LATO 2019 | MIRACULUM. Pareidolia of daily bread

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Address: Piazza San Marco 13 , Prato

Date: Saturday 09 February 2019


MIRACULUM is a unique exhibition project that combines vision, sound and taste; a "synaesthetic" exhibition that involved the photographer Serena Gallorini and the musician Edwin Lucchesi in translating into image and sound one of the typical products of the territory, that is bread known as the "draft" Prato.

The exhibition, curated by Gaia Vettori, with the technical realization of Saulo D'Isita, has been promoted thanks to the active collaboration of the Ciolini di Montemurlo oven, a historic activity that is about to turn a century (it was founded in 1921).

inauguration Saturday 9 February 2019 h. 18:00

The exhibition Miraculum is part of this series of cultural activities promoted by the Ciolini family who commissioned the project born for charitable purposes in favor of the Cure2Children Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to supporting children with cancer and blood diseases.
The opening day of the exhibition, starting at 19.00, will host the silent auction in favor of the Foundation and the proceeds from the sale of the photos will be donated to Cure2Children.
For the occasion will be exhibited 13 photos of Serena Gallorini: nine in size 30x40 cm and four large, three of which converted into soundtracks by musician and producer Edwin Lucchesi.
Serena Gallorini has photographed black and white details of drafts of Ciolini's oven; subsequently Edwin Lucchesi transformed the pixels of the raster grid of the photographs into a visual score and then into notes, using an algorithm divided into three sections, in order to produce scales and therefore sound suggestions.
"The black and white images - Gaia Vettori writes in the text that accompanies the exhibition - then become parallel universes open to any possible interpretation. Other realities, so concrete and apparently familiar yet so metaphysical and perturbing: it is the fascinating world of pareidolia. "

The pareidolia, that is the tendency to bring vague and confused visual stimuli to known figures, is the main theme of the exhibition: the images of Gallorini become in the viewers' eyes maps of unknown territories in which to plunge through the evocative power of Lucchesi's sound tracks and of the installation of Saulo D'Isita. At the end of the exhibition itinerary, visitors are invited to write their own suggestions on a notebook that will preserve all the shared experiences.

The event is part of a larger project started by the same Ciolini of the homonymous oven -
in possession of a patent for the flour used for the "Bozze dell'Albero" protagonists of the photos - and aimed at "sensitizing people on the topic" bread "", as Luciano Ciolini says.
The history of the Ciolini family is lost in the mists of time and brings with it those magical suggestions worthy of the most ancient legends: everything starts with the ears of wheat donated to their ancestor, during the Crusades and continues until the arrival - at the end Nineteenth century -
in Montemurlo. And if the ears of the Holy Land are a legendary element, it is history, reality and tradition that of the mother yeast, which has been given the name of Maria Luisa, still used today by the Ciolini bakery since 1864.

Serena Gallorini, after graduating in Medieval Archeology from the Florentine University, began her career in photography, deciding to do her job. Starting in 2008 he attended various photo courses and enrolled at the Studio Marangoni Foundation in Florence. Today she is a professional photographer able to tell her moods and people with her work, capturing with her lens the smiling eyes and the body language of those around her.
He has participated in several collective photographic exhibitions in Italy and collaborates with various brands
of fashion and catering. He is a member of the cultural association Sedici and photoeditor of QP.

Edwin Lucchesi is a Pratese guitarist, performer, teacher and producer of ambient music. He has performed at various contemporary art festivals such as Calcatronica and Acoustic Prostheses, presenting works on the emancipation of noise with the electric guitar. He has opened concerts to the likes of Amaury Cambuzat and participated in the soundtracks of David Lynch's films at the Lucca Film Festival in 2014. His personal experimentation on sound led him to collaborate with contemporary dance companies and to create soundtracks. for short films, documentaries, films and plays.
He also participated and won competitions that led him to perform in New York with the contemporary music ensemble of New York University directed by Esther Lamnek. Currently he is dedicating himself to sound research.


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