The program of Più Compagnia from 27 July to 1 August

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Address: Via Cavour 50/r , Florence

Date: Saturday 01 August 2020


From the art of David Lynch to the kidnapping of Paolo Dall'Oglio to the dance of Virgilio Sieni:
the documentaries of Più Compagnia from 27 July to 1 August

Programming continues on the online platform of cinema La Compagnia di Firenze

From the art of Lynch to the kidnapping of Father Paolo Dall'Oglio to the dance of Virgilio Sieni, the documentaries offered by Più Compagnia , the virtual cinema hall La Compagnia in Florence, are at the center of the exhibition, from 27 July to 1 August (all films at 9.30 pm, admission 3.99 and scheduled on demand). It starts on Monday 27 July with " The Cleaners - What social media don't say" by Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck from 2019. When we post something on the web, where does it end up? Is it really an algorithm that decides what we see? Between exclusive interviews with professionals and very human events related to the topic of online censorship , the documentary takes a new look full of food for thought on a fundamental and very current topic of contemporary society.

The program continues on Tuesday 28 July with David Lynch: The art life of Rick Barnes, Jon Nguyen, Olivia Neergaard-Holm of 2016: an analysis of the experimental and very personal art of David Lynch, one of the most fascinating and mysterious contemporary directors of the cinema history. The screening will be preceded by a critical introduction.

Wednesday 29 July for the review "Middle East Now & Beyond" the Italian premiere of Yasmin Fedda 's documentary Ayouni , 2020 (75 ') seven years after the kidnapping of Father Paolo Dall'Oglio. Noura and Machi seek answers on their loved ones: Bassel Safadi and Paolo Dall'Oglio , who are among the more than 100,000 people missing in Syria. Faced with the limbo of a devastating absence of information, hope is the only thing they have to cling to. The screening will be introduced by a meeting with the director Yasmin Fedda and Machi Dall'Oglio , sister of Paolo Dall'Oglio (on demand until August 31st).

For "The Masterpieces of Noir", Thursday 30 July , Jules Dassin's The Naked City of 1948 set in New York when a young woman is found killed. The police inspector and his assistant begin investigations into the girl's life by discovering that she was involved in a series of thefts. The culprit will eventually be identified and attempt a desperate escape on foot through the streets of New York, ending his run among the pylons of the Brooklyn Bridge. The film will be preceded by a critical introduction

Friday 31 July special event with the Virgilio Sieni company which presents Palazzo Arte a production of the National production center of the Virgilio Sieni dance in collaboration with the Fondazione Sistema Toscana. A project that involved nine families in the creation of a video work on the relationship between body and work of art, home and painting, trying to intuit and practice the ephemeral ways of the gesture.

The week "Saturday Scola" with Ridendo and Scherzando by Paola and Silvia Scola from 2015 closes the week on Saturday 1 August : in the homage of the daughters, the portrait of an intellectual who made calm irony his way of looking at the world. The screening will be preceded by an introduction.

Entrance at 9.30 pm, € 3.99. Events in collaboration with CG DIGITAL.

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