Thirty years of Rock Contest in a movie

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Address: Via Cavour 50/r , Florence

Date: Friday 25 January 2019


The main competition for emerging bands told by the big names of the Italian indie

Thirty years of Rock Contest in a movie

The absolute premiere at the La Compagnia Cinema

In the documentary by Giangiacomo De Stefano, the testimonies of the protagonists of the competition and, for the first time, the images of the final 2018 with the tribute to the Offlaga Disco Pax by Max Collini and Daniele Carretti

Thirty years of Rock Contest, the most important and longest competition for emerging groups in Italy, in a film. The documentary, directed by Giangiacomo De Stefano, author of numerous movies theme song for Sky and RAI 5, will have its world premiere Friday, January 25 to 21 at the Cinema The Company (Via Cavour 50 / R, free admission up to exhaustion of seats). The screening will be preceded by a presentation by Giustina Terenzi of Controradio with the intervention of the director and Max Collini .

Produced by Controradio and Controradio Club with Sonne Film , in collaboration with Regione Toscana - FSE / Giovanisì, City of Florence and SIAE - Italian Society of Authors and Publishers , the film retraces, in little more than forty minutes, three decades of Italian music that they intertwine with the history of Florence, through the testimonies of big names such as Manuel Agnelli, Dario Brunori, Piero Pelù, Lodo Guenzi and Subsonica . Since the birth of the radio in 1977 "with a budget of one hundred thousand lire", as the organizers tell us, at the first edition of the competition in 1984, the years of Banana Moon, Tenax, new wave and a Florentine music scene that boasted bands that they would have become iconic, like the Litfiba or the Diaphragm .

A trans-generational film story that, touching the countless derivations of rock, culminates in the memorable final of 2018, with the concert of an exceptional superband : last December, in fact, Max Collini and Daniele Carretti , together with Dario Brunori, Three Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Colapesce, Bologna Violent, Alessandro Baronciani and Thomas Koppen of Tante Anna, have revived, on the stage of a sold out Flog Auditorium, the story of a cult band, the Offlaga Disco Pax , winners of the Florentine contest in 2004, whose career was prematurely interrupted due to the death of Enrico Fontanelli , to whom the entire edition of the competition was dedicated. The Offlaga represent the perfect paradigm of the Rock Contest: from an unknown band, they conquered public and critics, winning the first prize, a contract and the realization of "Pocket Socialism", the debut album of a training that wrote a piece of music history Italian.

Many testimonies of the protagonists of Italian music, which intervene during the documentary: Irene Grandi , who confesses that "the Rock Contest was the first concert in a building" to Manuel Agnelli who considers the competition "one of the quality things that have remained in these years "; by Piero Pelù , who states that "for Italy the Rock Contest is a reference point, a sort of primordial soup" to Lodo Guenzi who considers it a "beautiful, a piece of life" experience. And again, Samuel and Boosta dei Subsonica , who reveal that they have participated in the Rock Contest just fourteen years with an embryonic hip hop project.

"The Rock Contest - declares Marco Imponente , general manager of Controradio - has represented for many musicians a unique opportunity to get on a stage and be listened to by music journalists, producers and managers. An opportunity to emerge in a world, that of music, which over the years has become increasingly difficult to approach. The artists and groups who have passed through the competition in the last thirty years and who are now established musicians, testify in fact to the goodness of the Rock Contest as a motor for the promotion of new independent music in Italy. The documentary tells all this through the live voice of the protagonists ".

The documentary Rock Contest is a production of the radio station Controradio and the Cultural association Controradio Club with the collaboration of Regione Toscana - FSE / Giovanisì , Municipality of Florence and with the support of SIAE - Italian Society of Authors and Publishers .

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