Il Molo: 4x4 cultural events including art, food and digital

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Address: Lungarno Colombo 27 , Florence

Date: Wednesday 31 July 2019


From Tuesday 25 June to 19.00, lungarno Colombo, 27 (free admission)

Il Molo: 4x4 cultural events including art, food and digital

The cultural programming continues until September 30, in collaboration with IED Florence,
Laba and the Order of Architects of Florence and other cultural realities of the city

Francesca Giulia Tavanti and Daria Filardo for IED Florence will be in dialogue with Luigi Presicce, Francesco Lauretta and Francesco De Grandi of the School of Santa Rosa , the protagonists of the event of the exhibition entitled 4x4 , a new format edited by Andrea Mi , scheduled for Tuesday, June 25 from 7.00 pm at the Molo , in lungarno Colombo, 27 (entrance free).

Il Molo, directed by Daniele Palladini proposes a season full of cultural events , included in the Florentine Summer calendar and created thanks to the support of the Municipality of Florence , where 4 x 4 aims to investigate some of the contemporary cultural phenomenologies with different guests and themes for each appointment (digital media every Monday, contemporary art on Tuesday, food Wednesday, relationship between the city and the Arno river on Thursday). The meeting program is organized in collaboration with IED - European Institute of Design in Florence, LABA Florence and Order of Architects of Florence .

Tuesday 25 will talk about contemporary art in the company of Francesca Giulia Tavanti and Daria Filardo for IED Florence . That of Santa Rosa is a "School" spontaneously founded by Luigi Presicce and Francesco Lauretta in Florence where the artists meet every Tuesday morning at the bistro Santa Rosa, on the homonymous Lungarno. Every now and then they are joined by friends from the city's Academy. One thinks, contemplates and draws. A moment of training for young students and a way of making art in a different way.

Thursday 27 Iargo to the relationship between river and city with the talk entitled " The Arno this stranger " edited by the Order of Architects of Florence in dialogue with Eugenio Giani and Fondazione Michelucci . During the meeting it will be told about the elimination of some symbols that were a reference point for all Florentines, generating the progressive loss of the sense of belonging and the irreversible modification of the river's identity, with consequent modification of the relationship with the city. The river as a scenario of inter-generational and inter-class collective life becomes a setting for portraits of middle-class life in the late nineteenth century, with the gradual "purge" of all those who threatened decorum and decency in Arno (renaioli, laundresses, noisy people ... ..) up to the flood of '66 which will sanction the final break of any relationship with the river, which becomes an enemy from which to defend itself.

On Wednesday 3 July the photographer Andrea Moretti and Francesco Bucciarelli meet Donpasta, a gastrophilosopher, poet and ecologist, before his cooking dj set. "If you have a problem ... add oil": this is the motto of the poet chef who on the stage uses vinyls and pots at the same time, mixer and blender to blend music and veloutés in a multimedia performance in which he lets himself go to the emotion of food, to his scents, colors, its forms, its aromas. The DJ set is spiced with sounds from the whole world, including funk, reggae, South America and mestizo London. Scents of chocolate and warm soul.

Monday 8 July Piero Fragola will meet Francesco Ristori to present Robot Fever , the book born from the historic exhibition at the Stibbert Museum that connects ancient Japan with the modern one of cartoons and manga. We will talk about how play production fascinated children in the 70s and 80s, who today, as parents, propose to their children the myths of their childhood, making them rise to real icons of our days.

Later in the program, Cecilia Lentini meets with Omar Rashid on 31 July to present "Warning signal. My battle VR "a virtual reality film with Elio Germano and a multimedia project that combines theater, cinema and writing. "Signal of alarm" is the transposition in virtual reality of La mia Battaglia, a work - brought to the stage by Elio Germano himself - that speaks to and of our age. The viewer will be taken in small steps to confuse imaginary and real, through and thanks to VR.

The cultural proposal will be flanked by the gastronomic one with the various specialties of the Molo: from the characteristic Florentine lampredotto of the Eredi L. Nigro Company , to the organic Km 0 SimBIOsi pizza , from the Polpaio dell'Elba sea recipes to the two novelties of this year, the tasty Mediterranean flavors of Italian Tapas and the artisan tradition of the Gelateria Vivaldi . At the cocktail list on the banks of the Arno, the staff of the historic Rex Firenze, who is 30 this year, think about it.

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