X years of replicas

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Address: Via della Certosa, 1 , Florence

Date: Friday 22 July 2016


The Society of Chairs

City of Florence - Council Culture Commission District 3
main sponsor:


X years of replicas

From 12 to 15 July and from 19 al 22 July 2016



within the


written and directed by John Micoli

Traveling show inside the Monastery of Charterhouse

Two evening departures: 20:45 and 22:00

max 45 people groups

It could be the last year of replicas for theatrical journey in the Charterhouse, after almost 50 years the monks have decided to leave the monastery.

Ten years ago (July 2007) The Society of Chairs, captained by Fabio Baronti, began his adventure to the Charterhouse of Florence with a visit-touring show "The action of silence", a theatrical journey through space and time in one of the richest monasteries of history that Christianity knows. Accompanying the spectators inside the Certosa the Cistercian monaco Father Sixtus, who lives for years in one of its cells. In 1958, in fact, the Cistercian community was settled in the Monastery of Charterhouse and soon was integrated seamlessly with city life and has become an important reference for the Florentines. Thanks to their monastic rule, the Cistercians were opened to the city of Florence and made more accessible Certosa, especially to believers and to the culture and art lovers; between their activities include the famous book restoration laboratory run since 1969 by Father Sixtus, a renowned master of this art whose fame has brought him in universities and libraries of Russia, Argentina, Egypt, Spain, Chile and many others countries. Another source of attraction is the distillery - led by Father Roberto, the Certosa Prior - who still uses ancient methods of producing distillates, infusions and scents of great value that you can buy in the cozy workshop located at the entrance of the monastery.

The identity of the Charterhouse, now, is strongly linked to that of the Cistercian monks who for so long have occupied, experienced and valued; the news of their decision to leave the monastery at the end of this year provokes, therefore, a great sorrow and a deep bitterness. Florence stands to lose a piece of history and the actors of the Fellowship of Chairs still hope that we can find the conditions for the monks remain in Florence, in one of the most beautiful places of Italian monuments. Anyway, "The action of silence" has meant to them far more of a theatrical journey, has been a valuable journey made ​​together, a real "journey of growth" also personal. Thanks to the hospitality and passion of the monks has been possible to achieve for ten consecutive years a unique and original whose public approval is evidenced by the results: almost all sold out evenings, 2400 like on social networks and more than 600 shares only for replicas of 2016.

During the visit in the charming rooms of the monastery you meet characters who have lived within the walls of the immense complex Carthusian evoke the stories, especially telling the hard choices and difficulties he had to face the one who decided to devote himself to God. ' unique opportunity because not many people who have crossed the wide door to admire the Palazzo Acciaioli, churches, cloisters and chapter, the large cells, the extraordinary frescoes depicting the cycle of the Passion that Pontormo painted since 1523, when She took refuge at the Certosa to escape the plague. Compared to a simple guided tour of the "theater trips" of the Chairs of the Company allow to go into the past and in the events that marked those places. Each of them keeps its secrets in itself: lie hidden in the corridors, in the rooms, in the most difficult bends. And the theater is the best way to free them from the stones that guard them jealously and describe them to the public.


Marcello Allegrini

Mario Altemura

Fabio Baronti

Luca Cartocci

Beatrice Faldi

with a special appearance by Father Sisto

lighting design

Fabrizio Rosazza

Stage manager and construction

Daniele Nocciolini

Director's Notes

"We believe that nothing is more strenuous exercises in the religious life of stillness, silence and solitude" wrote Guigo of Saint-Romain-fifth General Prior of the Grande Chartreuse; and to better understand the truth of this we ask you to take this short, but we hope intense, overnight trip within this Monastery with serious intent to never talk to anyone, so no, but do not comment just silence around and within you. You will then, if we succeed, solitary in the community, founding rule of the Carthusian Order. Led by Father Sixtus, Monaco Cistercian who for years lived in this Certosa, visit this magnificent monastery and along the way they meet output figures directly from the spiritual mystery spaces issued by these walls; tell the story of the building itself and the choice together, the difficulties and the fi n al prize of a man against all the trends of the time (of all time), he decided to devote himself to God abandoning sounds, noises and social life for the silence and the desert, from which blooms the lushness of the soul. Good trip. [John Micoli]

Brief historical and architectural information

Charterhouse of Florence. It was Niccolò Acciaioli, a member of a Florentine banking family, Grand Seneschal of the Kingdom of Naples at the Angevin court and Viceroy of Puglia, yearning to found a monastery inspired by several Carthusian monasteries that were built in that period in southern Italy. The preference for the Carthusian order stemmed precisely from direct contact that Acciaioli had with Anjou, in whose reign had been founded already several complexes (the order, in fact, was set up just in France in 1084). Charterhouse was built around 1341 on Mount Acuto, at the outskirts of the city of Florence, and remained the property of the Carthusian monks until 1810, until Napoleon made no move in it 150 French soldiers. When in 1819 it was restored the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the monks returned. In 1866 the complex became the property of the Italian state and in the fifties were replaced by the Cistercian Congregation of Casamari. The structure of the Monastery of Galluzzo meets the required schemas from the order: the Church, the Colloquium with its cloister, the chapter, the great cloister of the monks, the Cloister of converts, the Refectory, the Lodge; Added to these are the Acciaioli Palace and the Picture Gallery.

The Carthusian monasteries preserve the memory of a life dedicated entirely to God, where the community lived observing silence, fasting, solitude and prayer.


Full price: 15,00 €

Reduced price: 12,00 €

Compagnia delle Seggiole: 333 2284784 (after 14.00)



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