buonarroti Cine-Theater in Civitavecchia

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20:30 Dinner with AperiVenere
9.30 pm Concert


Circolo Arci La Loggetta
Via Aretina 301


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