Prato, the capital of the circular economy with the Recò festival

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Date: Thursday 21 March 2019


Among the performances that of Elio and Prosseda (now open the presales)
Prato, the capital of the circular economy with the Recò festival
Meetings, concerts, theatrical performances from 21 to 24 March in various places of the city

Prato, the capital of sustainability and regeneration. It is the challenge of the first edition of Recò, the only festival in Tuscany dedicated to the circular economy, which will be held from 21 to 24 March spread throughout the city in a journey of meetings , music , theater. The theme will be divided into four areas of interest: fashion , food , tourism and architecture.

The festival is organized by the Tuscany Region and Toscana Promozione with the coordination of the Municipality of Prato . The artistic direction is entrusted to Alessandro Colombo who has a long experience in the training field of creative industries and cultural enterprises.

Will be four days of events for 19 locations to tell and interact with the best practices in the field of sustainability and regeneration. The circular economy will be told through meetings (talks) with the leading experts in the field; concerts and events for families alternating with theatrical performances and performances in industrial districts and companies (the beating heart of the city). "Nothing is thrown away" is the philosophy that Prato has applied to the textile industry, urban regeneration, the water network and, as per Tuscan tradition, to its most famous dishes.

Among the events announced the concert by Elio and Prosseda , March 23, at the Metastasio ( from today the presales are open on the site of the theater ): an original journey, fun and refined in the history of music, from Rossini to Mozart, to modern songs who will see Elio interpreting, among others, Don Giovanni and the Barber of Seville.

Original and "circular" will be the performance "Do U care? with Katia Giuliani and Paolo Mereu which will last three days produced by Metastasio. The two artists will live day and night under public observation (all passers-by will be able to see them) and filmed with web cam and live on Instagram, but without basic necessities. It will be the spectators to help them feed themselves, get dressed, sleep according to the dictates of eco-sustainability. Among others, in the program, the performance of Luca Scarlini who will tell Prato and its industrial tradition with a narration within some companies interpreting their history and tradition and the concert of Naomi Berrill in a cello duet and the water purification plant (at GIDA).


The festival will be inaugurated by an institutional moment on March 21st, at 6.30 pm (at the Campolmi di Prato center) with a circular aperitif and presentation of the performance " Do you care ...? "In the presence of Matteo Biffoni (Mayor of Prato); Daniela Toccafondi (Councilor for Simplification and Economic Policies and for the work of the Municipality of Prato); Stefano Ciuoffo (Councilor for Productive Activities, Credit, Tourism, Trade in the Tuscany Region) and Francesco Palumbo (Director of Toscana Promozione Turistica).

The festival makes use of the contribution of the Tuscany Region, Toscana Promozione and the collaboration of the Municipality of Prato; the coordination of the Europa Desk Department for Economic Development of the Municipality of Prato and the partnership of La Triennale di Milano, Wired, Symbola Foundation, Confindustria Toscana Nord, GIDA, Bionet Green Chemistry, CNA Moda, Legambiente Toscana, Il PIN - Polo Universitario di Prato and many others.

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