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Date: Thursday 29 September 2022


From 21 to 30 September in Florence in various places, organized by the theater company Interazioni Elementari directed by Claudio Suzzi

“Spiragli - Theaters behind the scenes”, all ready for the 4th edition

New productions, inside and outside the prison, digital theater and exhibitions to reflect on identity and transformation

Two new shows are scheduled (MetaMoreFaces 2 and Pinocchio in the belly of the shark), the exhibition in 5 places "Spiragli di donna" with works by inmates from two prisons, concerts with Fiati Sprecati, MondoCane and Veeblefetzer and a creative writing workshop with Alessandro Raveggi

Premiere shows, co-productions, digital theater with the use of Artificial Intelligence, photography exhibitions, events, workshops and concerts, inside and outside the prison, to reflect on identity and transformation today. Everything is ready for " Spiragli - Theaters behind the scenes" , the fourth edition of the festival, organized by the theater company Interazioni Elementari , directed by Claudio Suzzi , which will take place from 21 to 30 September in Florence.

Various places, starting from the G. Meucci Penal Institute of Florence - the only juvenile institution in Tuscany and Umbria - to radiate in significant places in the city, from the Zeffirelli Foundation to the Cascine Park, from the Oblate Library to the five districts ( Q1, Q2, Q3 Q4 and Q5 ) for the exhibition “Spiragli di donna”.

Two new shows are scheduled (" MetaMoreFaces 2 " on 24/09 and " Pinocchio in the belly of the shark " 30/09), the traveling exhibition " Spiragli di donna " with works by inmates from two prisons (until 29/09 with a closing event with the 'artist Clet Abraham ) the concerts with Wasted Winds , MondoCane and Veeblefetzer (22/09) and a creative writing workshop with Alessandro Raveggi .

The festival has the support of the Municipality of Florence for Summer Fiorentina 2022, is financed by the "Siete Presente" call created by Cesvot and financed by the Tuscany-Giovanisì Region, with the support of the Ministry of Justice - Department of Juvenile and Community Justice, of the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation, with the collaboration and support of the G. Meucci Penal Institute of Florence, in partnership with Polaris Engineering, AVP - Penitentiary Voluntary Association, Progress Association, La Poltrona Rossa, ARCI Firenze, ARCIGAY, UNIFI -FOTLILPSI Department, Oblate Library, BiblioteCaNova, Church of Santa Maria in Ricorboli, District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4, District 5.

At the heart of the program, two new productions. The first, on 24 September at the Zeffirelli Foundation, in collaboration with the PerformIA Festival , organized by Polaris Engeenering , with the 'digital theater' show "MetaMoreFaces - study on the idiosyncrasies of faces - second study" , a performance of theater and dance inspired by Ovid's “The Metamorphoses”, staged by the actors of the theater company alongside the Artificial Intelligence algorithms. An innovative work that makes use of the use of digital morphing, curated by Polaris Engeenering, and of an interactive audio video system, in collaboration with the LABA Academy of Florence. The project works with some social categories to which Elementary Interactions has always turned its gaze: transgender and prisoners . At the heart, the theme of identity, developed in five paintings; the aim is to sensitize the viewer to the real life of these people: in fact, the timelessness of Ovid's eternal works and the contemporaneity of the frangible lives of human beings unite on the scene. An experience made even more immersive thanks to the MetaMoreFaces software which, thanks to the use of generative neural networks, is able to project videos showing the personal growth of the actors on stage, showing their faces that grow as children until they reach the stage. seniority. To do this, algorithms trained in facial morphing techniques were used that act on two photos of two different ages of the same person, tracing their changes in a video as if that person was aging in front of the viewer's eyes, in real time. Artificial Intelligence, therefore, becomes a real actor on the stage.

On September 30 - closing day of the festival - for the usual " Party in prison " in the Meucci juvenile prison, after the concert of I fiati wasted , the first study of " Pinocchio in the belly of the shark " will be presented, directed by Claudio Suzzi , a work on the famous Collodi puppet in which seven inmates participate as actors who carry out the permanent laboratory of theater in prison. The show, which will be further developed and proposed in the 2022/2023 season of the theater company Interazioni Elementari, involves the inmates who are confronted with the story and the character of Pinocchio, an archetype of the transformation path, both physical and conscience, from 'brat' boy to 'real child'. The scenography (played mainly with shadow theater techniques) and the masks are by Olimpia Bogazzi and Nanan Khalilurrahman, the music by Vincenzo Zingaro and the lights by Niccolò Downie. The event is by reservation only and for a small number of people.

Claudio Suzzi, director of the Compagnia Interazioni Elementari says : “Both MetaMoreFaces and Pinocchio are part of the themes we are pursuing with the company, namely mutation, transformation, change, identity. This time we take some people to jail for a deeper reflection. It is the first opening to an external audience since the pandemic, although it is not our first show in prison: since 2017, the year the company was founded, we have made six shows with the involvement of inmates including One Man Jail, played between the inside. and the outside thanks to live streaming. Staging an iconic text like Pinocchio with underage prisoners is undoubtedly an experience not to be missed ".

Throughout the month, until September 29, the exhibition of figurative art "Spiragli di donna" is underway, curated by La Poltrona Rossa and Progress Aps , two associations that work with art therapy and social deviations. In five significant places in the five districts of Florence (Sala delle Ex Leopoldine del Quartiere 1, Biblioteca CaNova del Quartiere 4, Biblioteca di Villa Bandini del Quartiere 3, Biblioteca Buonarroti - Sala Lud del Quartiere 5, Parterre - Sala dei Marmi del Quartiere 2) The works created by the girls detained in the Penal Institute for Minors of Pontremoli in the province of Massa Carrara and the boys restricted in the Penal Institute for Minors Meucci in Florence will be exhibited. A twinning between the young people of the two structures, a dialogue between works that have women as their theme, which compares two very similar, yet distant realities. In both, art as a safety valve and an instrument of freedom through one's creativity. Mothers, companions, sisters make up a gallery of portraits, now innocent, now strong, passionate, courageous. On the final day, September 29 , five works will be donated to the District Presidents of the Municipality of Florence, while the artist Clet Abraham will give one of his creations to the Juvenile Prison of Florence.

At the opening of the project, on 22 September at 9.00 pm at ULTRAVOX at the Parco delle Cascine there will be an evening of world music with groups of the caliber of Veeblefetzer and MondoCane. Veeblefetzer , a Roman quartet with a recognizable sound, strong of a 'tropical gypsy' also present in some films such as "The Prophecy of the Armadillo", have a ' musical attitude defined' globalist and out of the box , almost an imaginary line but in tangible background combines echoes of dub between the shacks of Kingston and flashes of pure rock'n'roll '; MondoCane aka Andrea Cota, DJ, musician and producer, defines himself as a “musical agitator and lover of global sounds”, who travels between Middle Eastern and tropical atmospheres blended with electronic music. Great for getting the urban jungle moving. Coqò Djette 's DJ set completes the evening.

To underline the creative writing workshop led by Alessandro Raveggi entitled "The metamorphosis of Franz Kafka: rewriting experiments between inside and outside the prison ", which will be held between the Library of the IPM "Meucci" on 21 and 23 September ( event only for prisoners) while on 22nd and 24th from 9.30 to 12.30 for everyone on the terrace of the Oblate Library (registration required).

Adds the artistic director Claudio Suzzi : "Our mission is to offer many occasions and events both 'inside' and 'outside' the prison, to testify to the increasingly strong desire of the Compagnia Interazioni Elementari to build a transversal and flexible audience, which follows art everywhere, without barriers, boundaries or imaginary and real gates to be crossed. As well as for artists and performers, who each act and perform with their own baggage, whether they are young prisoners, professional artists or people belonging to marginalized categories of society. Because in the great universe of Elementary Interactions, where art creates spaces for meeting and dialogue, there is no difference that cannot be enhanced ".

The poster of the festival is by the illustrator Vincenza Peschechera "Roman artist who has well interpreted our theater project and concept of the event that, among various difficulties, this year too manages to open glimmers of knowledge and awareness, in a constant relationship between art and society. All this is possible thanks to the Institutions of the City of Florence who are following and enhancing our work, but above all thanks to the commitment and sensitivity of the Management of the IPM "Meucci" in Florence, to the educators of the Pedagogical Area and to the whole Body. of the Penitentiary Police ”, concludes Suzzi.

For more information www.interazionielementari.com

Press office

Sara Chiarello 329 9864843; press@chiarellopulitipartners.com

Further details

"MetaMoreFaces - study on the idiosyncrasies of faces - 2"

The show is divided into five paintings: META # 0 - THE CREATION or the thin margin of things. Inspired by the creation by the gods of the universe first, of the world then and at the end of the first man, a dance between the 'bright and dark principle' is staged; GOAL # 1 - CENI or the apology of insects. Inspired by the myth of Ceni / Ceneo, which tells the story of a nymph, Ceni, who is transformed by Poseidon into a man, into an invincible warrior. On stage there will be a transgender boy (passed as in the myth from woman to man) who will recite a monologue resulting from his personal history, merged with the history of the myth. In the performance, a parallel will be made with the mutational abilities that insects have; GOAL # 2 - SISIFO or of the eternal return. Inspired by the myth of Sisyphus, it tells of a cunning king who wants to deceive death but is condemned by Zeus to push a stone on a mountain, to make it fall on the other side, but on time, when he reaches the top, the stone falls back down to the valley and he must forever start over. On stage there are three inmates who come out on leave to reward. The performance is linked to the concept of Friedrich Nietzsche's eternal return. The show will then debut in full form in December.

" Pinocchio in the belly of the shark " - The staging brings back to an artisan matrix of the theater, in which much is entrusted to the actor who, thanks to his body and voice, will give life to a story in which the relationship between stage and audience will be essential. The use of shadow theater and masks, mixed with beatbox rhythms and an acting that exploits the peculiarities of the prisoners, brings us back to a theatrical system based on a simple but extremely original staging. This first study starts from the moment in which Pinocchio is swallowed by the monster, by the shark, which, in anthropological terms, represents the real rite of passage for the Pinocchio puppet. There, in that liminal dimension, in which he is not dead but not even alive, Pinocchio finds his father Geppetto to whom he tells all the obstacles he had to overcome to find him, from the Mangiafuoco Theater to the encounter with the Cat and the Fox. to the Land of Toys with the transformation into a donkey.


Other events on Thursday 29 September :

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