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Address: Firenze , Florence

Date: Friday 23 September 2022


The Campiello Prize stops in Florence for the "Intemporanea" literary review

The fourth edition kicks off from 5 to 23 September with tributes to Clarice Lispector and the comic magazine Frigidaire

Special event: the lectio by Nicola Lagioia, a praise of literature, from Homer to the present day

Meetings with Edoardo Albinati, Costanza DiQuattro and Andrea Pomella


Florence 5 - 23 September 2022 | Various places | IV edition

From 5 to 23 September , Intemporanea, the literary review conceived and directed by Pinangelo Marino , returns to Florence, as part of the Florentine Summer, with an important program consisting of tributes, special events and previews of the main editorial releases of the autumn return . Among the novelties of the fourth edition: the Florentine stage of the Campiello Prize 2022 with the winner of the 60th edition (on September 3 in Venice); a praise of literature, from Homer to the present day by Nicol a Lagioia , a tribute to Clarice Lispector and the magazine Frigidaire . Meetings with some of the most original voices of Italian fiction are expected in bookstores soon with their new novels: Edoardo Albinati , Costanza DiQuattro and Andrea Pomella .

Seven appointments in seven different places for a journey through literature that crosses the city: from the Museo Novecento to the La Compagnia cinema, from the Tobacco Factory to Piazza delle Murate and to the neighborhood libraries (free admission with reservation on or by email to ).

Monday 5 September , at 6 pm, in Piazza delle Murate, the exhibition will open with a tribute to Clarice Lispector (1920-1977) on the occasion of the release of Il chandelier (Adelphi) with the interventions of the writer Lisa Ginzburg and the translator Virginia Caporali . Born in Ukraine with the name of Chaya, in a family of Ukrainian Jews forced to flee from Russian pogroms to emigrate to Brazil, Clarice Lispector is considered one of the most important Brazilian writers of the 20th century but also the most important Jewish writer since the time of Franz Kafka. In this second novel, finished in Naples in 1946, the author tells us with her visionary language a poignant initiation into life.

Another tribute will be that of Tuesday 6 September , at 6.30 pm, at the Manifattura Tabacchi (via delle Cascine, 35): the podcast series "FRIGO !!!" will be presented . (Chora Media) , in the presence of the authors Nicolò Porcelluzzi and Ivan Carozzi. The series tells the story of the revisited cult Frigidaire . Not a simple magazine, but an incendiary way of life, perhaps the last avant -garde of the Italian twentieth century: all its protagonists had gone through the crazy and turbulent seventies; with Frigidaire they became the greatest interpreters and prophets of the still mysterious Eighties. The first issue, after its presentation at Lucca Co mics, comes out on 28 October 1980. Its first and only director is called Vincenzo Sparagna, with him there are five future glories of Italian comics: Andrea Pazienza, Stefano Tamburini, Tanino Liberatore, Filippo Scozzari and Massimo Mattioli. The first two will die from an overdose at a very young age, leaving behind a series of masterpieces adored by an entire generation of readers. Today Sparagna, with the immense archive of Frigidaire, lives on the slopes of the Martani Mountains, in Umbria, in a place renamed Frigolandia.

On Friday 9 September , at 6 pm, the Cloister of the Novecento Museum (piazza Santa Maria Novella, 10) will host the meeting with the winner of the 60th edition of the Campiello Prize, which will be proclaimed on Saturday 3 September in Venice on the stage of the Teatro La Phoenix. The five finalist novels are composed of: Stories of trees, women, men by Antonio Pascale (Einaudi), Nova by Fabio Bacà (Adelphi), updated roadmap of all my kisses by Daniela Ranieri (Ponte alle Grazie), My stupid intentions by Bernardo Zannoni (Sellerio) and Il Duffatore by Elena Stancanelli (La nave di Teseo).

One of the most popular writers on the Italian scene, Strega prize and artistic director of the Turin Book Fair, Nicola Lagioia will hold a lecture entitled “Why do we read certain stories. A passionate praise of literature, from Homer to the present day ” , Monday 12 September, at 6 pm, at the La Compagnia cinema (Via Cavour, 50R). A precious event addressed to the general public of enthusiasts and readers and to all those who have the desire to cross the stories of world literature. Event organized in collaboration with La Compagnia cinema.

The Intemporanea review moves to the neighborhood libraries and continues with three other events to offer a glimpse of the most anticipated editorial news, giving voice to its protagonists.

On Friday 16 September , at 6 pm, in the Sibilla Aleramo room of the Oblate Library (via dell'Oriuolo, 24) the meeting is with the Edoardo Albinati Strega Prize on the occasion of his new novel Out of the world (Rizzoli). Three powerful and human stories that speak to us of isolation, in a narrative that sinks into the obsessions of our time. In these pages Albinati tries to tell what happens when we make ourselves inaccessible to others, or it is others who confine us to an island with no escape routes. Life falls into a well by choice, by mistake or by fate, and nothing but a miracle seems to get us out. An extremely topical issue, today when social exclusion has been added to that self-imposed by those who decide not to leave their room anymore, and that produced by online abuse campaigns.

On Tuesday 20 September , at 5 pm, at the BiblioteCaNova Isolotto (Via Chiusi 4 / 3A) the young writer from Ragusa Costanza DiQuattro, after Donnafugata and Giuditta and the monsù, candidate for the 2002 Strega prize, invites us to browse a new family album with his new book, also out for Baldini + Castoldi, Sicilian Arrocco. Against the backdrop of our southern Mediterranean, between betrayals and galenic potions, a story of trust and weakness, fear and courage unfolds. It is that of Antonio Fusco, a young Neapolitan pharmacist, «with the arrogance of the winners, the sufficiency of the arrogant and the phlegm of the resolute», who moved to Ibla after the death of the old apothecary of the baroque town. Antonio soon won the trust of the Iblean community, despite his weakness towards married women and a blatant propensity for gambling.

Friday 23 September , at 5 pm, at the Mario Luzi Library (Via Ugo Schiff, 8) The disarmed god of Andrea Pomella, released on 6 September for Einaudi, takes us to leaf through another album, that of an Italian story still misunderstood: the kidnapping of Aldo Moro by the Red Brigades and the massacre of the five escort agents. But this is not an essay. The writer manipulates time, the method is that of traumatic realism, the same one used by Andy Warhol in his serial images: staging and replicating to touch the truth. Not historical truth, but the most elusive one of individual and collective perception. Thus the eyewitnesses, the Red Brigades, the politicians, the men of the escort, even historical figures who lived centuries before alternate in the narration. Intersecting the public facts is the private account of the last eight hours of Aldo Moro's life before the kidnapping. A book that deeply investigates the individual choices and designs of destiny, the territory and urban space, the substance of time, the secret murmur of the life of one of the most important men in the history of Italy.

The Intemporanea exhibition, conceived and directed by Pinangelo Marino, is realized thanks to the contribution of Estate Fiorentina, PON Metro, the Municipality of Florence, the Agency for Territorial Cohesion and was co-financed by the European Union - European Social Fund, as part of the Program Operating Metropolitan Cities 2014-2020.

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