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Address: Via Traversa Pistoiese, 83, Prato

Date: Saturday 20 October 23:00 - 04:00



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lowlow arrives from the new Roman hip hop scene: born in 1993, real name Giulio Elia Sabatello, the rapper has begun to participate in the freestyle battle and the contest at the age of 13. Raised with the myths of Eminem and Muhammad Ali, lowlow debuted discographically in 2011 with the mixtape "Metriche vol.1". Then came the collaborations with NSP ("Socia mixtape", 2012), Sercho ("Forever", 2013), Monster ("Sorry for the blood", 2014) and in 2015 the second solo mixtape, "Metriche vol. ".
The collaboration with Monster has been very lucky and the pieces that the two have recorded together have also received good numbers on the web.
From 2011 to 2016 the rapper was linked to the independent record label Honiro Label, the same that has "launched" - among others - Brig and Gemitaiz. At the beginning of 2016, lowlow participated in the soundtrack of the film "Zeta" by Cosimo Alemà, dedicated to the world of Italian hip hop, with the song "The loneliness of number 1", so he left Honiro and signed a new record contract with Sugar.
The first result of the new recording contract was the single "Ulysses". The song speaks of Nico, a boy who raids in a bank to commit a robbery, a gesture that actually represents a sort of "rebellion" against the "system": "Hello director, my name is Nico, it's a pleasure meet the people who do his job / I wanted to tell her that she makes me really disgusting and her daughter is a bitch, it would be good for a blind man / you are now my slave, obey or shoot ", rappa lowlow.
"Ulysses" has anticipated the release of the new record of lowlow, his first official album (the previous ones were mixtape). REDUCTION, this is the title of the album, was produced by Fausto Cogliati (already Fedez's right-hand man) and was released in January 2017. Within the album will also be contained a song recorded together with Marianne Mirage.
At the end of 2017 comes the unpublished song "Incompleti", produced by Fish, followed in 2018 by the duet with Riki Marcuzzo in "Wrong" and by "Sfoghi of a complicated life 4" in the spring of the same year

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▼ Edoardo Mennini DJ

▼ Magpie Voice

▽ TABLES: Reservation required.

▽ LIST: € 12 woman € 15 man. Entrance from 23.30 within maximum 00.30. Reservation is recommended.

▽ OUT OF LIST: € 15 woman € 18 man. From 00.30 onwards.

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▼ Pauline VJ

For info and reservations

Edoardo 3668788737
Alberto 3387421360
Andrea 3920485466

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