Above the roofs of Florence. Aperitif with art

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Address: Piazzale dell'Indiano, 1 , Florence

Date: Friday 05 July 2019


7 guided tours to discover the artistic and architectural treasures of Tuscany, organized by Cooperativa Archeologia

"Above the roofs of Florence. Aperitif with Art "

opens July appointments with Enjoy Firenze®

Departure Friday 5 July at the Palazzina dell'Indiano

In the program of the month: a visit to the new exhibition of the Ancient Ships of Pisa, a visit to the Uffizi at sunset, an itinerary on the Renaioli boats and an unprecedented walk through the streets of Florence to learn about the most important female monasteries in the city .

It will be “Above the roofs of Florence. Aperitif with art ", which combines history and art from new points of view that range 360 degrees across the city skyline, to open the July events signed " Enjoy Firenze® ", the program of guided tours to discover the treasures artistic and architectural of Florence and Tuscany in the company of experts and archaeologists edited by Cooperativa Archeologia (complete program on www.enjoyfirenze.it , admission fee for visits, reservations required at 055-5520407 and turismo@archeologia.it) . The project is included in the Estate Fiorentina 2019 calendar.

" Above the roofs of Florence. Aperitif with art "is the proposal of cultural tourism of Cooperativa Archeologia for the series of visits from the most beautiful terraces of the city, to discover its history and art from an unprecedented point of view that spans 360 degrees on the city skyline. For once, only the eyes will travel: comfortably seated, sipping an aperitif, visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of the view, accompanied by the story of our archaeologists and our specialized tourist guides . In the historical center or off-center, the locations have been chosen for their value and for the point of view offered on the city, around which to build a narrative.

It starts Friday, July 5 at the Palazzina dell'Indiano , to rediscover this recovered space and returned to the city only recently. A place located at the confluence of two rivers, which unites in itself an exotic past, but also a new and creative future. With Enjoy you can listen to its long and fascinating history while enjoying an aperitif, comfortably seated on its magnificent terrace. It continues Wednesday 10 with another spectacular view: the one that can be enjoyed from the Caffè del Verone, located in the large loggia overlooking the city, in Piazza Santissima Annunziata. The balcony, today a terrace from which to admire Florence from a fantastic perspective, was used in the nineteenth century as a "large living room for nurses, suckling and weaned babies" and an ancient drying rack of the Istituto degli Innocenti where it was stretched to dry linen. During the aperitif, you will come face to face with the long history of Europe's first orphanage, which has remained faithful to its origins for almost six centuries. The events will continue in September with the Impact Hub terrace , via Panciatichi, 16 (12 September) and the terrace of the Biblioteca delle Oblate , via dell'Oriuolo, 24 (19 September).

Among the innovations on the calendar is a guided tour of the new and extraordinary exhibition of the Ancient Ships of Pisa , set up at the Arsenali Medicei, where thanks to the work the archaeologists of Cooperativa Archeologia, who dug for almost twenty years, will be able to admire boats from the Roman era found again with their cargo on board and well preserved. A window on sea life through the centuries, made up of businesses, shipwrecks, men and travel. The guided tour will be an opportunity to learn about this unique museum, conceived as a place for storytelling, where visitors can listen, participate and experience the stories that objects are able to tell (scheduled for Sunday 14 and 28 July, 6.00 pm).

Tuesday 16 , a great classic is renewed: the evening visit to the Uffizi Gallery and to the new rooms dedicated to painting of the sixteenth century. The Museum, in perpetual evolution, which preserves the major works of the greatest artists from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from Cimabue and Giotto to Botticelli, Leonardo and Michelangelo, has in fact been enriched with 14 new rooms. The protagonists of the new wing will be the Tuscan and Venetian painters of the Counter-Reformation, with the works of Tintoretto and Veronese, the masterpieces of Giorgione and Tiziano, with an entire room dedicated to the very delicate Venus of Urbino.

On Thursday 18, a suggestive route on the original Renaioli boats, in the monumental stretch of the Arno running from Ponte alle Grazie to Ponte S. Trinita, to discover Florence from another point of view . Seeing the monumental city and its ancient buildings from the river, told by the archaeologist on board, will be an opportunity to get to know the city from a completely new perspective, to discover incredible places, visible only from the water, and unexpected stories linked to the river.

Among the proposals on Wednesday 24th " Dalle Murate alle Oblate" , an unprecedented walk through the streets of Florence to learn about the most important female monasteries and some religious figures who have made an important contribution to the history of the city. To close the events of the month, Tuesday 30 a night tour in the historic city center entitled "Born in the shadow of 'Cupolone" , an itinerary designed for Florentines, but not only, to discover anecdotes and curiosities of the city of the past, often unknown to the Florentines themselves.

For more information www.enjoyfirenze.it . Admission fee for visits, reservations required at 055-5520407 and at turismo@archeologia.it


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