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Address: Via Orti Oricellari 18 , Florence

Date: Saturday 25 September 2021


3 / a edition of " Spiragli - Theaters behind the scenes", the review that through the theater invites inclusion, beyond prejudices and borders

Organized by the company Interazioni Elementari, the event will be held from 24 to 26 September at the Penal Institute for Minors G. Meucci in Florence and in the spaces of MAD - Murate Art District and Le Murate Caffè Letterario in Florence. With a preview on September 17 at BiblioteCaNova

The initiative has the contribution of the Municipality of Florence for Estate Fiorentina 2021 , the support of CESVOT and is in collaboration with the G. Meucci Penal Institute of Florence , MAD - Murate Art District , Murate Idea Park , Polaris Engineering Srl , University degli Studi di Firenze , Arci Firenze , ArciGay - Altre Sponde, Lyriks , BiblioteCaNova, association Convivendo

Theater as a way to reflect on change, on identity, inviting inclusion, beyond any prejudice or boundary, both physical and mental . Everything is ready for " Spiragli - Theaters behind the scenes ", the third edition of the review, organized by the company Interazioni Elementari , which will take place from 24 to 26 September at the G. Meucci Penal Institute in Florence and in the spaces of MAD - Murate Art District and Le Murate Literary Cafe in Florence .

On the program workshops, performances and multimedia recitals , designed specifically for the initiative, moving in and out of prison thanks to the use of digital technology and streaming .

The initiative has the contribution of the Municipality of Florence for Estate Fiorentina 2021 , the support of CESVOT and is in collaboration with the Penal Institute for Minors G. Meucci of Florence , MAD - Murate Art District , Murate Idea Park , Polaris Engineering Srl , University degli Studi di Firenze , Arci Firenze , ArciGay - Altre Sponde, Lyriks , BiblioteCaNova, association Convivendo.

"Attention to marginalization and the challenge to prejudices that affect our daily lives is one of the figures of this festival - says Councilor Tommaso Sacchi -: this project proves once more that theater, despite the difficult months that have just passed, it is a living body that can truly produce innovation, education and knowledge ”.

"Streaming has revolutionized the dynamics of interaction in theater projects inside the prison - adds Claudio Suzzi , Director of Elementary Interactions - For the first time in Italy, and probably in Europe, we are using this medium to create a new link between prisoners and the local community. In fact, it is no longer the public that crosses the walls to see a one-off performance, sometimes in a voyeuristic way, leaving a melancholy for those who remain 'inside', but it is the prison itself that 'comes out' through the artistic-theatrical representation and it makes a symbol and a 'continuous' work, which has the dignity of repeating itself and expanding in society. We started using live streaming in 2019 to show what was happening inside and vice versa, but with a dramaturgical approach. Today, after the pandemic, this experiment is useful. It is a very strong emotion to see them act, helping each other, to see how slowly they become passionate about acting and bring out what they have inside, in a cathartic way. Having an internet connection with a prison is truly innovative, considering that you can't even bring a cell phone there ”.

After a preview, on 17 September at 5 pm in BiblioteCaNova Isolotto (via Chiusi 4/3 A), with the inauguration of the photographic exhibition that portrays the company's activities over the years, focusing on the most important projects and productions, at the presence of institutions and partners, Spiragli will open on 24 September at 9 pm, at Le Murate Caffè Letterario , with “ MetaMoreFaces” , a study on the idiosyncrasies of faces , conceived and directed by Claudio Suzzi , in collaboration with the PerformIA Festival of Polaris Engineering . A performance on the theme of change and identity , freely inspired by Ovid's "The Metamorphoses" , in which Ovid's mythical, timeless text will be hybridized with the autobiographical stories of individuals belonging to contexts linked to marginality, discomfort, present on stage as a non-professional performer. Professional actors and performers will in fact share the stage space with three young inmates, a transsexual boy and some elderly ladies . It will be a research path on several levels, which, thanks to the collaboration with the company Polaris Engineering of Pistoia , will be articulated on the concept of hybridization of languages also through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) , understood as a 'tangible model of temporal and communicative paradox characterizing our contemporaneity '. The appointment is a first study and represents the nucleus from which the new theatrical production that the Compagnia Interazioni Elementari will carry out for the year 2022 will start.

Artificial intelligence will be considered to all intents and purposes a 'body-voice ' that will interact in real time on the stage and whose reactions to predetermined stimuli at a dramaturgical level will not be possible to predict. The AI on the stage represents an element of "uncertainty" designed to put stress on the balance of stage writing and proceed with improvisations that will be an integral part of the show and to which the actor / performer will have to learn to adapt and respond. It will take advantage of the face morphing application, which will be declined in two different modes. During the work for the realization of the first studio of the show, in fact, a transgender was involved (thanks to the collaboration with Arci Gay Firenze) who made a woman-man transition and who, alongside the autobiographical material, was asked to bring of photographic documents from childhood to today. Thanks to the processing of images by the AI, the performer will interact with his face that will change , exploiting the processing of the algorithm, in front of the eyes of the spectators while the time of the story of his biography merged with the Myth of Have dinner . The second application of the AI is mediated by a mobile device (smartphone) that will be used during the performance by an operator of the company who will be in charge of taking photographic portraits of the spectators. The images will be processed by the algorithm, estimating how faces might appear either in another time (aging or rejuvenation) or with another sex (man-woman, woman-man), and will be projected in real time .

The review will continue on 25 September at 5 pm at the G. Meucci Penal Institute for Minors in the company of the street band I Fiati Sprecati: trumpets, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, bombardini, accordions, flutes and percussions, a piece of the people who for the people he makes music, entertains, disturbs and makes people think. I Fiati Wasted, a social project on the side of "those who feel the sense of responsibility, those who participate and do not wobble in the face of the power and money used to marginalize, point out, build racism, destroy the territory and alienate humanity", collaborates with Suzzi since 2004. During the appointment, workshops will also be held to talk about the activities carried out within the Meucci.

Closing on September 26th at 6pm from MAD - Murate Art District with a new premiere production , " Versi Elementari - poesie dell'is Isolation" , an impromptu multimedia recital dedicated to Sante Notarnicola , a revolutionary poet who witnessed our time, who passed away in March 2021. The project, curated by the Lyriks publishing house , starting from the staging of his latest collection " Elementary Verses " (LYRIKS editions, 2021), involves some dear friends of Sante Notarnicola who will speak with testimonies or reading his verses or his other writings. The interventions of the reading will be in presence, live streaming or in the form of pre-recorded contributions. During the event, we will connect with the G. Meucci Penal Institute for Minors in Florence where some actors in prison directed by Suzzi will perform in a performance inspired by poems. The various contents produced will subsequently be reassembled to create a video document dedicated to the memory of the poet, which will be posted on the website www.santenotarnicola.it . The event is included in the program of cultural initiatives of the Municipality of Florence for the Florentine Summer 2021 and also includes multimedia contributions dedicated to Michelangelo and Dante Alighieri. The staging and direction are by Nino Cannatà, the staging direction by Loris Giancola, the streaming link by WhatWeAre, the videos by Progetti Digitali.

The Interazioni Elementari company is active all year round with meetings, workshops, shows in which young prisoner actors come into contact with the outside world, thanks to live streaming ; vice versa, the city can touch the activity inside the IPM Meucci in Florence . The intent is to educate and train the young guests of the penitentiary institution in the performing arts, with particular attention to the training of the actor . The theater therefore responds to two fundamental needs of the juvenile prison: to communicate with the outside world, with a view to overcoming prejudices and differences, and to work daily to learn a profession capable of opening up future paths.

With Streaming Theater , two fundamental needs are met in the rehabilitation process of prisoners, namely the connection with the external community and the culture of daily work .

We work to ensure that inmates are hired as actors, paid as show business workers . For this reason, it is important for us from now on to circulate as much as possible the works produced in prison in this new way. We want to involve young people from the local communities of Italy in a meeting process capable of developing processes of active citizenship and participation, aimed at social inclusion and the achievement of greater autonomy and personal fulfillment of young people ”, concludes Suzzi .

For information, facebook, YouTube and instagram / elementary interactions

All activities will take place in compliance with anti-covid regulations.

Free admission upon reservation required

24 form of Performia

fill in the FORM online https://www.polarisengineeringsrl.it/performiafest/

25 to the IPM send the request by 17 September to the email: info@promozionielementari.com


The theater company Interazioni Elementari , founded in 2014 in Paris as an informal group and then established in 2017 in Florence as an Association for Social Promotion, carries out training, production and organization of events on the national and European territory. The members, artists and operators of different generations and backgrounds, are united by a common vision of the theatrical and performing arts that focuses on the relationship between artistic research and society. The artistic direction is entrusted to Claudio Suzzi , active in Florence since 2002, the year in which he founded the Compagnia OSA Teatro, with which he began his activity as director and author. The need to be able to use spaces for theatrical production led him to work within the Penal Institute for Minors “G. Meucci ”in Florence, in which he begins to develop his own specific poetics. After having developed the training and theatrical production work carried out with the Company in the Florentine juvenile prison, and carried out various experiences in Italy and France, in 2016 he returned to Florence where he won a scholarship for the Doctoral Course in History of the Arts. and of the Entertainment University of Florence and founded the Compagnia Interazioni Elementari. From 2017 to today, the Compagnia has organized theater workshops for the inmates of the G. Meucci Penal Institute for Minors in Florence and from 2018, both inside and outside the prison, has organized the SPIRAGLI Festival - Theaters behind the scenes, as part of the program of the Florentine Summer of the Municipality of Florence and financed by the Cultural Announcement of the Metropolitan City of Florence. In 2019 the company produces the first studio of the ONE MAN JAIL show: the prisons of the mind with which, for the first time in Italy, it is able to connect in live streaming the inside of the prison with a theater in the city.

The origins of the artistic work of Interazioni Elementari have developed thanks to a direct contact with realities that live "behind the scenes" of society, such as prisoners, migrants, the elderly, transsexuals. Through an interdisciplinary linguistic approach, which has changed over time thanks to the intervention of social theater, the company has been able to develop a personal poetics that passes through the use of elements such as masks and make-up, vocality and physical theater, video and the use of digital arts, to achieve the creation of shows and performances based on a specific intent of direction and scenic writing. With this in mind, one of the company's greatest strengths is that of being the first in Italy to have united, thanks to live streaming, the theater with the prison, in an interconnection that no longer has places or time. . The use of new technologies for the social, then, becomes an effective and concrete way to increase inclusive possibilities, to break down the distance from marginalization and to work on voices, bodies and art in a direct, shared and democratic way.


For " MetaMoreFaces" a scientific committee , made up of university professors and researchers, has been commissioned to work on the textual materials of the show to search for scientific evidence during the phases of the project which will be collected in an academic publication. It includes Vincenzo Zingaro , an expert on the subject in Aesthetics belonging to the PTS research unit (Aesthetic Practices, Anthropological Transformations, Scenarios of the Contemporary) directed by Professor Fabrizio Desideri from the Department of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Florence; Professor Rita Mancaniello as Member of the FORLILPSI Department Council of the University of Florence, with authorization to carry out project activities of interest to the Department (UNIFI); Antonio di Grigoli , PhD in Educational Science and Psychology (UNIFI); Alessandro Boschi , PhD in Greek Language and Literature (UNIPI).


"I came from the South with my cardboard suitcase": with this verse, many remember Sante Notarnicola , who died last March at the age of 82. Robber, 'bandit', as he himself called himself when he was arrested, a communist without a party, a poet , writer, there is no label that suffices to describe him, he who in 1978 was the first on the list of thirteen names indicated by the Red Brigades (he approached the prison) as prisoners to be released in exchange for the release of Aldo Moro. , born in 1938 in Castellaneta, in the province of Taranto, "between misery and social marginalization", says his biography, at the age of 13 he joined his mother in Turin, where he lived in a "neighborhood-ghetto". to then move away from the party in pursuit of the "revolutionary hopes" that led him, with Pietro Cavallero, to form a gang that collected a series of bloody robberies. In '67 he was arrested after a very short inaction and sentenced to life imprisonment for the last blow that ended in blood: the gang attacked the Banco di Napoli, in Milan. There was a shooting with the police in the crowd, four dead were left on the ground. In prison Notarnicola was the protagonist of the riots to improve the conditions of the prisoners and in his cell he studied, read, wrote. In '95, in semi-liberty, he became an innkeeper, since 2000 he was free. In '72 he published "The Impossible Evasion" for Feltrinelli. His figure has inspired cinema and music. In the film Banditi a Milano by Carlo Lizzani, which tells the story of the Cavellero band, he is played by Don Backy.


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