"The auction of the Saint"

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Address: Via Giovanni Lanza 64/A , Florence

Date: Sunday 09 December 2018


"L'asta del Santo": a surreal merchant at the fair on the life of the Saints

at Il Lavoratorio, 8 and 9 December.

"L'asta del Santo" , which the Pistoia-based company of Gli Omini brings to Florence on December 8th and 9th, is an experience halfway between the game of society and the theatrical show. It is a surreal journey in the life of 52 among the 4000 existing Saints to narrate their life and deeds while they buy their cards - all rigorously reinterpreted by the imagination of the authors - in the traditionally irreverent dynamics of the Merchant at the Fair . Every Saint has his own story of extraordinary adventures, vicissitudes, unthinkable deaths, superpowers, and is painted on paper. Each story will be told with the aim of selling the card to the highest bidder in the audience. In turn, players will be able to believe in one or more Saints, buy them and bet on them to reach the final and win one of the prizes to be won.

Where: The Workshop - Via Giovanni Lanza 64 / A 50136 Florence

When: December 8th, 21st and 9th December at 5pm
For information: https://www.illavoratorio.it/

Reservations at: info@illavoratorio.it - 055.0981266


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