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Address: Piazzale delle Cascine 7 , Florence

Date: Friday 24 May 2019


In May and September in Florence at Parc - Parc Performing Arts Research Center, at the Ex Grand Scuderie in the Cascine Park of Florence

Free admission

Italian songwriters meet their reference writers:

the "In Flore" festival is born, new dialogues between music and literature

First appointment May 17 with the singer Maria Antonietta and the writer Maria Grazia Calandrone; continue with Emidio Clementi and Milo De Angelis (24 May), Cristina Donà and Anna Toscano (in September). The guest of the last meeting will be revealed soon.

A project of the Arci SassiScritti Association, as part of the Fiorentina Estate 2019,

in collaboration with Fondazione Fabbrica Europa

Italian singers of the independent scene meet their writers and reference poets creating new dialogues between music and literature: in Florence comes the first edition of the In Flore festival. The project by the Arci SassiScritti Association , in collaboration with Fondazione Fabbrica Europa , is part of the Estate Fiorentina 2019, supported by the Municipality of Florence. From May 17, at the PARC - Performing Arts Research Center at the Ex Gran Scuderie Ducal in Piazza delle Cascine, there will be four meetings for meeting and listening between musical tastings and readings, in which the public will be accompanied in unpredictable "blooms" to enter the atmospheres of songs, novels, stories and verses.

The festival will open on Friday 17 May at 6.00 pm with Maria Antonietta , a stage name chosen in honor of the Queen of France by Letizia Cesarini, singer and artist with a thousand facets that combines a passionate study of art and poetry. Devoted to Rimbaud for having accompanied her during adolescence, Marie Antoinette cultivates words starting from their essence, to bring them to the surface and make them germinate with music. The writer and presenter Rai Maria Grazia Calandrone conversed with her, and through poetry as a form of introspection she carried out her research on language and words. Before turning to writing, Calandrone also approached the art world as a painter and photographer. It will therefore be a meeting between music, words and art: different languages which, by contaminating themselves, give rise to the flower of culture.

Friday, May 24th at 6 pm Emidio Clementi , the leader of the historical band Massimo Volume , will talk with Milo De Angelis , one of the greatest Italian poets. The peculiarity of this meeting lies precisely in the choice of the singer-songwriter himself to interface with a capital author for his work on language. For his part, De Angelis appreciated Clementi's writing work from the collection 'The Reason for the Hands' of 2012. Both passionate and profound readers, as well as authors, are joined by a research on the declined word, given their different talents , in more arts: from music, to literature, to acting.

In September there will be a meeting between the singer-songwriter Cristina Donà, from the nineties between the most original voices of the Italian music scene and Anna Toscano , poet, journalist and radio presenter. Final in September with a fourth and final appointment that will be revealed soon.

"In Flore it is a novelty of the Florentine Summer, a unique proposal for PARC- Performing Arts Research Center, inside the Cascine park - declares Tommaso Sacchi , curator Summer Fiorentina. - This project fully reflects our mission, which is to bring contemporary culture to the places of Florentine social life: not only with sporadic events but by guaranteeing a real defense to the institutions of the cultural world. "

To moderate the dialogues Azzurra d'Agostino , poet, writer and president of the SassiScritti Association. “Music and literature have always existed, meeting and recognizing each other's pollen, they have given life to important creations and blooms in the sign of the word. - declares d'Agostino - And precisely on this theme will focus the four appointments between songwriters and writers, artists among the most careful and careful in the choice of words. It will be an opportunity to see a singer-songwriter struggling with the most unexpected questions about an author who influenced him, telling the birth of a literary text and how this became a source of inspiration for the composition of a song, or how the atmosphere of a novel has settled into an album ”.

The association SassiScritti for 10 years has organized "The importance of being small", a festival that rehabilitates the villages and woods of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines with music and poetry. The association has conceived the festival "In Flore" as a path that from May, the culmination of the flowering, ends in September, with the disclosure of the last buds.

The chosen site, PARC - Performing Arts Research Center at the Ex Grand Scuderie in Piazzale delle Cascine, is one of the new places of culture in Florence a "square outside the city" (accessible on foot, by tram, bicycle, car) the place better to live listening to these new conversations immersed in nature.

All events are free admission

info: www.sassiscritti.org/ fb: SassiScritti - The importance of being small

mob: 3495311807/3493690407



Sara Chiarello - 329 986 4843

Giulia Luchi - 333 1462086


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