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Address: Piazza Strozzi, 2 , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Thursday 11 January 2018


Tuscany leather for Pitti 93: gala evening at the Teatro Odeon with the performance of Patty Pravo and the choreography of Opus Ballet inspired by the film "Cinque"

Thursday, January 11 at the Teatro Odeon in Florence cocktail and dinner to sit in the stalls (by invitation). The project will be presented in support of the high Italian craftsmanship with a capsule collection of shoes totally customizable signed by Mario Bemer Florence , thanks to the virtual configurator developed by Bemer that allows over 8 thousand combinations

The evening opens with a screening of the short CINQUE, produced by Cuoio di Toscana, presented at the 12th Rome Film Festival and dedicated to Made in Italy craftsmanship

It is the famous Patty Pravo , diva par excellence of Italian music, icon of style and elegance, the special guest of the event that will be held Thursday, January 11 at 20 at the Teatro Odeon in Florence (Piazza Strozzi). The event is organized by Cuoio di Toscana , a leading consortium in the production of sole leather (with market shares of 98% of the Italian and over 80% of the European market), in the context of the 93 / o Pitti Immagine .

Opening the gala evening - exclusively by invitation - will be a cocktail in the gallery and the screening of the short film CINQUE , fashion movie directed by To Guys and conceived by Michele Pecchioli of Aria Adv, presented last October at the 12th Cinema in Rome and dedicated to the different craft worlds of Made in Italy, interpreted as five places of mind and know-how. The cast includes Caterina Murino , brand ambassador for Cuoio di Toscana, the chef Simone Rugiati , the artist Francesco Tristano , the masters of the bespoke shoe Mario Bemer and Mattia Capezzani , the actor Alessio Sardelli , the president of Assomoda Giulio Di Sabato and the very young Kendra Finlay , in addition to the dancers of the Opus Ballet, a company run by Rosanna Brocanello .

The choreography of the corps de ballet will be the setting for the dinner , to sit , which will take place in the audience of the Odeon set up for the occasion by a special lighting direction , giving life to five living pictures , inspired by the five contexts evoked by the film. The short film produced by Cuoio di Toscana, in fact, is a celebration of Italian excellences, a dreamlike journey that winds through the artisan shops, the blades of barbers and kitchen fires, up to the Italian natural parks, the result of craftsmanship and respect for the 'environment.

Next, there will be a performance by Pravo, a former Piper girl , on the scene for over 50 years, one of the most successful artists in the Italian music scene, with 110 million records sold. Among his hits there are the songs "The doll", "Crazy idea", "Thinking gorgeous" and "Sad boy".

" We are very proud that both Patty Pravo, a woman and an artist who represents Italy in the world, the protagonist of our evening. - said the president of Cuoio di Toscana Antonio Quirici - Pravo has given so much to music and fashion, and we think he is the right person for a Pitti event, an international showcase and showroom dedicated to new lifestyle trends ".

During the event, Cuoio di Toscana will also present the new project to support high Italian crafts : a capsule collection of footwear designed by Mario Bemer Firenze will be unveiled . The shoes, ten creations for Cuoio di Toscana, are totally customizable thanks to the virtual configurator , developed by the Bemer brand , which allows over 8 thousand combinations to customize the shoe, choosing between models, materials, stitching and colors.

During the evening you can experience the configurator in first person, an advanced software that can give you the unique emotion of seeing the shoe appear in front of your eyes as you want in every single detail. The capsule collection is the first of the new projects by Cuoio di Toscana to support the quality footwear chain, which will be revealed in the coming months .

The collaboration between Cuoio di Toscana and Mario Bemer Firenze was born precisely during the recording of the short film Cinque. "The capsule collection with Mario Bemer Firenze represents the natural continuation of Cinque, within a broader project, which is to enhance the Italian artisan tradition and the excellence of our territory, putting the spotlight on what normally is hidden in fashion show: behind the shoes and fashion produced by the greatest designers in the world, there is a craft work that has remained unchanged over the centuries "continues President Quirici . "Today there is a lot more attention to the production processes that lead to the creation of a garment, there is a constant search for quality. In this collection signed by Bemer and Cuoio di Toscana, the highest quality raw material is combined with the highest degree of technique: a collaboration that recounts a territory and a history of which we are proud ".

The brand Mario Bemer Firenze has recently been included in the book "The Italian Gentleman" by Hugo Jacomet , with photos by Lyle Roblin , published by Thames & Hudson , which offers the best of designers, tailors, stylists and craftsmen who have for generations defined the very notion of Italian style. The book mentions important names of Made in Italy (in addition to Mario Bemer Firenze), namely Zegna, Berluti, Maison Corthay, Paolo Scafora, Norman Vilalta, Sartoria Dalcuore and some members of the Neapolitan sartorial world.

Luca Nardini says: "Jacomet has highlighted, according to his taste, the best products qualitatively and technically, out of fashion logic that is an end in itself and ephemeral. As a parameter he chose technical quality, style and attention to detail: we are very proud of having been chosen. The shoes - adds in on the capsules presented for Pitti - they are branded Cuoio di Toscana to respect territoriality: we are not only supporters of Made in Italy but we can say of made in Tuscany and even of Made in Florence, because, unlike so many realities, we always centralize more our production, bringing it closer to our context, to guarantee an authentic product. Our configurator, for which it took 8 months of work , shows a real impact of what will be the shoe you want, because it offers it in a photographic and non-graphic way. We thus give maximum flexibility to the customer who will come to visit us in our atelier in via Maggio in Florence, who can thus customize his footwear in a unique way, even if starting from our lines and our idea of ​​style ".

The Bemer brand, after Pitti, will fly in February in Florida and in New York, in April in London for the fashion show of the most important brands of classic men's shoes, and in May in Singapore. Among the next projects, "We will present a fresh line, with innovative colors and materials, while maintaining the evergreen construction and the classic style that has always distinguished us, and two lines of sneakers, including a runner".

Cuoio di Toscana is a sole sole leather obtained with slow vegetable tanning, an ancient process based on the use of natural tannins obtained from chestnut, mimosa and quebracho wood. The brand was created with the aim of becoming a spokesperson in the world of the tanning district.

The companies that are part of the Cuoio di Toscana brand are from Santa Croce sull'Arno (Bonistalli and Stefanelli Spa) and from San Miniato, Ponte a Egola (Canning Group CMC International Spa, Conceria Gi-Elle-Emme Spa, Cuoificio Otello) Lamonti Cuoio Spa, Conceria 3S Srl and Volpi Concerie Srl).

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