In Florence the Notte Bianca returns

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Date: Saturday 25 May 2019


In Florence the Notte Bianca returns on Saturday 25 May

Open shops, treasure hunts and fun until late in the evening

for all Florentines, young people and families, in the heart of the city.

FLORENCE - Leonardo's Notte Bianca takes us back to the glories of the first Florentine white nights: it will be held in the center, a few steps from the Duomo, promoted and offered by shopkeepers and artisans looking out onto Vie Ginori, Cavour and Guelfa, in a sort of commercial quadrilateral that from the Galleria delle Carrozze extends towards San Marco. The purpose of the initiative is twofold: to exploit the numerous and heterogeneous commercial realities residing here and to bring prestige to the interested streets. A joyful and engaging opportunity under the banner of Leonardo's genius to rediscover people, anecdotes, local history and art, also appreciated by the Metropolitan City which granted its patronage.

" VALORIZZIAMOCI" - The initiative was strongly desired and promoted by commercial activities to promote the rebirth of a focal area of the city center.

" Via Cavour - declares Laura Dreoni , president of the Via Cavour Association and owner of the historic toy store - from the parlor of the city until a few decades ago, now seems almost forgotten. Here in the past the Medici resided, banquets were organized and heads of state were received, games and outdoor sports were practiced; still today Via Cavour is home to important offices, museums, libraries, in short, a road that has always played a leading role in city life, a cultural and recreational function that our association intends to revive, investing in quality initiatives that can give back to the Florentines this living room and the glories of the past »

FOR THE CITIZEN - More than anywhere else in the city center, in this area the commercial activities are still managed by people who believe in their work in the service of the resident, rather than of the tourist who is hit and run. A choice that aims to support the precious social fabric and relationship given by closeness and everyday life.

" We have just formed ourselves, welcoming the residents to our own, we want to assert ourselves and invest our resources in supporting those who live the road with us, every day -says Gabriele Maselli , president of the Florentine Historical Exercises Association and the new Natural Shopping Center of Via Ginori - for this reason we decided to organize an important event immediately, gathering together "the neighbors" of Via Cavour because we are convinced that supporting ourselves and creating a network will give us an edge "

TREASURE HUNT - Shops open until 11pm and, at the same time, a large Treasure Hunt, free and full of prizes. All the prizes are offered by the same operators, almost 50, belonging to the CCN of Via Ginori and Via Cavour that promote the Notte Bianca. It will be possible to participate alone, as a team, as a couple and even as a family: just a smartphone to start playing, discovering clues and shops that will host tests and will release special bonuses, surprisingly. It is not a time trial and you can start when you prefer, starting at 6pm (info point at the Carriage Gallery). Up for grabs for the winners will be a very accessory pair of Lei & Lui city bikes with leather saddles and grips in retro style; and then dinners, games, fountain pens, jewels, handbags, jewelery, cinema passes and much more, for the top ten ranked teams.

MIX OF EVENTS - Leonardo's Notte Bianca will be a container of events, with the Treasure Hunt and the traveling exhibitions of the Flag-wavers and Musicians of the Signoria of Florence, performances of dances and interludes of Renaissance music, while in the Gallery you can admire a exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci machines from the nearby museum. At the end of the Notte Bianca the invitation will be held by the Florence Cello Ensamble, cello group of the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory. But the real attraction will be the shops themselves, where tastings, fun initiatives and important guests will be offered. For any information, to get other details and the complete list of prizes, you can follow the event on facebook and on the pages CCNGinori and Via Cavour Firenze

Notte Bianca by Leonardo

Saturday 25 May 2019, from 18 to 23

Natural Shopping Centers in Via Ginori and Via Cavour, Florence

ProGioco Firenze and Enigma cultural-recreational associations


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