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Address: Viale Manfredo Fanti, 8 , Florence

Date: Wednesday 31 July 2019



The program includes numerous events: from jazz to vinyl music, from theatrical improvisation to cinema under the stars and then the evening with the rhythm of cumbia and animation for children.

LIGHT - Il Giardino di Marte , the summer space inside the Campo di Marte Gardens (V.le Manfredo Fanti n.8, Florence), presents itself in July with a full program of events not to be missed.

Light is a multipurpose space where you can have an aperitif, have dinner with hamburgers, cold dishes or an excellent pizza, and spend an evening enjoying concerts, DJ sets or live shows throughout the summer from 17:00 to 01:00, free admission .

On schedule, every week, something different:

On Monday, the evening is dedicated to Latin music, while on Tuesday instead the Swing on Mars space by Lindy Hop in Florence.

Wednesday at 9.30 pm is " Light Jazz Garden ": original music, jazz standard, improvisation. The best performers of the Florentine jazz scene will alternate on the stage of the Light, to create a lively and relaxing atmosphere from dinner time onwards.

Thursday, in collaboration with ProgeasFamily , comes " LP LongPlaying ":

the new appointment with the world of vinyl records that are so coming back into the daily life of all music lovers and not only.

At Light will be 33 and 45 laps to be the master: the best Florentine DJs will perform at the dishes throughout the summer season with musical pearls of various kinds.

From the boundless world of BlackMusic, to the coolest Funky up to the timeless classics of Italian and international pop music, without forgetting the typical sound of progressive rock and much more ...

Friday, live music with " Light Live Music ".

Carioca Dj Set is instead the new Saturday night that colors Light with bright colors and exotic rhythms. In the urban jungle of Campo di Marte you can breathe an air of celebration: moving to the rhythm of cumbia and tropical disco will be the watchword. Timetable from 21 to 00.00

On Sunday, finally , the appointment with the cinema under the stars is confirmed, under the direction of " Black Oaks Picture ".

July program

Mar 16 21:00 Swing on Mars by Lindy Hop in Florence

Wed 17 21:00 Jazz Light Garden

Thu 18 21:30 Long Playing Night: VSUM Dj Set

Fri 19 22:00 The Robinooda's (Pop, Swing)

Sat 20 21:30 Carioca Dj Set: K - Frank (Dnart)

Sun 21 21:30 The Cinema of Mars - Being John Malkovich - Spike Jonze

Mon 22 21:00 Latin Evening

Tue 23 21:00 Swing on Mars by Lindy Hop in Florence

Wed 24 21:00 Jazz Light Garden

Thu 25 21:30 Long Playing Night: La Ponto & La Mimmy Dj Set

Fri 26 22:00 Due Toni Sotto (Cover Rock, Pop)

Sat 27 21:30 Carioca Dj Set: Danee Dj Set

Sun 28 21:30 The Cinema of Mars - The girl of the bridge - Patrice Leconte

Mon 29 21:00 Latin Evening

Mar 30 21:00 Swing on Mars by Lindy Hop in Florence

Wed 31 21:00 Jazz Light Garden


Light - The Garden of Mars

V.le Manfredo Fanti, n.8 in front of the Fiesole curve, Florence

Free entry


Other events on Wednesday 31 July :

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