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Date: Friday 18 September 2020


The review continues until 27 September



Many appointments are still scheduled: from cinema in the woods with Sdraiv In , to the “TG Suite - La Cronaca Cantata” under the direction of David Riondino. And then: jazz fairy tales, home theater, the contemporary circus of Cirk Fantastik! and lots of concerts. All in full compliance with the security measures implemented against COVID-19.

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Scandicci Open City 2020 is a summer to be experienced. In fact, there are still many appointments scheduled until 27 September, the closing date of the review supported by the Municipality of Scandicci, one of the very few local authorities to finance a summer program of events cultural, with a notice published in full lockdown.

A decision rewarded by the public: almost 8,000 spectators who attended, in full compliance with the security measures implemented against COVID-19, the first part of Open City programming, which took place from 13 July to 7 August.

After the mid-August break, the calendar restarts with Sdraiv In "The cinema in the woods": on late summer evenings, comfortably seated on a deckchair among the shady backdrops of the Poggio Valicaia woods, a film and a themed dinner (20/21 / 22/23 August and 3/4/5/6 September). The selected films are fun comedies, animated films and latest releases suitable for the whole family.

Can news be transformed into musical and poetic invention? David Riondino, director of the Tg Suite thinks so. Hence, all the latest news of this hot summer are narrated, set to music and sung by a collective of artists, directed by the aforementioned Riondino, including: Peppe Voltarelli, Maurizio Geri, Chiara Riondino, Stefano Tamborrino, Enrico Rustici, Michele Staino and Francesca Breschi. Original songs, the result of an unprecedented collaboration and presented via podcast on the web ( ) and in two live concerts to be held at the Park of Poggio Valicaia on August 24 and September 13.

Among the other events worth mentioning, “Lapsus Urbano | The first possible day ”, by the Green Philosophy association. An audio-guided project for 40 spectators between Piazza Togliatti, Poggio Valicaia Park and Piazza Resistenza. Actively questioned by the voices of the past transmitted through headphones, the participants are called to measure their present with the possible future imagined by the authors, to answer their questions, to look at each other, to count themselves, to take a position or get excited in front of the evocation of a new post-pandemic world (29/30 August).

How is a fairy tale born? The operators of the Art-U Cultural Association tell it with “The fairy tale factory” at the Garden of the Scandicci Library, (4/11/18/25 September). The workshop takes children into the magical world of fairy tales with readings and playful games to learn, while having fun, how the stories that are told to us are born. Four meetings to stimulate creativity and at the same time provide the necessary tools, in the form of a game, to analyze the classic fairy tale.

Do not miss the last appointment of "FIABE JAZZ - Open Air!" by the Mascarà Cultural Association - Popular Art Theater: a format / show of theater and music in which famous fairy tales are adapted with imaginative variations on the main theme (6 September).

Space also for shadow theater, in dialogue with the language of poetry thanks to the “Sonnets / Insect” event; edited by the cultural association "The apartment" and created by the artist Laura Castellucci. A site-specific performance designed to be staged in the natural setting of the Poggio Valicaia park, in which the images sought by the shadows will "accompany" and extend the poetic listening of the various authors who have treated or even just "touched ”The theme of insects (Saturday 12 September).

And then again: "Home Delivery Theater" thanks to which it will be possible to book a theatrical show under one's own home lasting 10 minutes (30 August), the contemporary Circus of Cirk Fantastik at the Acciaiolo Park (from 2 to 6 September) , the XXVII Edition of "Musica in Villa" at Villa di Vico (3/7/14 September), "It's JAZZ Time" with its jazz concerts in all its nuances (last appointment on 6 September), the "Siege at dawn ”at the Acciaiolo Castle (13 September) and“ PievIncanto ”: two concerts of polyphonic choirs of sacred music in the churches of the hills (13/27 September).

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