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Address: Borgo San Frediano, 8 Firenze, Florence

Date: Thursday 2 May 19:00 - 20:30


Thursday 2 May | 19:00 h

Presentation of the novel by Sarmi Zegetusa (Vanni Santoni) "I fratelli michelangelo", Books Mondadori

The book:

Antonio Michelangelo is a man who went through the twentieth century: director of some of the largest companies in the country, an artist recognized in several fields, his public achievements are matched only by the private disasters that he managed to ring. One day, after years of silence, his five children, from four different companions, receive a solemn invitation from him to join him in Saltino di Vallombrosa, the town in the middle of the woods of Tuscany where he retired. Four of them - Enrico, Louis, Cristiana and Rudra -, each with different expectations, travel from Tel Aviv, Bali, London and Stockholm to participate in this mysterious family reunion. Santoni tells us about the lives of the four brothers and leads them one by one towards the appointment with his father: Enrico, who grew up believing himself to be the son of another man, is spending a period in Israel precisely in search of the roots of his alleged father; Louis has been trafficking for years among odd jobs in a tourist village of Bali, entrepreneurial attempts on the Indian subcontinent and illegal trafficking; Cristiana, obsessed by the ambition to emerge in the contemporary art scene, moves convulsively among the trendy European capitals in search of a turning point; while Rudra, a sportsman and biologist, moved very young as far as possible from his dysfunctional family, married a Swedish boy and today works in a nursery school. For the first time in the history of the family, the brothers will be under the same roof: what does Antonio Michelangelo want from them? Is he perhaps dying? Do you want to dispose of your last wishes? Or did you decide to reveal something important, terrible, unmentionable to your children?

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