19th edition of the Florence Korea Film Fest

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Address: Via Cavour 50/r , Florence

Date: Friday 28 May 2021


The festival will be held in Florence from 21 to 28 May live at the La Compagnia cinema
and online on Più Compagnia and MyMovies
A woman in iconic traditional clothes who seeks space between the resistances of everyday life is the protagonist of the poster of the 19th edition of the Florence Korea Film Fest

At the festival the first retrospective in Italy to the actress Moon So-ri, South Korean film star

A woman in iconic traditional clothes who seeks her space between the struggles and resistances of the contemporary world, tearing a plastic veil, is the protagonist of the poster of the 19th edition of the Florence Korea Film Fest , one of the first cinematographic events to take place since I live in Florence, from 21 to 28 May , at the La Compagnia cinema in Florence, alternating online moments on the Più Compagnia platform and Mymovies.it .

Traditional Korean clothes bring the liveliness, the secrets of a culture yet to be discovered: to wear them a woman, protagonist of the film selection (many female films), a role to be observed and recognized as central in everyday life, while looking for and finding her own space, his breath, in a world still too enslaved by bad habits, weakened by the last year. « A burst of color but also a deeper reflection on everything that our consumer society produces. Culture, as well as what we produce, has a great impact on people's lives and therefore we must know how to orient ourselves and untangle ourselves in everything we communicate - explains the artistic director Riccardo Gelli , about the manifesto of the 2021 edition - In addition to the ecological message, this 'year, more than in other editions we have left room for the female element ”.

This year's tribute dedicated to the South Korean film star, the actress Moon So-ri, confirms the central role of women: the festival will dedicate its first retrospective to her in Italy. The Korean actress, with over 30 roles, will be honored by a selection of 7 titles dedicated to her artistic career: from the most famous " Oasis " by Lee Chang-dong (2002) which earned her the Marcello Prize in the same year Mastroianni at the Venice International Film Festival; to the restless wife in Im Sang-soo's thriller “The Lawyer's Wife” (2003); passing through Hong Sang-soo's comedy “HAHAHA ”, winner of the award for best film in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2010 Cannes Film Festival; up to the auto-biographical “ The Running Actress ”, written, directed and performed by her (2017); to “ Ode to the goose ”, a disorienting sentimental drama directed by Zhang Lü (2018); Juror 8 , a legal movie directed by Hong Seung-wan about the history of South Korea's first jury trial, which took place in 2008, in which she plays a judge (2019); to get to Lee Seung-Won's most recent “Three Sisters ”, the story of three sisters with very different lifestyles gathered in their hometown for their father's birthday, where their dark past will resurface (2021).

The female presence behind the camera is very strong . Among the titles that the review presents this year both in Korean Horizons and in the Independent Korea section we find: " New Year Blues ", sixth work by director Hong Jin-young , ensemble film on love and feelings, " Intruder ", thriller by debut of Sohn Won-pyung , set in a sinister upper-class family context; “ The Day I Died: Unclosed Case ”, debut by young director Park Ji-wan, “ Our Midnight ” delicate work by Lim Jung-eun on casual encounters in the empty streets of Seoul; “A Bedsore, ” director Shim Hye-jung's first feature film, which captures the smallest frustrations of three generations of a family; “ More than Family” , a comedy on the road by Choi Ha-na and “ Take Me Home ” by director Han Jay, which addresses the concept of homosexual family. There are also numerous stories of the protagonists told in this edition, such as, for example, " Fighter " by Jéro Yun, a story of passion for boxing that meets the redemption of a life as a migrant from North Korea, or as that of the employees of a companies joining forces in a hostile professional environment in Lee Jong-pil's “Samjin Company English Class”. The titles of the entire program will be announced soon.

Information: Florence Korea Film Fest; Via San Domenico, 101 (Fi); Tel: 055 5048516; info@koreafilmfest.com ; www.koreafilmfest.com ; Cinema La Compagnia: 055 268451


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