13 / mo Cirk Fantastik

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Address: Via delle Cascine , Florence

Date: Sunday 23 September 2018


The festival hosts the best international contemporary circus companies and will be held from 13 to 23 September

13 / mo Cirk Fantastik: at the Cascine Park in Florence 11 days of shows in 3 different Chapiteau, over 60 performances and 25 companies from all over the world. Among the novelties also a work in progress realized in collaboration between El Grito and Wu Ming 2.

The festival will be introduced by some "Fantastik Previews" in the squares of the Florentine suburbs, scheduled for 2.10, 11 and 12 September and created in collaboration with Circo Teatro Viaggiante

Performances, Work in progress, previews, meetings between contemporary circus and literature. And then again, music, theater and training activities. It is the thirteenth edition of Cirk Fantastik, the contemporary circus festival that every year brings a world to discover to the Parco delle Cascine di Firenze.

The Festival is realized by Aria network cultural and is supported by the Florence Summer 2018 of the City of Florence. Enjoy the contribution of MIBACT, Fondazione CR Firenze and Publiacqua, is recognized by Europe For Festival - EFFE and is sponsored by the Municipality of Florence and the Tuscany Region.

Among the novelties of this 13th edition held from 13 to 23 September, stands Calamita Uomo (19 September), a co-production of Circo El Grito and Associazione Sosta Palmizi . A multidisciplinary "work in progress" that focuses on the study of the body, the true protagonist of the scene with its efforts and its tensions. A complex dramaturgy that unites an additional art form to the circus and dance: literature.

Calamite man, in fact, tells the story of Raul, a furious circus who, at the end of the second world war, lives in a circus, spending his days in solitude, dancing freely on the track, flying gallop on his imaginary horse and trying to play what remains of the instruments of the band that accompanied his numbers. The story of the calamite man and of his last clandestine show is not told only through the body and the images, but also from a narrating voice, that of Wu Ming 2.
To seal the connection between contemporary circus and literature also an introductory moment to the show (18 September) with Giacomo Costantini, founder of the company El Grito and creator of the Calamita Man project together with Wu Ming 2. The meeting, organized in collaboration with Winbledon cultural association and with the project La Città dei Lettori, will be moderated by Gabriele Ametrano and will investigate the new languages ​​of the contemporary circus.

Among the previews Quasar (22-23 September), show of the French company Système 47 that invites the public to immerse themselves in a magical aquarium where two characters redefine the rules of time and space building the most ephemeral of the possible architectures: a castle of cards. The two artists on stage, Alexandre Ganivenc and Walid El Yafi, captains of their own ship, embark on the public in a surreal epic leading him within a dreamlike dimension in a state of permanent tension linked to the risk of the manipulation of objects. Quasar, without the aid of the word, succeeds in shaping the fragility and precariousness of the present and the poetics linked to the inevitability of the fall by building and destroying castles in a visual theater mixing, manipulation of objects, magical effects, unusual humor, ultra-dynamic moments alternated with still images in an atmosphere and a simple and refined setting.

Among other shows of the company El Grito , owner of one of the three Chapiteau that will be present at this edition of the festival, deserves a mention apart from Spectacular Conference (23 September); show poised between philosophical speculation on the concept of "contemporary circus", exhibition of a juggler, a dancer and a musician in a small workshop of beat box and body percussion.
Still of the same company are Scratch and Stretch (14-15-16 September); a sensory experience in which to get lost in a symphonic composition of acrobatics, juggling and touching music, and Johann Sebastian Circus (20-21-22 September); where we find on stage the delicate delirium of a reckless aerial acrobat, a balancing clown and a multi-instrumental musician.
The award-winning company My! Laika is protagonist on stage with Laerte (14-15-16-21-22-23 September): an "adventure" that challenges the usual mechanism of creation and production of the show.
Laerte is created directly on stage and inside his space advances with his spectators towards his changeable form. While the ships with their loads of men and things defy the sea, mirages, storms and whales stir the nights of some people in a port. In the expectation that is created to set sail, dreams and nightmares like harpoons pierce their thoughts that are transformed into jumps, feats, perilous games to deceive the time. Laerte pays homage to the sea, to its majestic waves that decide which destinies to ruin.

Closes this first roundup of anticipations Kaleidoscope - The history of your dreams (September 18), a show that is the result of the project Le Vie del Circo | Kaleidoscope supported by Mibact in the framework of the MigrArti Entertainment 2018 competition: a path of artistic work conducted by Natalia Bavar, Daniele Favilli, Francesco Gherardi and Tommaso Negri.
A show created in a collective and multidisciplinary form, whose direction has been entrusted to Giacomo Costantini (El Grito), whose purpose is to give a reading of the present through the meeting of people linked to cultures that are very distant from each other. Cultures that come from Africa, from the Middle East, from South America, for a total of 17 countries that meet on the stage, as in a crossroads of experiences, find in the circus, in the theater and in music instruments to express their differences, without prejudices. Thanks to the multifaceted language of the arts of the scene the current problems concerning the hot topic of migration can be enjoyed by an intergenerational and varied audience. Because every person is seen as a person and not as a number or a category. Kaleidoscope - The History of your dreams is an opportunity to tell each subjectivity, with its dreams, traumas and hopes of young boys and girls who like everyone want to be realized in their lives.

On all days of the festival before and after the shows, concerts, workshops for children and hat shows will be available for free, to get closer, experience and enjoy the atmosphere and the stimuli of the contemporary circus.

The review will be introduced by some "Fantastik previews" in the squares of the Florentine suburbs scheduled for the 2nd, 10th, 11th and 12th of September at the Parco dell'Anconella, in Piazza dell'Isolotto and the Giardino dell'Orticoltura and realized in collaboration with Circo Traveling Theater: a contemporary version of the circus of other times. Energy, juggling, mime, balancing, dance, theater and music. In the square where there was nothing there until a moment, suddenly appear a Dutch three-wheeled bike, monocycles of different sizes and five characters with bright clothes: The Mirabella Family.

Cirk Fantastik! has managed to impose itself since 2010 as one of the most important Italian events of contemporary circus making its way to Florence within an incredible amount of cultural proposals of the Florentine Summer, going beyond the stereotype associated with the word circus in artistic and cultural environments, earning the recognition of the public, the media and the critics of the sector for the quality and avant-garde of the artistic proposals. Cirk Fantastik! and with this Florence they became for the end of the summer a European hub and a meeting point for important companies coming from the best international festivals.

Ticket office and reservations

Tickets from 6 to 15 €
Available online on the Box Office circuit or at the Festival ticket office.
Reduced: Members Arci, Uisp, students, circus-dance-theater-art schools, Controradio, over 65
Reservations: From 2 pm the Cirk's cash desk is open to the park. Tickets booked must be picked up within 50 minutes before the show.

Info / reservations / program / timetable: 380 3585691/349 1723770/333 7395259
info@cirkfantastik.com - www.cirkfantastik.com


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