Hemp, an incredible story

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Address: Via de' Cerretani, 16 R , Florence

Date: Tuesday 30 April 2019


"Hemp, an incredible story", from Libraccio Florence meeting with the author Matteo Gracis

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
, from 6.00 pm, at the IBS Library + Libraccio Florence (via de 'Cerretani, 16r), there will be a presentation of the book "Hemp, an incredible story" by Matteo Gracis , published by Chinaski Editore .

The founder and director of Dolce Vita, the most important Italian magazine on Hemp culture, weaves his history of human and professional growth with that of the most controversial plant of all time. A plant, which practically always accompanies humanity in its history, but which for about a century has become the object of the attention of all the police forces of the world. A boy who meets that plant and its products , when they are wrapped in that illicit aura that attracts and repels, but that does not always make one think. Two stories that intertwine, because while the boy grows and with him his awareness, together curiosity also develops about the reason for those prohibitions, about the reason why that plant is banned from agriculture, from industry, from the pharmacopoeia; places where he had lived for centuries. Thus the author, in parallel with his path that led him first to found a website with the aim of stimulating discussion towards liberalization policies of the plant, and then to create and direct Dolce Vita, the most important Italian magazine on culture of Hemp and the "alternative lifestyles", tells us about the troubled story of the most controversial plant in the history of our civilization , seeking new questions and obtaining some significant answers. Two truly incredible stories: that of Matteo who from the quickly abandoned desks of the University has invented himself a successful entrepreneur in the field of communication, and that of Hemp who, with extreme effort but as much strength, is re-emerging from the limbo of illegality in many parts of the world and lastly, at least in the "light" version, also in our country. A "green revolution" that has a solid cultural background, well beyond the so-called playful use, narrated in an exemplary manner by one of its protagonists.

Matteo Gracis (Pieve di Cadore - Belluno, 1983), journalist and digital nomad. He founded and directs the Dolce Vita magazine. He was an assistant to the communication of a Member of the Italian Republic. Hemp culture expert, he is a consultant to some of the most important European companies in the sector.

"One of the most complete texts on the subject. Congratulations to this young writer who tells us about the world of hemp with passion, preparation and curiosity. Read it and pass the word! " From the preface by Beppe Grillo

"Today, with this wonderful book by Matteo Gracis, we add an important piece to the history and culture of the Hemp, another small step towards the legalization of this sacred plant." From the afterword by George Jung (the Boston George played by Johnny Depp in movie "Blow")

The rapper Tormento will also attend the event.

Tuesday, April 30th

6 pm

Libraccio Florence

Via de 'Cerretani, 16 R - Florence

Free admission

Infoline 055 287339




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