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Address: Via S. Caterina d’Alessandria 15 , Florence

Date: Saturday 22 June 2019


Saturday 22 June 2019, at 7.00 pm

Awarding of the Winners of the Premium International Florence Seven Stars
Edition 2019

GRAN TERRAZZA BELVEDERE, PLUS FLORENCE Palace, Via S. Caterina d'Alessandria 15


The award ceremony will take place during the Grand Florentine Summer Concert held by talented professionals of the Florentine Academy of Music Area in Florence on the Plus Belvedere "Belvedere". The Prize, sure boast of the City of Florence, with its internationality, lives cultured, targeted, professional destinations, goes to the best figures of the Arts, Culture and Science, to innovative companies, to that made in Italy with such significant generation positive effects in the social, cultural, environmental and productive areas. So it is the assignment of the Premium International Florence Seven Stars to credit its value, and to be worthy of witness.
The international jury, composed of seven international jurors and presided over by the illustrious Modern and Contemporary Art Historian, Prof. Carlo Franza, a well-known intellectual, through several sessions of work also proceeded to win the winners this year.

Premium International Florence Seven Stars - Absolute Grand Prix RICCARDO GUARNERI
Essay Prize ANTONIO MORABITO Minister Plenipotentiary
Artist of the Year BRUNO MANGIATERRA
ANDY CEAUSU Critics Award
LAURA STRINGINI Exhibition Award
HAPPY ANDREA Painting Award
GIANNI BUCHER Sculpture Award
Art of Taste International RAFFAELE CAZZETTA-Olive growers since 1899 / Masseria Altipareti-PALMARIGGI- (LE)
Entrepreneurship OLIOVE - SCIROCCO Srl - MENFI (AG)
Management in Food & Beverage Seven Stars Italy MATTEO DAVENIA - THE BOUTIQUE DEL GUSTO - MILAN
Management in Food & Beverage Seven Stars International VALERIO PEPE - PLUS PRAGUE - PRAGUE
Ambassador of Taste GB ITALIA srl - DIEGO LO SARDO - Canicattì (AG)
Ambassador of Art EUGENIA SERAFINI
Ambassador of Social Marketing Strategies ALESSANDRA GEIGER - PLUS FLORENCE

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Prof. Carlo Franza, Art Historian and Critic of the newspaper "IL GIORNALE" founded by Indro Montanelli

Via Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, 15 - 50136 Florence - tel. + 39 0554628934

From 22 June 2019 to 19 June 2020

Saturday 22 June 2019, 6.00 pm

Francesco Franza

In a space where the “Scenari” project is already housed, in Florence, the exhibition “LA LUNA DI LEOPARDI” is hosted with installations by the artists Tiziana Coccia, Loi di Campi, Eugenia Serafini, Marisa Settembrini, Raffaele Scaglione and Laura Stringini. The exhibition was born in conjunction with Leopardi's year, as this year we celebrate the 200 years of L'Infinito, the famous idyll of the poet of Recanati. The exhibition, conceived and curated by the illustrious Historian of Modern and Contemporary Art, Prof. Carlo Franza, an international figure, is a sort of thermometer of the spectacularity and historicity of new art, of an art that becomes a vehicle of new ideas sculpted in Western culture, of an art capable of regenerating worlds and men, and it also becomes a compass in a sea of propositions of culture and international arts.

Carlo Franza writes in the text: “The occasion of this exhibition-installation entitled“ Leopardi's Moon ”which is a choral installation by several artists (Tiziana Coccia, Campi Loi, Raffaele Scaglione, Eugenia Serafini, Marisa Settembrini and Laura Stringini ) which coincides with the Leopardian year, which is 2019, as the 200 years of the Infinite of the Recanatese Poet occur, samples a sensitive and doctrinal imaginary. The moon and the entire starry universe have always fascinated writers, poets, artists, who have exemplified their visibility. And just a star map is perhaps the absolute oldest representation of a night sky, or rather that artifact known as the Disk of Nebra, found in Germany fifteen years ago and dating back to 1,600 BC Beyond the astronomical meaning, recently deciphered, is however, to admire the artistic quality of the piece, consisting of a bronze plate 32 cm in diameter with gold leaf applications. It is dear to me to remember that at the end of the fifteenth century here is another starry sky on the vault of a chapel; but the news is that of his disappearance, namely the fresco by Piermatteo d'Amelia that covered the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel before Michelangelo's intervention, that is to say before the "Last Judgment". Skies and moon flooded and appeared in numerous masterpieces through the ages. The poet Giacomo Leopardi often turned to the Moon in his lyrics; "Sweet and clear is the night and without wind, / and queta over the roofs and in the middle of the vegetable gardens / lays the Moon, and from distant reveals / serene every mountain (From" The evening of the feast day "); "What are you doing, moon, in the sky? tell me, what are you doing, / Silent moon? / Arise in the evening, and go, / Contemplating the deserts; then you posi./ You are not yet you pay / To go back to the eternal calli? / Do you still not shy away, you are still vague / Looking for these valleys? ("Night song of an errant shepherd of Asia"), and finally dedicating a whole poem to her: "O pretty moon, I remember / That, now turns the year, over this neck / I am full of anguish to look at you: / And you hung on that forest / As you do, that all light it (from "To the moon") And in contemporary times, here is 1968.

Its title is "Luna", in the "Theater of Exhibitions", the review deata by Plinio de Martiis, at the Galleria La Tartaruga in Rome; here Fabio Mauri reconstructs a lunar space, preceding the Apollo 11 moon landing by six months. The event of the Recanatii celebrations and of the Marche Region for Leopardi, occasioned this Florentine exhibition with a series of artists who exemplary their work, from monochrome to the abstract and with the look to the moon and therefore ready to awaken everyday life, the alternation of day and night; because imagination is what is natural, and imagination is nature, vision, life ".


Other events on Saturday 22 June :

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