The Open Program in Florence, 18-21 October

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Address: Piazzale Delle Cascine 7, Florence

Date: Thursday 18 October 19:30 - Sunday 21 October 19:00


Shows and meetings with the Workcenter Open Program of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Florence, 18-21 October 2018
PARC, former Grand Ducal Stables, Piazzale delle Cascine 4/5/7, Parco delle Cascine, Florence.

From 18 to 21 October the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards will be back in Florence, with a weekend full of opportunities. Like last year, the Teatro della Toscana hosted the Focused Research Team in Art as Vehicle; this year it will be the time of the Open Program, which will offer a panorama of its various activities, with a free singing Seminar, two performances (The Hidden Words and The Stories of Katie, premiere), and a sung Encounter.

All events are free.

It starts on Thursday 18th, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, with the free singing Seminar, consisting of two sessions on singing and singing (the second session will take place on Saturday), free and open to all, welcoming and relaxed, in which Mario Biagini and his colleagues teach songs from their repertoire belonging to the Afro-American and Afro-Hispanic tradition. The free seminar is one of the elements of an invitation to singing that the Open Program develops between Pontedera and Florence, divided into numerous public and semi-public meetings, carried out in collaboration with the citizens, also involving refugees and asylum seekers. . The sessions of the free seminar and the sung meeting that will follow Sunday 21 are excellent opportunities to get a taste of this artistic practice. During the free Seminar the participants experience a chance to meet through singing, learning simple and concrete elements, songs and some dance steps, and intuitively understandable ways of living a place together with others in an active and responsible way. The participants receive the printed texts of the songs, for a first approach. You can even just take a look, the doors are open, and the curiosity is welcome - you can arrive after the start time, and leave before the end. The seminar gives everyone who participates in the solid tools that allow you to take part in a fuller and more lucid at the sung meeting on Sunday 21 at 17:00.
Led by Mario Biagini, together with Thomas Gasser, Agnieszka Kazimierska, Pauline Laulhe, Eduardo Landim, Felicita Marcelli, Daniel Mattar, Jorge Romero Mora, Graziele Sena Da Silva, and members of the Citizens' Choir.

Friday 19 at 21:00, the first scheduled meeting, with all 9 actors of the Open Program, The Hidden Sayings is a show created in 2013 and often used by the Open Program during its travels as a sort of introduction to one's work at the moment of first contact with a community. This is a mostly sung work: a small group of people meet and wonder about their myths, in front of the city. They speak ancient words, taken from texts of early Christianity, and interweave them with songs from the Afro-American tradition. They deal with texts and songs. They wonder what the meaning, the urgency, the action of these songs and these texts, both of which are at the mythical roots of the world in which they live, can be for them today. They do not come to any answer that inevitably closes the question. But the question is concrete, not inescapable, it manifests itself through simple and tangible elements: action, contact, living word, song, dance - and it resounds mute and palpable like the silent echo of a bell: the songs of the Afro-American tradition la they bring and amplify it with delicate resonances, suggesting ways of transformation and contact, and the words of the original Christianity (here translated mainly by the Copt and coming from the region comprising Egypt, the Middle East and Greece), familiar and forgotten voices , the echo of this silent question sends us back.
With: Mario Biagini, Thomas Gasser, Agnieszka Kazimierska, Pauline Laulhe, Eduardo Landim, Felicita Marcelli, Daniel Mattar, Jorge Romero Mora, Graziele Sena Da Silva.

Saturday 20 then, at 21, after the second session of the Free Seminar (to be held from 17:30 to 19:30), there will be the premiere of Katie's Tales (The Stories of Katie), a monologue by and with Agnieszka Kazimierska, member of the Open Program for eleven years. The show is directed by Mario Biagini. It is the story of a woman and her lover, who after a terrible event started with a promise to come back one day. And it's the story of a garden, full of cherry trees. These are waiting times and times of becoming - new and wild times. Katie, accompanied by a couple of foreign servants, lives protected by her garden, in the shade of the cherry trees, silent witnesses of her life and history. Every day Katie receives visitors: every moment could be the return of the one who started traveling, and Katie struggles, she is ready. With her stories, Katie talks about desire and waiting, and in her silences talks about the unsaid. She who waits is traveling herself, she changes on the road of her life, punctuated and punctuated in vivid frames, in the middle of her garden and in the shade full of cherries' memories - a woman standing in front of History, in front of her own lights and their own shadows, at the intersection of past and future. Katie's desire embodies unsaid invites us to question ourselves about where we belong, to ask us questions without words about the role of our conscience, in the deafening flow of events and in the confused whirlwind of desires.

Finally, on Sunday 21st, the Open Program concludes its autumn session in Florence with a sung meeting to be held at 5.00 pm - an invitation to take part in a party out of the ordinary, which you can attend with your presence, and during which one can join the song with singing or listening, and dance with the dance or the gaze. It is an event organized by the Open Program, coordinated by Mario Biagini, part of the invitation to singing course addressed to anyone by the international group of actors. An event that is free and free, open to all without any limitation (note: to take part in the sung meeting it is not necessary to have taken part in the free Seminar). The sung meeting is perhaps a forgotten art form, which our ancestors not so far knew and which contemplated the fluid and active participation of those present. Gently guided by a nucleus of trained artists, the Meeting is a safe space in which to experience what it means to take individual care of a shared action. The participants, each with a different background, consciously become co-creators of a work of art that goes beyond diversity, towards mutual recognition. The songs are born around and among the participants, and the rhythms and melodies, together with the timbres, favor the emergence of a different attention. The resonance embraces all those present, who build the evening together in an active way, finding themselves faced with simple choices: to be witnesses, enter the space where the action takes place, follow by remaining aside, sing and dance, find their own way of be present and support others. To listen.
Directed by Mario Biagini together with Thomas Gasser, Agnieszka Kazimierska, Pauline Laulhe, Eduardo Landim, Felicita Marcelli, Daniel Mattar, Jorge Romero Mora, Graziele Sena Da Silva, and members of the Citizens' Choir.

All events are free. The seminar and the sung meeting are free entry, just show up. Reservation is recommended for Hidden Words and Katie Stories.
For information and reservations:

Thursday, October 18th - Free singing seminar: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Friday, October 19th - The Hidden Sayings: 9.00pm
Saturday, October 20th - Free Seminar: 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Saturday, October 20th - Katie's Tales: 9.00pm
Sunday, October 21st - Seated meeting: 5.00pm

Former Grand Ducal Stables
Piazzale delle Cascine 4/5/7

Photo by Filippo Manzini.

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