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Address: Giardino Campo di Marte, Florence

Date: Sunday 22 September 21:30 - 23:30


Sunday 22 September / 9.30pm The Universal by Federico Micali

OFF Cinema returns to the Light with an evening dedicated to Florence together with the film L'Universale with the director Federico Micali and the Tuscan critic Giovanni Bogani. We will do it in the Campo di Marte summer area at 9.30pm

The history of the Universal cinema of Florence: the encounter between the high, experimental and political culture of the student movement and the popular, sarcastic and disenchanted one of the Florentine district of San Frediano.


The events of three friends (Tommaso, Marcello and Alice) are recalled from the first starting from childhood. There is an element that unites them (besides the fact of being Florentine) and it is a cinema: the Universal. Because that is the gathering place through which their and many other lives pass in an Italy that changes over the decades.

Federico Micali returns to a subject that had already provided material for an interesting documentary (Cinema Universale d'Essai) but does not run the risk of deja vu because he moves on to fiction feature films combining lightness of narration and depth of gaze. The risks of a certified copy with variants (to his previous work or to the numerous films dedicated to the glories and decline of home cinema) was around the corner.

Micali has bypassed it thanks to a script that offers the viewer a look at a not necessarily 'better youth' contextualized in a city that is reflected in a neighborhood (San Frediano). And in the latter he finds in his cinema his own ideal microcosm in which to actively live his role as human beings, which also includes the shared collective vision.

The three protagonists follow different paths that do not necessarily include pre-packaged happy endings but fit into a context in which the salacious joke and the ironic and punctual comment are the masters. The times change and at the Universal from the peplums and from the westerns we pass to the ACIP (acronym of High Content of Political Interest, as defined by the astute programmer Ginori) to capture a younger audience and this will only be the beginning of a change destined for success and debacle.

Micali is not a 'nostalgic' film in the worst sense of the word. It is rather a film on the memory of the role that cinema has had in Italian society as a cultural product but also as a meeting place and (why not?) Also clashes. Meanwhile the country changed and not always and necessarily for the better. It is this that, following the three protagonists, is progressively shown to us, pushing us to make memory (if adults) or to get acquainted (if younger) with a past that is not so distant.


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