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Address: Borgo San Frediano 8 Firenze, Florence

Date: Saturday 11 January 18:00 - 20:00


Alfredo Palomba will present his novel for Wojtek Edizioni "theories of deep understanding of things" to Cité.

In the valley of the Scafato river stands a small town, Paesone, and hovers the memory of an ancient tower. Real and dreamlike, ambiguous like every passage, this sign of the past dominates the scenario in which characters apparently unrelated to each other move: the author of an anonymous blog, a brilliant boy, an aspiring poet, a drug addict who he believes he is a wandering knight, a disturbed thirty-five year old. Irregular and dissonant figures, the protagonists of the novel propose images of reality faithful only to the truth of their gaze: like star clusters, each proceed with its certainties and its particular geometry in a world of ruins, among the fragments of the previous wholeness, everywhere surrounded by signs to be deciphered and emitted together to try to recompose the mosaic and acquire a vision as global as possible, which reveals the meaning, the theory of deep understanding of things. Pluristilism, hypererudition, hybridization of genres, metanarrative: a polyphonic and digressive text, a representation of the inner world that every man brings with him and that he meets or, more often, collides with the inner worlds of others.

The author:
Alfredo Palomba (1985) is a research doctor in comparative literature and a teacher in secondary school. He has collaborated on the book Il romanzo in Italia. IV. The second half of the twentieth century (Carocci, 2018) and the translation of The literature in the laboratory, edited by Franco Moretti (Federico II University Press, 2019). His articles, essays and short stories have been published on "CrapulaClub", "Verde", "The books of others", "between", "Indian nation". The story "Okkupare" is in the minimum vocabulary of the invented words (Wojtek, 2019). Theories of deep understanding of things, reported by the jury of the XXXth Italo Calvino Prize, is his first novel.

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