Decibel Open Air

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Address: Viale degli Olmi , Florence

Date: Sunday 23 June 2019


A production of Decibel Eventi and Nautilus Events.

Inserted in the calendar of the Fiorentina Estate 2019

Decibel Open Air

5th edition


Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June 2019

Visarno Arena, Piazzale delle Cascine, Florence - doors open 12 hours

Armin Van Buuren ected Infected Mushroom ∙ Black Coffee ∙ Collabs 3000 (Chris Liebing & Speedy J Extended Set ∙ Deborah De Luca ∙ Felix Kröcher ∙ Fisher ∙ Ilario Alicante ∙ Joseph Capriati ∙ Loco Dice ∙ Marco Faraone ∙ The Martinez Brothers ∙ Matrixxman ∙ Riva Starr ∙ Stephan Bodzin Live ∙ Anotr ∙ Bastian Bux ∙ George Privatti ∙ Giorgio Gigli ∙ Tini Gessler ∙ Stomp Boxx ∙ Analog Hills

Fifth edition of the Decibel Open Air. At the Visarno Arena, two days of programming with electronic music stars that are popular all over the world. More than 20 artists for 2 different stages, expected thousands of spectators from all over Europe and beyond.

Everything is ready for the Decibel Open Air, the most attended electronic music festival in central Italy that in its last edition managed to score almost 20 thousand spectators from all over Europe and beyond. A further proof that Florence is not only and only a tourist destination for its historical beauties but also for its musical events.

This year not one, but two days of programming: Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June more than 20 artists for 2 different stages, for over 24 hours of music at the Visarno Arena in Florence.

The line-up is spectacular, among the guests of this fifth edition we find in fact Armin Van Buuren, Infected Mushroom, Black Coffee, Collabs 3000 (Chris Liebing & Speedy J), Deborah De Luca, Felix Kröcher, Fisher, Ilario Alicante, Joseph Capriati , Loco Dice, Marco Faraone, The Martinez Brothers and many others.

Many of them now have nothing to envy to the more established rock stars: they gather huge audiences, boast millions of views on youtube and their tracks have a significant influence on the musical taste of many young people.

Proceeding in alphabetical order is the name of Armin Van Buuren to catch his eye, probably the most influential DJ in the world EDM. After the stellar success of the "Armin Only 'and" A State of Trance "tours, after performances at the biggest festivals and clubs and after performing in front of the King and Queen of the Netherlands (who came on stage and danced) with him), Armin was one of the first DJs to have his own Festival, the ASOT Festival, which is also the biggest trance music festival in history. In May 2017 he performed in the Amsterdam Arena gathering 80,000 people: an event that is one of the highlights of his career and was immortalized in the documentary "The Best Of Armin Only".

With over 20 years of career behind it, the Infected Mushroom is a piece of electronic music history that has revolutionized the world psytrance scene. The Israeli duo formed by Amit Duvdevani and Erez Aizen, initially the new wave keyboardist and the first classical pianist the second, was born after a trip to India. From there the first albums and EP, including "Classical Mushroom" (2000), with which the duo faces success, and then "I'm The Supervisor" (2004), a real triumph for both critics and public. After being ranked twice among the "10 Best DJ's" by DJ Magazine, in 2018 they released their twelfth album: "Head of NASA and 2 Amish Boys". At Decibel Open Air will perform live training with full band.

Among the hot names of the international house scene we find the South African dj Black Coffee. Growing up in the Apartheid period, at the age of 14 he lost the use of an arm during the celebrations for the release of Mandela, nevertheless he became one of the most beloved DJs in the world. Among his fans is rapper Drake, but there is also Pharrel Williams on the incredible list of artists he has collaborated with. Today, with over 250 shows a year, the Black Coffee tour continues unabated, having once again stopped at Coachella and Tomorrowland.

Collabs 3000 is instead the project of Chris Liebing and Speedy J: an electronic jam session born from the collaboration of the two DJs who in 2002, working together, discovered they had multiple affinities that could act as foundations for an interesting common musical journey. Following this path, they perform in a show where improvisation and musical understanding reign supreme. Their only studio work together, "Metalism" (NovaMute 2005), is a taste of the professional marriage of these two world-famous DJs.

Born in Scampia, a difficult neighborhood in the Neapolitan suburbs, Deborah De Luca started her career in the clubs first as a waitress, then as a dancer and finally came behind the console. Having moved to northern Italy for middle school, she initially undertook fashion studies, but soon realized that she wanted to follow another direction, that of music. Back in Naples, she founded the label Sola_mente Records in 2013 and in a few years her talent was noticed. His music? A fusion of techno and minimal sounds never predictable.

Before becoming a well-known producer, Fisher is a very famous Australian surfer. He decided to change course and resume the djing path he started in adolescence in 2017, the year his debut album "Ya Kidding" was released. This was followed by the EP "Oi Oi Oi Oi" (2017) and "Crowd Control" (2018), to finally reach the hit that blew up his musical career: "Losing It", released in July 2018 and nominated for ARIA Music Awards such as Best Dance Release and the Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording, is a true global success.

Among the local talents in this fifth edition of the Decibel Open Air, the Ilario from Livorno, born in 1988, began his career in Tuscany, with a long residence at the Pachamama in Pisa. At the age of 15 he made his debut at Time Warp and in 2008 he released his hit "Vacaciones en Chile" on Tenax Recordings and subsequently joined the roster of the prestigious Cocoon by Sven Väth. Today he is one of the leading figures on the electronic scene and in 2018 he won the Best Techno Artist award at the Ibiza Dj Awards. Among the most recent highlights also the dj set of 5 January 2019 in which Alicante shared the stage of the RDS Stadium in Rimini with the legend of electronic music Giorgio Moroder.

Joseph Capriati was born and raised in Caserta and at the age of 11 he saw a DJ playing for the first time. Since then the djing has become his dream. After finishing high school he tried to join the army to please the family, worried about the future of that son who instead of studying wanted to play, but his request was not accepted. From there he convinced his mother to give him another year to try to succeed with music: that year, he made it. His official debut was in 2007 with the release of "Microbiotic" and the same year he played at the Golden Gate in Naples. In 2009 he started collaborating with Chris Liebing CLR and Drumcode labels and from there his career has always been on the rise.

Under "legend of electronic music" we find Loco Dice. He took his first steps in hip hop, working alongside artists like Snoop Dog. In the mid-90s he approaches house music and experiences its expressive possibilities. Soon he is noticed and starts playing in Ibiza. The first big success came in 2006, with "Harissa Ep" on Luciano's Cadenza Records and with the single "Seeing Through Shadows" on Minus. Today he is known all over the world and in 2018 his latest album "Love Letters" was released.

Marco Faraone stands out among the promises kept on the Italian scene: a prolific producer capable of approaching and interacting with music in a unique way. Since his first performances his way of involving the public through his style, his charisma and his great passion for music has been appreciated. Resident DJ of the Tenax is now a world-renowned artist as well as one of the few Italian DJs to have reached the Fabric console, an iconic club across the Channel where he performed recently. After a triumphant tour in South America, he gave birth to the Ep Lunar Eclipse, released with the prestigious Drumcode by Adam Beyer.

What about the Martinez Brothers. Introduced to this genre at a very young age by the hand of their father, the two brothers from the Bronx come from the historic New York club The Paradise Garage. Directed by Dennis Ferrer, they started playing in the most important clubs of the Big Apple, starting from the Shelter, and then performing on long world tours. In the meantime they have refined their technique and their style, until they joined the DC-10 family of the Circoloco of Ibiza and became one of the benchmarks of the global house.

Then there is Matrixxman, the American dj and producer who has marked a turning point in American techno of recent times, managing to establish himself in European clubs.
The Decibel Open Air line-up ends with: Felix Kröcher, one of the purest talents in German techno, Riva Starr, the Neapolitan star of clubbing, Stephan Bodzin, a DJ who spans musical influences, creating fascinating and engaging atmospheres, Anotr, Amsterdam duo by the undeniable musical talent, Bastian Bux, one of the resident of ElRow, George Privatti, artist who has published on over 100 labels of the tech-house scene, Tini Gessler, young Spanish promise of electronic music and Stomp Boxx, Venetian dj named best dj and producer at the Jagermusic Lab in Berlin.

Scheduling and times of the various live / DJ sets

Day 1 - Decibel Open Air Stage:
Stomp Boxx 15:00 - 16:00
Black Coffee 16:00 - 17:00
Loco Dice 5.30pm - 7.00pm
Stephan Bodzin 19:00 - 20:30
The Martinez Brothers 8.30pm - 10.00pm
Joseph Capriati 22:00 - 23:30

Day 1 - Collabs Stage:
Analog Hills 12:00 - 14:00
Giorgio Gigli 14:00 - 16:00
Matrixxman 16:00 - 18:00
Collabs 3000 18:00 - 22:00

Day 2 - Decibel Open Air Stage:
Felix Kröcher 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Deborah De Luca 16.30 - 18.30
Marco Pharaoh 18:30 - 20:00
Infected Mushroom full live band 20:15 - 21:45
Armin Van Buuren 10pm - 11.30pm

Day 2 - Elrow Stage
Anotr 12:00 - 13:30
George Privatti 13:30 -15: 00
Bastian Bux 15:00 - 16:30
Riva Starr 16:30 - 18:00
Fisher 6.00pm - 7.30pm
Tini Gessler 7.30pm - 9.00pm
Ilario Alicante 9.00pm - 10.30pm

Organization, reception and logistics

In order to facilitate a more orderly influx, the Decibel Open Air will have a withdrawal point this year within the Manifattura Tabacchi, which will become a meeting point for the patrons of the festival.

The Cascine will remain open to traffic, the only prohibition of transit will be the one concerning Viale del Visarno. The entrances concerned will be the one from Via delle Cascine for season tickets and regular tickets, while for VIP tickets, disabled and accredited, the dedicated entrance will be the silver-colored one on Viale degli Olmi.

The festival invites all its spectators to reach the Visarno Arena by public transport: the tramway, thanks to the car parks at the entrance of the city of Viale Guidoni for those arriving from the north and Villa Costanza for those arriving from the south, is certainly the most suitable vehicle to reach the festival, alternatively, we also recommend the use of the Mobike or Ataf buses, which stop in Piazza Puccini.
As for the hotels, the festival has a collaboration with Music Destination, which offers ad hoc packages to fully enjoy the festival experience and have the opportunity to discover the city of Florence ( ). The Decibel Open Air hosts spectators from all over the world, among the most represented nations, as well as Italy, Germany, England, Spain, France, but also Canada, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Romania, Finland and many others.

Attention to the environment and technological innovation

To underline, in this V edition of the Decibel Open Air, the collaboration with WAMI Water with a Mission, a new mineral water brand born following a new business model called "Buy One, Give One": giving to those in need any product we buy for ourselves, thus making our purchase aware and responsible.
Choosing WAMI water this year Decibel Open Air will guarantee more than 2 million liters of drinking water to the communities that are connected thanks to WAMI projects in recent months. Furthermore, these bottles are made of already recycled plastic, fueling the circular economy of this material.

During the festival the WAMI team will be present to show the water projects in progress in Senegal and Tanzania and to collect all the used bottles so that they can be recycled and become new bottles. Through a code present on each bottle you can immediately see which water and family project was given water. Going to the website and entering the code all Decibel Open Air participants will be able to become part of the WAMI community, keep track of the completed projects and stay up to date on them.
Another novelty regarding the environmental impact is the choice of Inbev as a strategic partner to try to minimize the use of disposable plastic inside the festival, thanks to the use of 100% recyclable aluminum bottles.

For the first time ever Decibel Eventi is a partner of Outline, an Italian company leader in the production of audio systems, digital processors and associated technologies, it is a reference brand in the "Sound Reinforcement" industry worldwide. The company today led by Michele and Stefano (sons of the founder Guido) and by Giorgio Biffi has several patents in the field of electro-acoustics but also in the domain of signal processing. Outline also boasts several Awards for 'Product Innovation' and 'Design Excellence' won in the most important trade shows. Thanks to the very high technological level of its products, Outline is considered in the 'top 5' of international brands.

DECIBEL OPEN AIR is a production of Decibel Eventi and Nautilus Events.
The festival is included in the Summer Fiorentina 2019 calendar.

Decibel Open Air Press Office
Lorenzo Migno


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NO AGE RESTRICTIONS, under 14, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


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