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Address: Via dell'Ulivo, 8, Florence

Date: Tuesday 5 November 21:00 - Friday 13 December 23:00



From November 5 to December 13, nine events to celebrate the event that marked the end of the short century.
The initiative is carried out as part of the Festival of Rights of the Municipality of Florence.

Tuesday 5 November at 21.00 - Teatro Puccini

Elastica presents
of Ezio Mauro
Ezio Mauro, journalist, former editor of La Stampa and La Repubblica, writer and popularizer, brings to the stage, in the form of a theatrical conference, the storytelling of the fall of the communist system, a moment that marked a historic turning point for the world, up to then divided between East and West.
Sector € 22.00
II sector € 18.00

Tuesday 12 November 9.30pm - Spazio Alfieri

(Usa, 2015 by Steven Spielberg, with Tom Hanks, Mark Ryalance and Sebastian Koch (duration 141 minutes)
The Spy Bridge tells the story of James Donovan (Tom Hanks), a famous Brooklyn lawyer who finds himself at the center of the Cold War when the CIA hires him for an almost impossible task: negotiating for the release of a US pilot, Francis Gary Powers, shot down in the skies of the Soviet Union while flying aboard a U2 spy plane.

Tuesday 19 November 9.30pm - Spazio Alfieri

(Germany, 2006) by Florian Henckel von Donnesmarck, with Urlich Muehe, Sebastian Koch and Martina Gedeck (duration 137 minutes)
East Berlin, 1984. Captain Gerd Wiesler is the skilled, ruthless diligent agent of the infamous Stasi HGW XX / 7. Because of his skill and loyalty he is entrusted with the task of putting the successful playwright Georg Dreyman under strict surveillance, a highly regarded author and one of the most important intellectuals of the communist regime. The surveillance is not only dictated by security reasons, but also by the aims of culture minister Bruno Hempf on his partner Christa-Maria Sieland, famous theater actress, whom he is infatuated with.

Friday, November 22 at 9.00 pm - Biblioteca delle Oblate

Veronica Arpaia presents the book TEMPO DI MURI (ed. Luni editrice),
coordinates Cristina Tosto
Over the past fifteen years, numerous governments, both Western and non-Western, have chosen to erect walls on their own borders. These barriers strip the earth for a number of kilometers that now equals half its circumference. But how were the walls born, what laws - if any - that allowed their construction?

Tuesday 26 November 9.30pm - Spazio Alfieri
(Rtf 1987) by Wim Wenders, with Bruno Ganz, Otto Sanders, Peter Falk and Solveig Dommartin (duration 130 minutes)
Since the end of the Second World War, two angels - Damiel and Cassiel - carry out the mission assigned to them, wandering around today's Berlin, listening to the thoughts of the people they met. But Damiel feels strongly the attraction of the city and its own people. One day he sees Marion, a beautiful trapeze artist and falls in love with her. Damiel's place is now next to her.

Friday, November 29 at 9.00 pm - Biblioteca delle Oblate
Flavio Fusi presents the book CRONACHE INFEDELI (ed. Voland)
coordinates Raffaele Palumbo, readings by Italo Dall 'Orto
Screening of the video THAT DAY IN BERLIN by Flavio Fusi

A travel diary, a journey of thirty years through the changes of a world in turmoil. New geographies and borders, fragile countries that are born, ancient nations that die out like cold stars, entire communities forced into exile. A book of memories, dreams and memories. A true story, authentic and unfaithful: a story, after all, extremely liar.

Tuesday 03 December at 9.30pm - Spazio Alfieri

(Germany, 2003) by Wolfgang Becker, with Katrin Sass, Daniel Bruehl and Maria Simon (duration 121 minutes)
East Germany, October 1989. Alex's mother, an activist for social progress and the improvement of life in the socialist regime, falls into a coma. He awakens eight months later when, in the meantime, the Berlin Wall was torn down and the division between East and West Germany was abolished. Alex could not be happier for her mother's awakening but she has a big problem: she must avoid the shock because her heart is still very weak.

Thursday 12 December at 21.00 - Teatro Puccini

Contempo Records and Metiche Metropolitane
Massimo Zamboni
thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall
and with Angela Baraldi and Cristiano Roversi
A show dedicated to the city of Berlin and in particular to its most legendary neighborhood, the Kreuzberg of occupied houses and the most ingrained youthful creativity - re-proposing the songs of the eponymous album released for Contemporecords in autumn 2018, which features Massimo Zamboni (for the opportunity to bass, rather than guitar), Angela Baraldi on vocals and Cristiano Roversi on piano and rhythmics.
Single seat numbered € 15.00

Friday, December 13 at 9.00 pm - Biblioteca delle Oblate

Screening of the video OLTRE IL MURO by Agostinelli Maestri
Meeting with:
Elena Marcheschi (professor of "Art and multimedia" - University of Pisa)
Alessandro Agostinelli (Festival Director of Travel)
Marzia Maestri (expert in multimedia and cross-media languages)

The fall of the wall told through the eyes of a generation that on 9 November 1989 found itself in Berlin to be reunited, with the hope of a new time, really beyond the patterns of the post-Second World War. There was the desire to return the blue to the gray German sky, because there was a rising idea of a new great united Europe. But already in those days they began to see the signs of new closures and old nationalist regurgitations.

via dell'Ulivo, 8
50122 Florence
tel 055 5320840

Via delle Cascine, 41
50144 - Florence
tel. 055/362067

Via dell'Oriuolo, 24
50122 - Florence
tel. 055 2616512

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