The reduced of the Puccini Theater Program November 2022

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Address: Via delle Cascine 41 , Florence

Date: Thursday 24 November 2022



The foyer of the Puccini Theater

November 2022 program

Thursday 17th November

A Khora.Teatro production in collaboration with the Civic Theater of La Spezia

With electric tears

by Francesco Morosi, Marcello Reggiani, Marco Signori, Silvia Speriani

with Valerio Ameli and Anna Charlotte Barbera

sets and costumes Francesca Tunno

directed by Alessandro Maggi

With electric tears is a theatrical text for an actor and an actress dedicated to one of the greatest visionaries of literature of the last century: Philip K. Dick, the author of science fiction novels that have defined a decisive part of the collective imagination of our contemporaneity.

From The Man in the High Castle (from which a successful TV series was taken) to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (reference text for Blade Runner ), from UBIK to Minority Report (at the basis of the film Minority Report ), Dick anticipated many of the anxieties and issues of our present.

Although his literary genre is undoubtedly science fiction, Dick's literature is more than anything else 'counter-factual': it arises from a close analysis of some essential elements of man and his society, and imagines possible developments against -factual, apparently impossible but in substance plausible because logically acceptable.

Dick arrives at this through a complicated personal history, a highly paranoid-prone character and a rather high consumption of drugs. Dick is therefore not only a little-known genius of the last century, but also a very interesting theatrical character.

With electric tears, he tries to enter into Dick's creative process, on the eve of writing his best-known novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?.

In a breathless dialogue with his wife Nancy, Philip gives vent to all his paranoia: a false memory on the position of a switch unleashes an unstoppable chain of paranoid deductions, which even question our human being. Is it possible, Dick wonders baffled, to find the human in man, a principle that identifies the human species with respect to its possible inorganic but perfect replicas? Together with Nancy, Philip will sink into the abyss of possibilities, in a text that stages a relentless rational and creative process, as well as a disconcerting reflection on what humanity is.

Thursday 24th November

Khora.Teatro presents

Beethoven's Testament

dramaturgy and interpretation Luca Mascolo

cello Donato Cedrone

music by Alessandro Cedrone

In 1802, in Heiligenstadt, in the suburbs of Vienna, Ludwig Van Beethoven wrote his will; he is barely thirty and that letter will remain closed in a drawer for another 25 years, until his death in 1827. This is the story of those years and of that man.

To date, the most poignant and genuinely human thing remains the contrast between music and the Beethoven man. In this unpublished monologue we see Beethoven told by himself and by what has come to us from the past: the spirit, the neuroses, the pain and loneliness, the ecstatic and irrepressible euphoria, the moral law and the starry sky.

Shows start: 9.30 pm

Tickets: € 15.00 (excluding presale rights)

The ticket office is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 16.00 to 19.00.

Tickets on sale in the regional Box Office / Ticketone circuit

Purchase online at

INFORMATION: 055.362067 - 055.210804

Puccini Theater

Via delle Cascine 41

50144 Florence - -


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