Opificio JM (Prato)

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Concept Store, Restaurant, Lounge Bar
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Name: Opificio JM (Prato)

Address: Piazza San Marco 9 , Prato

Tel: 0574 870500

Email: info@opificiojm.it



Behind the medieval walls in Prato, in Piazza San Marco 9, there is the 'Opificio JM, store concept at the highest level, craft boutique product in Tuscany where design, fashion, food and fun are great players. One of 600 square meters, on two levels, tastefully decorated and full of suggestions.

The Opificio JM contains the name of its essence: factory is going to shop, place of making, thus the factu manu par excellence, craftsmanship. JM are the initials of John Malkovich, the famous American actor and director who made Prato and Tuscany as her second home here and has decided to produce its line, the Technobohemian.

In June 2010 John Malkovich along with four entrepreneurs Prato Riccardo Rami, Maurizio Salvi, Alessandro and Enrico Tiezzi Giardi, it initiates a revolutionary new experience with the intent to promote a new model of consumption that enhances the local products and the supply chain short: it founded the Opificio JM.

The idea is to build a brand It can connect the Tuscan manufacturing tradition, product of the admixture of art and crafts, to its more natural outlet: usability, sales. Give the possibility to crafts of excellence to emerge without the mediation of the fashion system but naturally, made of good taste and education of quality consumer, where the balance between aesthetics, art and good living are a real modus vivendi. the aim is to bring the product of crafts from the local to the global reality without mediation.

For that the Opificio JM becomes a sort of big window, a shop they are put on display and you can buy all products of excellence in Tuscany: from textiles, to those of design, from furniture to accessories and to ' food and wine, in order to make available the genius loci of the homemade.

Many products are made by local companies exclusively for the Opificio JM and you can buy them online also melting so once again the local to the global in perspective that sees small businesses and handicraft businesses increasingly interact and getting better with the market international. The Opificio JM becomes the first in a long series of factories, a format ready to be exported as has already happened in the two temporary store in Milan and Paris.

The space devoted to food is perfectly placed in the context of the place where everything comes to be consumed and enjoyed on site in accordance with the principle of short chain: the restaurant, excellent for lunch and dinner, it is made of quality products and regional flavors. The Opificio JM also hosts cultural events, exhibitions and installations of contemporary works of art and also offers an aperitif on Tuesday and lounge bar, the DJ set and then Thursday theme nights and live music.

In short, a place that makes the usability of Tuscan produce its primary key veicolandola the idea of building a new model of consumption: it is a crossroads of sorts, products, people, events, performances. It's an idea: the good taste revolution.

Camilla Innocenti

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