"Florence Under Glass"

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Address: Via Cavour 50/r , Florence

Date: Tuesday 11 May 2021


From 6 to 11 May at the La Compagnia di Firenze cinema with two screenings a day

"Florence Under Glass" at the cinema

The social film by Pablo Benedetti and Federico Micali tells the days from the first lockdown in Florence to the first hopes of reopening: a year of expectations, fears and the strength to react, thanks to thousands of videos invited from all over the city in the year of the pandemic.

"But the coronavirus does not win, the doctors win". These are the words of some children, among the many protagonists of the videos that make up the social film Firenze Sotto Vetro directed by Pablo Benedetti and Federico Micali produced by Malandrino Film and 011Films , with the patronage of the Municipality of Florence as institutional partner, which will be released in hall from 6 to 11 May at the La Compagnia di Firenze cinema (tickets at this link: https://bit.ly/3vlivlH , also available at the cinema cash desk). Firenze Sotto Vetro is a No Profit Film : the profits and a part of the proceeds will go to support show business workers through a production call to be published by Malandrino Film by December 2021.

The social film - from an idea of the two directors during the first days of the lockdown in 2020 - was made through the video contributions sent from all over the city born from the call of the two directors with the aim of being able to tell an extraordinary moment for the city and for the whole country that could put together the different points of view of those who suddenly found themselves isolated at home but connected at a distance, together with that of alien workers in a deserted Florence.

In the film, a city like no one had ever seen it before. Empty, silent and unrecognizable. The endless lines in front of the supermarkets, the discovery of the masks, the liberating songs from the balcony. And then suddenly the irony, the solidarity, the desire not to give up and to fight with the typical sagacity of the city, Florence.

Films and stories from the quarantine, video diaries from homes, balconies, with or without masks, from those who continued to work in a deserted city due to the health emergency, experiencing one of the most important social crises of the contemporary era. The testimonies of doctors, nurses, taxi drivers, cooks, teachers, essential workers or not, in smart-working, with the desire to help or be helped: all the complex facets of the Florentine fabric, which found itself simply divided between positives and negative. A puzzle created thanks to the shooting of smartphones , where even any shaky shots were compensated by the power of the images and the strength of the stories. Over 1600 videos arrived after the call launched in full quarantine , often lived in the common destiny of “prisoners” at home, between fear and irony, or in that of incredulous spectators of a completely empty city of art. But there are also smiles and games, of complete families, of the youngest and of their “magic”: many are the contributions of the hoped-for restart, of Phase 2 between euphoria and caution, in the first months of the current year.

“Telling the city and those who live it - explained Pablo Benedetti - is a pleasure as always. I immediately felt the need as a person to do something, and what I do best, I think, is to tell stories. In this case it was more about describing the story in a certain sense, so I feel even more a means for art, for my profession, for the people of today who are the protagonists and those of tomorrow who will be public. . A different experience as an author, fascinating and with enormous challenge as director and producer: the human side is what motivates me the most, listening to reading and filtering the lives of many people, taking them as a gift to be returned in a unique story and shared. My task, during a unique year of global emergency, was to create a museum of images that will go down in history for everyone ”.

"Since the beginning of this quarantine - added Federico Micali - I have repeatedly asked myself what could be the best way to tell it: I have examined a whole series of stories, professions and realities that were able to reflect the period that we were living in our city microcosm. Slowly I realized that what I was looking for was moving away from the narrative and filmic idea that I am used to dealing with, to get closer to that of social film-making: the creation of a documentary in which everyone can become protagonists of the creative process. Especially at a time when the sharing of images and experiences through the web is a common denominator of social distancing ”.

The project was carried out as part of the Tuscan Contemporary Senses Program for Cinema . The project has the patronage of the Municipality of Florence as an institutional partner, is produced by Malandrino Film and 011Films , with the collaboration of Toscana Film Commission and La Compagnia cinema with media partners Lady Radio and PS Comunicazione . In the logic of the collective film, Firenze Sotto Vetro is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0 license. All information is also available on the social pages of the film Facebook and Instagram .

Pablo Benedetti : from One More Time (Alfonsina y el mar) with which he brought Lucia Bosè to Florence to the recent docufilm El Numero Nueve about Gabriel Omar Batistuta which involved the whole city in successful events and screenings.

Federico Micali : over 20 years of documentaries and films that have often involved the city, from the Social Forum of 2002 to the resistant Florence of Lungarno, from the Santo Spirito by Monicelli to the acclaimed L'Universale.

This is the calendar of the first week (La Compagnia cinema):
Thursday 06 May at 17.00 and 19.00
Friday 07 May at 3.00 pm and 7.00 pm
Saturday 08 May at 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm
Sunday 09 May at 17.00 and 19.00
Monday 10 May 3.00pm and 7.00pm
Tuesday 11 May at 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm


Other events on Tuesday 11 May :

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