Partenopeo food and wine meeting at the gates of Florence
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Name: Napul'è

Address: Via Gherardo Starnina, 7/R , Florence - Isolotto / Legnaia

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Neapolitan cuisine has ancient historical roots dating back to the Greco-Roman period and has been enriched over the centuries with the influence of the different cultures that have followed one another during the various dominations of the city and the surrounding area. Very important was the contribution of the imagination and creativity of the Neapolitans in the variety of dishes and recipes present today in the Neapolitan culinary culture. As the capital of the kingdom, the cuisine of Naples has also absorbed most of the culinary traditions of the whole Campania region, reaching a fair balance between land dishes (Campania pasta, vegetables, dairy products) and seafood dishes (fish, crustaceans, molluscs) .


Napul'è: Partenopeo food and wine meeting at the gates of Florence

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