Florence Folks Festival - Tuscany Edition

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Address: Via Pantin , Scandicci

Date: Saturday 01 August 2020


Florence Folks Festival - Tuscany Edition

30-31 July 1-2 August Parco dell'Acciaiolo Scandicci

One of the last cursed of the Italian song: Saturday 1 August Bobo Rondelli at the Florence Folks Festival. Opening Master Pellegrini.
Excellent public participation in the inaugural evening with almost 1000 people, over 300 those who participated in the Giovanni Truppi concert. Great success also for the other initiatives of the Festival (meetings with independent bookstores, laboratories, market and food area).

In this “Tuscan” edition of the Festival, Bobo Rondelli from Livorno could not be missing, one of the last cursed of Italian song and poetry. Saturday 1 August will be a show designed specifically for this summer of returning to simple things and will also see the composer Claudio Laucci on stage. Perfect interpreter of the mocking, melancholic spirit, proud of his Livorno, founded, as he loves to tell, "by thieves, prostitutes and political prisoners", Rondelli wrote and continues to write about difficult loves, tragicomic stories, poignant feelings and existential dramas, but above all, it continues to make the stage its true habitat, mixing, as an unsuspected performer, coarse comedy and subtle provocation, poetic suggestions and ballads that know how to touch the soul. Maestro Pellegrini concert opens: musician and multi-instrumentalist, he currently plays on a permanent basis with the Zen Circus. On the stage of the Acciaiolo he brings a live of unpublished songs of his Songs That Don't Exist tour, for the moment listenable only live (free entrance to the Festival area, for a fee in the concert area - presale on scandicciopencity.ticka.it - opening festival area at 7 pm - shows start at 9.30 pm).
In closing, after the Rondelli concert, a female DJ set with Michelle Davis (in the Festival area with free admission).

Collateral events and initiatives
The rainbow of sounds - musical workshops for children

The Parco dell'Acciaiolo, in the days of the Festival, is also available to children with a laboratory to play to discover the music with the body. A playful path through rhythm, notes, colors and instruments. In fact, it will be possible to try over 20 musical instruments; songs will be taught and noises invented, games will be offered to improve the sense of rhythm. A workshop designed for younger children who come with their parents to the festival. The rainbow of sounds is curated by Lorenzo Ugolini, musician, propaedeutics and piano teacher at the Music School of Settignano (every day at 19:30 - free admission without reservation).

Liindi - independent bookstores at the Florence Folks Festival

Every evening with Liindi 3 independent bookstores tell each other and recommend a book. The booksellers will narrate their profession, history, the peculiarities of their libraries and the cultural activity they carry out in the neighborhood and on the territory. A group vision of small cultural ecosystems.
Each of them will recommend reading a book, one and only one, of all those on their shelves. A book for this strange summer, a book that makes us travel while standing still, that takes us far without having to cross borders (beginning at 8.15 pm - free admission without reservation).
The talks will be presented by Lisa Innocenti, Impact Hub Florence Event Manager and Daniela Dello Russo (Eda Servizi), librarian and art DJ Coqò djette. Among the guest bookstores on Saturday 1 August: On The Road Library, Farollo and Falpalà and Alzaia.

Florida library
On the tables full of novels of all kinds and for all tastes of the Florida Library, coveted atmospheres are sold, worlds in which to travel, situations and lives in which to identify oneself. Booksellers Elisa and Alessandro are excellent companions to explore this world of paper among lively shelves full of books for children, teenagers and adults of all ages.

Marabuk library
The Marabuk bookstore was founded in 2015 by the Resistant Materials cooperative following the closure of the Edison bookstore, once in Piazza della Repubblica. Some of the booksellers who worked there decided to continue doing their work independently and opened an intimate space with a wide selection of books for both adults and children.

Alzaia library
The Alzaia Library consists of 80 square meters and 7 thousand titles and is inserted in the spaces of the Stensen Auditorium in viale Don Minzoni. Auditorium, cafeteria and bookshop, create a multicultural and multipurpose place where cinema and books dialogue through thematic meetings and conferences.

Food Area

Inevitable - as in every edition of the FFF - an area entirely dedicated to food. Also this year there will be the Violetta eggplant which to keep the "folks" spirit becomes the protagonist of the PicNic Concert. Thanks to the collaboration with Passaguai Food and Wine of Borgo San Lorenzo, every evening a special aubergine menu can be tasted in the Festival Area (it is recommended to bring comfortable blankets), or even in the Concert Area. On the menu, eggplant burgers, delicious eggplant parmesan croquettes and other surprises.
All the proposals are born from the collaboration with realities of the Tuscan territory: the meat of the CAF (Agricultural Cooperative of Firenzuola), the sandwiches of the Forno Conti, the pasta of the Pastificio La Fiorita and the local and seasonal vegetables. Special cocktails will be presented, including the one based on local Vermouth, produced by a young Mugello company.
In addition to the Beer Corner curated by BUH! Circolo Culturale Urbano will not miss the historic Sammontana cart with a selection of Sammontana ice creams chosen for the occasion. To the area dedicated to food is added this year Bucolica, the Agricultural Cultural Circle of Lastra a Signa is in fact moved on a permanent basis to the Florence Folks Festival in a peasant street food mode. Among his proposals: crushed ancient grains cooked in a wood, Florentine aubergines, wild herbs, pies, biscuits and arno water (the laurel and olive liqueur). Bucolica will also offer two mini-workshops for the little ones: "The mill and the ancient grains" and "The bees and the didactic hive" (every evening at 19:30 - free admission without reservation).
At the Florence Folks Festival, water is supplied by WAMI Water With a Mission, a mineral water brand that has the mission of guaranteeing everyone the right to drinkable water. Those who buy WAMI with each bottle donate 100 liters of drinking water to those who do not have access to it, helping to finance the realization of water projects. All WAMI plastic bottles are 100% recyclable and produced with 50% second life plastic.

Market Area - Creative Factory

A project by the Heyart Association, born in Florence in 2015 and created in various unusual locations. A self made market aimed at promoting creativity and youth enterprise. On display creative and artisan tailors, material jewels, ideas for children and for the home, illustration and much more. The goal of the "Factory" is to give visibility to the new Italian creativity through an appointment in which the craftsmen involved can exhibit their products and reach a vast and heterogeneous public, not composed exclusively of professionals, promoting, in an innovative way the "handmade culture" is fun. Self-production, uniqueness and research. These are the characteristics of the artisan productions chosen for the Creative Factory and characterized by unusual products of the highest quality, which have a story to tell, made entirely by hand but accessible to all.
Among the exhibitors of this FFF edition: Studionat, Maida Cladana Gioielli, The Walnut Shop, The Atlas of Buttons, Bebe Timeless Clothes, Livia riccirdiello Creations, Ginevra Gemmi Gioielli, L'ideista, Tessile63, Lunula Creazioni, Ttiche clothing, The glass garden, Anna Paints, Miss Cheri, NoiNoe, Nimani, Tratatart and Cantidipinti.

For information, tickets, timetables and programming www.scandicciopencity.it https://scandicciopencity.ticka.it www.florencefolksfestival.it

The Festival is supported by Scandicci Open City 2020 of the Municipality of Scandicci. Main sponsor: Sammontana Partner: Heyart Association, Impact Hub Florence, BUH Urban cultural club, Bucolica - Agricultural Cultural Club, Food and Wine Passagai of Borgo San Lorenzo, Alfani Library, Cometa Library, LibLab Library, On the Road Library, Farollo Library and Falpalà, Alzaia Library, LeggerMente Library, Florida Library, Marabuk Library, CentroLibro Library, Mucho Moyo Library, Salvemini Library, WAMI Water with a mission.

Tramvia stop: Resistance Recommended parking Via Pantin / Via Rialdoli (Scandicci).
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