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Address: Piazza Pio Bernardino, 8/9/10 , Florence

Date: Saturday 15 December 2018


On December 15th the exhibition of UKIYO-E works will be inaugurated by LACRIMANERA ART GALLERY coming directly from the Adachi foundation in Japan thanks to the 74 / b & Milano Printmakers (Via Bisceglie, 74 / b - Milan).
Works by HOKUSAI, KUNIYOSHI and UTAMARO. The research work of the Adachi Institute takes care of preserving the ancient process of realization of Ukiyo-e, keeping this technique alive and preparing new artists able to carry on the tradition, bringing new life to the original designs of the great masters. The Japanese art of printing on a wooden matrix was called Ukiyo-e or "the floating world", because it had been perfected in the Edo period (1603-1868) when a new hedonistic mercantile culture used the term to define the modern world, fashionable, sensual but transitory and ephemeral and therefore to be enjoyed fully moment by moment, abandoning itself to the current. It was an expression of a new aesthetic taste and was a popular art, favored by the citizens who wanted to portray the actors of the moment, the beauty of the pleasure districts, the sumo champions, the famous places of the city.

This extraordinary art was and is a collective work because to its realization contribute more personality: the artist who creates the subject, the engraver, the printer. From the accurate work of each one a unique masterpiece is born. The traditional process involved gluing the drawing made on paper by the artist onto a cherry wood matrix, then the engraver (horishi) carved the wood following the pattern in relief. Finally, the printer inked the drawing and then applied a sheet of paper which pressed more or less strongly using a pad (baren) according to the effect desired. In the case of multi-colored prints, one matrix was engraved and used for color (even ten, if necessary). It was then necessary to precisely arrange the position of the paper on the matrix, which was done thanks to the signs (kentō) on the wood and then made on valuable kōzo paper (Japanese mulberry) by means of natural inks and colors and with the use of traditional instruments.

On December 15th 2018 we will inaugurate the exhibition which will last until February 14th 2019. We enclose below our poster. For any information or detail or clarification we are available.


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