Reading between music and words, readings by Gianluigi Tosto and live soundtracks

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Address: Lungarno Colombo 27 , Florence

Date: Tuesday 30 July 2019


From Tuesday, July 30th at 6.30pm in Lungarno Colombo, 27 (free admission)

A musical reading in the memories of Florence , guided by the voice of Gianluigi Tosto and the live soundtracks by Michele Staino on the double bass and Renato Cantini on the trumpet: it will be " Gocce di musica e parole ", curated by the ass. La Nottola di Minerva, the event scheduled for Tuesday, July 30th at 6.30pm at the Molo, in Lungarno Colombo, 27 (free admission).

The event will explore the books "Firenze Mare" by Simone Innocenti and "The Eyes of Florence" by Paolo Ciampi, two Florentine authors and journalists for an immersion in the streets and memories of Florence. An aquatic city for one, of dreams and mysteries for the other, two different points of view that testify how the identity of a city can take on different colors and profiles depending on who observes, remembers and tells it. At 7.30 pm Martina Francone of Wave Laboratorio del Movimento will hold a lesson on gyrokinesis, training based on sequences of fluid and rhythmic movements, coordinated with breathing.

The music will be the protagonist of the Molo week with Giulio Porcinai's dj sets known as Junior P (Thursday 1 August); Enrico Paoli (Friday 2), Biba dj (Saturday 3) the jazz notes of the appointment on Sunday 4 August, curated by Groovin 'Rex and the European Academy of Florence - International School of Art and Culture, with the concert by Jacopo Fagioli entitled "Dialogue" formed by Jacopo Fagioli on trumpet; Davide Strangio on guitar, Amedeo Verniani on double bass and Mattia Galeotti on drums ( 8.00 pm ).

The cultural proposal will be flanked by the gastronomic one with the various specialties of the Molo: from the characteristic Florentine lampredotto of the Eredi L. Nigro Company , to the organic Km 0 SimBIOsi pizza , from the Polpaio dell'Elba sea recipes to the two novelties of this year, the tasty Mediterranean flavors of Italian Tapas and the artisan tradition of the Gelateria Vivaldi . At the cocktail list on the banks of the Arno, the staff of the historic Rex Firenze, who is 30 this year, think about it.

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