The Off Bar Weekend at Swan Lake

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Address: Viale Filippo Strozzi , Florence

Date: Monday 09 July 2018


The Off Bar Weekend at Swan Lake

Program from 6 to 9 July

Friday 6 hours 19 - Sound Aperitif

The evening is Aperitivo Sonoro, the project was born from the idea of ​​promoting the musical performances of Italian and international collectors, integrating them with other forms of artistic expression, trying to create a multi-sensorial contact between them. This week the DJ sets of two great artists are scheduled: KATZUMA Aka Deda (ex Mixed Blood) and DJ LUGI aka Boogie Lou, rapper, disc jockey and beat maker, is considered one of the most important exponents of Italian hip hop and underground culture.

KATZUMA Aka Deda (former Mixed Blood), since 2004 is the funk / disco project of Deda. The field chosen is the visceral love for old vinyl and all the musical genres dominated by groove, the basic rule provides for the sampling frightened by dusty 12 inches. The sound has the typical imprint of which dance music lovers fall in love, which the British would call "hiquality homemade getdown stuff". In 2015 together with William Simone on electronic percussion and Andrea Calì on the electric piano and the synths form the OKE '. The release of their first EP in January 2016 for the Queenspectra in Milan was enthusiastically received by fans and connoisseurs of different genres, from electronics to experimental jazz.

DJ LUGI aka Boogie Lou

Rapper, disc jockey and beat maker, Dj Lugi is considered one of the most important exponents of the Italian hip hop and underground culture, a reference name in the Golden Age of the 90s, together with Neffa, Fritz da Cat, Kaos One, El President. He also actively collaborates with international artists such as MF Doom and De La Soul.

Saturday 7 9.30 pm - Switch Live Net presents Dust & the Dukes + Fabio Balzano Project live

Switch Live Net returns to round off its summer season.

The chosen stage is that of the Off Bar, the perfect setting for great occasions. Fabio Balzano Project, singer-songwriter and guitarist who grew up in Florence, will present a show that will touch poetry and sarcasm in an arabesque of rhythm and words!

Following the Dust & the Dukes, reality more and more solid in the Florentine rock scene, winners of the last Rock Contest.

Artwork of Costanza Ciattini


I Dust & the Dukes is a rock band born in Florence in 2016. A journey through the roots of American music. Desert Rock, Blues and lysergic atmospheres are mixed in the sounds of the band. With a first EP to the active, the Dust & the Dukes continue an intense live activity that represents the true essence of the band.


Singer-songwriter and guitarist, Fabio Balzano was born on September 5, 1978 and grew up in Florence. The Sicilian origins and the bond of blood with Rosa Balistreri, soon led him to become passionate about the world of music.

Sunday 8 22 hours - Jam at Swan Lake

A meeting of musicians coming from the Tuscan conservatories, and already well-established and consolidated names of the current local scene. The musicians will perform in a musical performance without having anything preordained, improvising on grids of chords and known themes, ranging from Jazz to Funk, up to Rap and Soul. This week on stage the performance of:

Lele Fontana - Keyboards, Alessandro Corsi - Bass, Marco Calì - Drum Pad

Monday 9th 9.30pm - OFF CINEMA

The film festival under the stars edited by Simone Bartalesi, Manfredi Lucibello and Mauro Massaro.

On the program, Van Gogh - Loving Vincent , "The more I think about it, the more I realize that there is nothing more truly artistic than loving others."

A revolutionary film, an animated masterpiece whose protagonist is one of the most brilliant artists who gave us the story: Vincent Van Gogh.

When cinema meets art, the outcome is never trivial and is always an enrichment. Especially if, as happens in Loving Vincent, every single frame of the film is made by hand.

Dorota Kobiela, a Polish painter, and the English director Hugh Welchman, embarked on this adventure six years ago to tell, through a noir cinema style, the last weeks of life of the Dutch painter who moved to Arles, France, in 1888.

Vincent Van Gogh, the most famous artist in the world, pioneer of contemporary art and tormented character, in July 1890 shoots himself in a wheat field near Arles. The young Armand Roulin, son of the postman Roulin, the only friend of Van Gogh -, not convinced of the artist's suicide, traces his last weeks of life meeting the people who, even in the most dramatic moments, have been close to him.

A film produced with tenacious and meticulous work in which more than 100 artists, with the technique of Painting Animation Work Station have animated a thriller entirely made up of painting that totally involves the viewer.



10.00 pm - Free entry

Viale Filippo Strozzi 20


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