Ask Coltrane, Harassing Tales and Jazz

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Address: Via dei Fossi 15r , Florence

Date: Thursday 13 June 2019


After the success of La Città dei Lettori, the appointments of the Wimbledon Association continue

Ask Coltrane, Harassing Tales and Jazz at Todo Modo

Dialogue between literature and music with Federico Fini , screenwriter Rai, for his literary debut

and Francesco Cusa , drummer and composer with Paolo Fresu

Novels and novels meet Jazz: appointment Thursday, June 13th at 6.30pm at the Todo Modo bookshop (via dei Fossi, 15 rosso) with Federico Fini , former screenwriter Rai, at the literary debut with the novel “Ask a Coltrane” (Emersioni Editore) for a musical dialogue with Francesco Cusa , drummer, composer and writer with active collaborations with Paolo Fresu, Andy Sheppard, Gianni Gebbia and author of "Novelle crudeli" (Eris Edizioni). After the sold-out of the three days dedicated to the book at Villa Bardini, the appointments with La Città dei Lettori continue , organized by the Wimbledon Association .

A real multimedia performance, including readings, reflections and music with a screen on which the projections accompanied by percussion will follow: “It's like with jazz. It is not there before, there is no after, melody or end. It's all and lasts forever because someone else hangs up from your last note, "the guests say.

"Ask Coltrane" by Federico Fini (Emersioni Editore)

Moving to an apartment with his young wife and two young children, Andrea receives a visit from the ghost of his dog Coltrane, who died twenty-five years earlier. The man, addicted to jazz and the excesses of nightlife, has just begun to write again after years of inactivity, taking his cue from his relationship with his wife, who had cracked after the birth of her second child. When Andrea seems about to finish his novel, Coltrane leads him to discover Spice, an old man who lives in the attic of the apartment. The man, having abandoned the idea of writing, tries to find out why Coltrane and Spice have appeared to him and whether they have anything to do with their own destiny.

"Cruel Novellas. From the horror and the grotesque daily "by Francesco Cusa

Illustrated by Daniele La Placa (Eris Edizioni)

Esteemed professionals slaves of delirium consumed in the secrecy of their apartments, sadistic and avenging women who transform murder into virtues, lives twisted by subhuman logics and hallucinated perceptions that cannot have a happy ending. With irony, amazement and ill-concealed disgust, the narrator takes us to the center of a hell made up of small domestic tragedies with splatter tones, pathological morbidity of interpersonal relationships and repugnant kinship ties that can torment to the point of madness. Cusa's characters are driven by deformed mental mechanisms, monstrously trivial beings that only redeem themselves from an apathetic existence in unconsciousness and death. The author uses the fantastic, the most macabre horror and the surreal to tell us about the lowest moves the vices, instincts and morbidities of contemporary man. Cynic and merciless describes a sick humanity unable to redeem itself.

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