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Address: Viale Filippo Strozzi , Florence

Date: Saturday 31 August 2019



From the evening dedicated to reggae, to the sound aperitif with special guest performances. From cinema under the stars, to video art and then dance performances and the new food space.

A new month of events is scheduled at the Off Bar , the summer area of the Florentine Summer at Swan Lake. Just a step away from the boundaries of the historic center, just outside the ZTL, Off Bar opens its doors to its tenth season, presenting a program full of news: concerts and live performances, DJ sets, auteur cinema and the large green lawn where you can relax or dine.

This year the food area will be in collaboration with Icchethai: space therefore to the exotic flavors of street food fusion , ravioli, rolls, Pad Thai and much more on the menu. For lovers of traditional cuisine, here is the new collaboration with Malborghetto, with its famous pizza e many Neapolitan specialties.

Here is the program:

Monday is OFF Cinema the cinema under the stars of the OFF edited by Simone Bartalesi, Manfredi Lucibello and Mauro Massaro who, together with the Off bar, turns 10 this year.

To celebrate this great achievement, a high quality program is planned: musical documentaries will be protagonists throughout the season, along with a so-called “cult” line, with the great Italian classics.

In collaboration, however, with Progeas Family on Tuesday is " TueSTAGE ": the appointment dedicated to live music. The review will be a breath of fresh air that will help us resist the heat of the Florentine summer. What to expect then? Every week on stage artists from various musical worlds, Prog.Rock, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Cumbia, Indie, Rap.

After last season's success, he returns on Wednesday: " Dub OFF " by ImmiRoots & Disco Rebel, Reggae music at the Fortezza da Basso Gardens. "Dub OFF" is a series of events organized by ImmiRoots Sound and Disco Rebel Foundation which will take place every Wednesday . The musical offer this year will be even richer thanks to the participation of different crews who will have the chance to express their style through vinyl selections, live mixes and performances by national and international singers.

On Thursday evening , Tropical Animals is confirmed as " Exotic ", a real cult evening of the OFF: a project curated and carried out by Tropical Animals, the evening of Ricardo Garcia Baez who since 2010 has been a real point of reference for fans of clubbing. Cosmic, funky, italo

disco, jazz and funk will be the rhythms that will overwhelm us every week.

Friday night will be " Aperitivo Sonoro " curated by Francesco Profeti and Davide Calamai, an evening that has been a must for the Florentine Friday night for years. The project stems from the idea of promoting the

vinyl musical performances of Italian and international collectors, integrating them with other forms of artistic expression. Every week we will alternate reference artists from our local scene who will join frequent performances of special guests.

On Saturday night, it is " Blu ": the desire to bring the sea to Florence. The evening of Giampaolo Dei and Valentina Marinelli will be a meeting of expressive languages such as video art, dance performances and musical selections.

Every Saturday night it will be a real party in which Giampyxx and rotating DJs will ride musical waves like dance, disco, trash, rock and Italian music.



Hours 22.00 - Free admission

Viale Filippo Strozzi 20



Thu 1 Aug - h 22.00: "Esotica" by Tropical Animals _ djset
Fri 2 Aug - 7.00pm: "Aperitivo Sonoro" w / La Ponto + Mimmy + Es Stella _ djset
Sat 3 August - 10.00 pm: "Blu": Giampyxx _ djset + Valentina Marinelli _vjset
Sun 4th August - 7.00 pm: OFF Bar & Food
Mon 5 August - 21.30: OFF Cinema: "On my skin" by A. Cremonini
Tue 6 Aug - 10.00 pm: "TueSTAGE" by Progeas Family: Freddie Maguire &
The Band _ live
Wed 7 Aug - 9.30pm: "DubOFF" w / Black Cat Records and Junior Kinky _ djset
Thu 8 August - 10.00 pm: Ricardo Baez _ djset
Fri 9 Aug - 7.00 pm: "Aperitivo Sonoro" w / Biga + Mirko Casalini _ djset
Sat 10 Aug - 10.00 pm: FKV _ djset
Sun 11 August - 7.00 pm: OFF Bar & Food
Mon 12 Aug - 21.30: OFF Cinema: "Bohemian Rapsody" by Bryan Singer
Tue 13 Aug - 7.00 pm: OFF Bar & Food
Wed 14 Aug - 21.30: "DubOFF" Funky Reggae Party
Thu 15 Aug - 10.00 pm: Mass _ djset
Fri 16 August - 10.00 pm: Tulioxi _ djset
Sat 17 August - 10.00 pm: Tba _ djset
Sun 18 August - 7.00 pm: OFF Bar & Food
Mon Aug 19 - 9.30 pm: OFF Cinema w / Festival dei Popoli: "Mr.Dynamite"
- James Brown
Tue 20 August - 7.00 pm: OFF Bar & Food
Wed 21 Aug - 9.30 pm: "DubOFF" w / Ital Massive djset
Thu 22 Aug - 10pm: "Esotica" by Tropical Animals _ djset
Fri 23 August - 19.00: "Aperitivo Sonoro" _ djset
Sat 24 Aug - 10.00 pm: "Blu": Giampyxx _ djset + Valentina Marinelli _vjset
Sun 25 August - 7.00 pm: OFF Bar & Food
Mon 26 August - 9.30pm: "Benvenuti in Casa Gori" by A. Benvenuti
Mar 27 Aug - 10.00 pm: "TueSTAGE" by Progeas Family: Plastic Animals _ live
Wed 28 Aug - 9.30 pm: "DubOFF" w / Immiroots + DRF and Guest _ djset
Thu 29 Aug - 10pm: "Esotica" Closing Party
Fri 30th August - 7.00pm: "Aperitivo Sonoro" _ live
Sat 31 Aug - 10.00 pm: "Blu": Giampyxx _ djset + Valentina Marinelli _vjset


Other events on Saturday 31 August :

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