18th edition of the River to River

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Address: Via Cavour 50/r , Florence

Date: Tuesday 11 December 2018


From 6 to 11 December at the cinema The Company of Florence and in various spaces of the city. Among the themes, today's feelings between social taboos and women's emancipation, the aspiration to the success of young people up to the battle for elementary education

The River to the River Florence Indian Film Festival is over 18: the 18th edition begins

35 events scheduled to celebrate the eighteen years of the festival, including projections,

exhibitions, talks, cooking lessons and events off

An edition in which current events and pop culture meet, telling the story of contemporary India

He said Cristina Giachi, deputy mayor of the City of Florence , during the press conference: "India is no longer so exotic and far away, indeed every year returns to delight us in December with a cinema of the highest level and suggestions that reflect and touch themes dear to everyone "

The River to River Florence Indian Film Festival is unique festival in Italy entirely dedicated to Indian cinema. The protagonist of this 18th edition will be contemporary India , with its desires, social battles, uses and customs, told in 35 films in Italian and European premiere. The screenings will be held from 6 to 11 December at the cinema The Company of Florence (via Cavour 50 / r) and in various spaces of the city, in the presence of directors and guests.

Among the themes : from timeless love stories, challenging the taboos and the difference of social background, in the Italian premiere of " Sir " by the director Rohena Gera (in the room from spring 2019) to the emancipation of women in " Chitra (Nude) ) "By Ravi Jadhav banned by various international festivals that puts the nude world at the center of the film; from the singing aspirations and dreams of success in " Fanney Khan ", satirizes the world of Atul Manjrekar's show with the stars Anil Kapoor and Aishwarya Ray Bachchan; to the love story in Bollywood sauce " Manmarziyaan " (Husband Material) by Anurag Kashyap and the conflicts and differences between Muslims and Hindu in " Mulk " by Anubhav Sinha in the presence of actress Taapsee Pannu (also protagonist of the closing film Manmarziyaan), from the hilarious on the road film " Karwaan" by Akarsh Khurana, comedy of misunderstandings with the international star Irrfan Khan , passing from theme of elementary education recounted in " T for Taj Mahal" work by Kireet Khurana, guest of the festival, up to that of work with " The Lift Boy " by Jonathan Augustin, based on an incredible true story.

Also scheduled side events including exhibitions, talks, cooking lessons and events off , all under the direction of Selvaggia Velo , flanked for the first time in the selection of films from the consultant to programming Massimo Benvegnù. An edition in which current events and pop culture meet , telling the story of today's India , through unconventional films that challenge social prejudices and romantic comedies.

According to Cristina Giachi, deputy mayor of the Municipality of Florence : "A festival that had been ripe for a long time, for its offer, quality and care of the projections. This year, among the novelties, the food-boxes that accompany the projections with the possibility of eating the specialties we are talking about. This year the festival dedicates ample space to the theme of love as well as women. The themes touched are never taken for granted, but at the hundred of a social kaleidoscope that India represents for us. India, therefore, is no longer so exotic and distant, indeed every year it returns to delight us in December with a cinema of the highest level and suggestions that make us reflect and touch themes that are dear to everyone. Every year I gladly come to the River to River as a spectator and impassioned of India! "

For the first year, the festival has a new supporter: the Bagri Foundation , a family-type foundation created in 1990 based in the United Kingdom, run by three generations all sharing the same spirit of curiosity. Through a wide and varied artistic and educational program, the Foundation offers artists and scholars from all over Asia greater visibility on the global scene. The Bagri Foundation believes in the power of collaboration and aims to contribute to the global debate, promoting artistic dialogue between different cultures and disciplines, to give generous support to new artistic works of extraordinary talents, to share knowledge and derived skills, concerning or inspired by cultures of all Asia and supporting innovative artistic interpretations and new ideas that creatively involve tradition and modernity ( https://www.bagrifoundation.org/ ). The Bagri Foundation is pleased to be the major sponsor of the eighteenth edition of the River to River Florence Indian Film Festival. Trustee Alka Bagri said : "We believe in the vision of the festival, which is to create a dedicated space that allows the public to assimilate, get involved and reflect on the world of Indian cinema, offering a vital platform to expand the scope of these films towards international audiences and broaden the knowledge of Indian film culture ".

The River to River Florence Indian Film Festival takes place under the auspices of the Embassy of India, under the aegis of Fondazione Sistema Toscana, and is made with the contribution of Regione Toscana, Comune di Firenze, Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and Contemporary Senses Tuscany for Cinema.
The festival avails itself of the support of the major sponsor Bagri Foundation and of the sponsors Salvatore Ferragamo and Instyle; technical partners Hotel Roma, Pensione Canada, Air India, Studio Marangoni Foundation, Marchesi Frescobaldi, Amblè, Cescot Florence, Buh !, Pocket Films, Indian Association of North Italy; finally, of the media partners MYmovies.it, Firenze Spettacolo, The Florentine, Rdf and Novaradio.

The program of the festival is divided between feature films, documentaries and short films, all in Italian premiere, often in the presence of international guests among directors and actors . In each category, the public will decree the winner, who will be awarded the " River to River Audience Award ".


The opening of the festival, Thursday, December 6th at 8.30 pm, will be entrusted to " Sir ", the debut film of the director Rohena Gera , who will be present in the hall. The delicate feature film, which received standing ovation at Cannes's Semaine de la Critique 2018, will be introduced by the director , present in the hall. The delicate feature film (which will be released in Italian cinemas with Academy Two in the spring of 2019) tells of Ratna, a young maid, who works for Ashwin, heir to a wealthy family in Mumbai. Can social taboos keep distant two opposing worlds apart?

Emotions in Bollywood sauce are the main ingredients of " Manmarziyaan " (Husband Material) by Anurag Kashyap, which will close the festival in the presence of the actress protagonist Taapsee Pannu ( Tuesday , December 11 , 20.30). Screened premiered at the Toronto 2018 festival , this romantic comedy with a punishing rhythm of punjabi music, follows the story of young Rumi with a free and restless spirit, embedded in a love triangle


The festival presents seven features in competition: " The Lift Boy " by Jonathan Augustin, based on an incredible true story, tells of Raju, twenty-four who studies to become an engineer but who will soon have to interrupt his dream to replace his father in the work of elevator attendant in a condominium in Mumbai (7 December at 6.00 pm). Also in Mumbai, within a "chawl" (condominium) is set " 3 Storeys " by director Arjun Mukherjee, present in the room, where the stories and the seemingly ordinary lives of some of its inhabitants are intertwined (December 7, 8.30 pm ). The singing aspirations and dreams of a father 's success mix with those of his teenage daughter in " Fanney Khan ", satire on the show world of Atul Manjrekar with the stars Anil Kapoor and Aishwarya Ray Bachchan, remake of the Belgian film "Absolutely Famous" ( 8 December, 3.00 pm). The international star Irrfan Khan is the protagonist of the film " Karwaan" by Akarsh Khurana (guest of the evening) hilarious comedy of misunderstandings in which some insiders wrong to make the body of a deceased relative and exchange it with someone's other (8 December, 8.30 pm). It is built by combining two strengths of India (food and Taj Mahal) with a brilliant script, the film by Kireet Khurana, director who will present in the room " T for Taj Mahal" work that tries to solve the problem of remote villages of this great country: elementary education (9 December, 6.00 pm). Prejudices, conflicts and differences between Muslims and Hindus are at the center of Anubhav Sinha's " Mulk " feature film with actress Taapsee Pannu (festival guest) inspired by a news story where the Hindu attorney Aarthi Mohammed fights to defend the cause of the her husband's Muslim family, targeted by the law and community injustice after a terrorist act (December 9, 8.30pm). And yet " Chitra (Nude) " the film by Ravi Jadhav, banned by various international festivals for the topic treated, which deals with the story of two women struggling with an unconventional work, against the common prejudice (December 10, 8.30 pm) .


Ample space also for documentary films with Hemant Gaba's " An Engineered Dream " films about the lives of three youngsters, the pressures and expectations of their families to make them become engineers (December 7, 16.00); " Grandir au Ladakh " story of little Padma, 12, and of her inseparable little sister who live in a small Gya village, in Ladakh (December 9th, 3.00 pm, in the presence of director Christiane Mordelet); " Kalachakra: the Enlightenment " by Natalie Fuchs, told through the narrative voice of the international star Uma Thurman, film on "The Wheel of Time", the highest initiation that can be received in Tibetan Buddhism (December 9, 16.30). And finally: can you play cricket wearing hijab? This is Jeremy Guy's question, author of " Purdah " who follows the story of a Muslim family in Mumbai, where the three daughters fight against poverty, social pressure and family problems to pursue their aspirations (December 10, 6.00 pm) .


Rich and varied, among the first European and Italian, also the section dedicated to short films : from the aspirations of a father for his son and envy for the successes of others telling in " Itwaar" by Rahul Srivastava, who will be present in the hall, ( December 7, 16.00) to the animated short film about the dreams of some Buddhist monks in " Everything is Upstream" by Martin Ponferrada (December 9, 11.00). Monday, December 10th (from 4.30pm) a selection of shorts will face disconcerting revelations, the desperate escape to a better future with the projections of: " Ludo" by Shiladitya Moulik; " A Cold Summer Night" by Yash Sawant; " Forbidden" by Vibha Gulati and Pesum por chithirame by Sabarivasan Shanmugam. Tuesday , December 11 , starting at 18.00 will be traced a path on food as self-discovery, as a social glue and as an engine of sharing with the courts " Forbidden Tikka Masala", culinary journey of Rahul Chaturvedi; Rogan Josh of Sanjeev Vig (in the presence of actress Avantika Akerkar); Roz Khaao Ande by Neshu Saluja and Farha Alam's Last Cup of Tea .


Among the out-of-competition screenings, " Shiraz ", an enchanting and romantic 1928 black and white tale directed by Franz Osten on the construction of the Taj Mahal, between sumptuous costumes and breathtaking landscapes. Restored by the British Film Institute National Archive, the film is accompanied by the score of Anoushka Shankar, winner of a Grammy Award (Saturday 8 December, 11.00).

At the festival a day that combines the passion for meditation with the music of the Beatles with the screening of " Meditation with the Beatles" documentary by the journalist Furio Colombo who will be present in the hall . In 1968, Furio Colombo decided to support and film the Beatles during their journey to Rishikesh, on the slopes of the Himalayas, to meditate under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogy (Saturday 8 December, 6.00 pm).

Lastly, the winning films of the Advantage India competition, "Dayalu" by Priyanka Banerjee (which will be present in the auditorium) and " Surprise" by Katyayan Shivpuri (Tuesday 11th at 4.30 pm) will also be scheduled.

The festival also dedicates a whole day to the strength of women , their passions, energy and courage on Monday, December 10, in collaboration with the City of Florence and the Festival of Rights .

It starts at 15.30 with " Bisht, Please " followed by four short films in competition, and a Q & A with the director Vibha Gulati , to continue with the documentary " Purdah " by Jeremy Guy. To end the day there will be a screening of " Chitra (Nude)" , a touching feature by Ravi Jadhav, about female emancipation.


The matinee on Sunday 11 will be dedicated to a dialogue between cultures. Immediately after the screening of the short film " Everything is Upstream" by Martin Ponferrada, there will be a talk in which Svamini Shuddhananda Ghiri , a Hindu nun and Anna Maria Shinnyo Marradi , a nun and Zen master in a dialogue open to the public will intervene.


Among the novelties of this year, for some projections there will be the opportunity to taste the specialties of Indian food in a special " food-box " that you can bring in the room.

Moreover, Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 December , from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm, for all cooking enthusiasts, the River to River in collaboration with the Cescot Institute (Piazza Pier Vettori 8/10 in Florence) organizes an Indian cooking class. Cost: 25 euros. For information: 055 2705306 - g.beni@cescot.fi.it .


Among the side events, the exhibition " Like sugar in milk " by the Italian-Albanian photographer Majlend Bramo at the Studio Marangoni Foundation ( opening December 6 at 6.00 pm in Via San Zanobi, 19r), a visual documentation of the Pakistani community, from 2014 to 2018 that tells the disappearance of the oldest monotheistic religion in the world, the Parsis, last followers of Zoroastrianism, capturing the various aspects of this precious community that today lives in India but that is rapidly disappearing. The book of the same name, published through crowdfunding in India, was introduced by the director of UNESCO Parzor, which deals with the protection of this community.

On Friday December 7th, to celebrate the age of the festival, from 11.00 pm will be held the River To River 18th Birthday Party with the Pink Panther Bollywood DJ set at Amblè (Piazzetta dei Del Bene, 7 / A).


All films are scheduled at the "La Compagnia" cinema in via Cavour 50 / r, Florence. Single ticket (morning, afternoon, evening) 6.00 euros II Daily 10.00 euros II Ticket reduced students 5.00 euros II Daily ticket with reduction 8.00 euros (students, Coop members, Arci members, Amblè clients, ticket holders Salvatore Ferragamo Museum). Subscription 40.00 euros, reduced 30.00 euros. Tickets can be purchased online at the link: https://cinemalacompagnia.ticka.it/

Follow the festival on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rivertoriverfiff , on Twitter and Instagram @ river2riverfiff with the hashtag # R2RFIFF . For more information visit www.rivertoriver.it


Other events on Tuesday 11 December :

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