15 / mo Cirk Fantastik! At the Cascine Park a universe of expressions

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Address: Via delle Cascine , Florence

Date: Thursday 19 September 2019


The festival hosts the best international contemporary circus companies and will be held from 12 to 22 September

15 / mo Cirk Fantastik! At the Cascine Park a universe of expressions

11 days of shows, over 40 replicas, two Chapiteau and a Ambulatory Theater: the Theater in the Leaves, CircoKrom, Samovar. Contemporary circus, classical and aerial dance, literature, shadow theater, funambulism, music and clowning

Artists and companies from all over the world give life to Cirk Fantastik! the contemporary circus festival that also this year returns to the Cascine Park in Florence (Piazzale del Re) with 11 days of shows in which circus arts merge with classical and contemporary dance, literature, music, mime and aerial acrobatics. Thanks to the universal language of body and music, from 12 to 22 September artists and the public will fluctuate like in Acquarius , the theme of this XV edition, including shows, meetings and previews dedicated to adults and children.

Cirk Fantastik is realized by Aria cultural network and is supported by the Estate Fiorentina 2019 of the Municipality of Florence. It enjoys the contribution of the MIBAC, of the CR Firenze Foundation, is recognized by Europe For Festival - EFFE and is sponsored by the Municipality of Florence and the Tuscany Region.

40 replicas will be staged in the Chapiteau CircoKrom and in the new spaces of this 15th edition: like the Theater in the Leaves inaugurated by the show Ballata d'Autunno (12 and 18 September), a work that unites the theater of shadows and the disciplines of 'circus art, and the Ambulante Theater of the company Samovar, a magic box that when opened becomes a fully equipped theater hall.

Many are the novelties of this edition including the book space by the Cuccumeo bookshop, the Nuovo Cinema Circo , with a film show by Raffaele de Ritis and the High Education seminars dedicated to adults between percussion lessons and Chinese pole. The open area of the park will host the many interactive spaces and circus workshops for children; the readings; theatrical performances and concerts of afro bit, balkan, cumbia, funky with national and international guests; the Mercato degli Artigiani and the new refreshment area.

The aforementioned shadow theater, mime, aerial acrobatics, dance and clowning open the festival (12 and 18 September) with the multidisciplinary work Ballata d'Autunno by the company Theater in Leaves staged in the eponymous Chapiteau . A modern fable in which the strength of the circus is mixed with the poetry and improvisation of street theater, conveyed by the universal language of the body, the gaze and the shadows. "Where do the memories we forget end up going to? Is there a box where they are enclosed, waiting for the right moment to come back to mind? And who decides when is the right time? ".

Space for aerial acrobatics and the theater-circus with Immaginaria (14 September), to travel inside the imagination and learn to dance with one's dreams. Dragging a giant trunk, appears Maldimar, a character poised between cartoon and street child, who brings the viewer back to the wonder of the little ones, between humor, poetry and improvisation.

The Chapiteau Theater in the Leaves hosts the Calamita Man, a show that combines literature, circus art and live music, interpreted by Giacomo Costantini of the El Grito company, Fabrizio "Cloyne" Baioni and Wu Ming 2 (replaced by the actor Daniele Favilli ). The artists stage (13-14-15 September) the end of the work in progress prepared in the last edition and which will be presented as a national preview in Rome in December. Man Magnet is the story of Raul, a furious circus who spends his days among the fascists and the resistance on one side and solitude on the other during the Second World War. To pass the time he dances freely on the track, he gallops on his imaginary horse and tries to play what remains of the instruments of the band that accompanied his numbers. Raul is an absurd superhero who fights the absurdity of fascism with his useless powers.

Elena Fresch and Mattero Mazzei of the Nanirossi company present two shows in the Theater in the Leaves, Nannirossi Show and Sogni in canned - show for the children's theater, with which they won the national competition In Transito (Genoa 2015). If with Nannirossi Show (14 and 15 September) we discover an acrobatic and juggling virtuosity performed with ease, lightness and an infallible and elegant comic spirit, in Dreams in the boxes (21 and 22 September) we find ourselves in a scenario child of the consumerist revolution of disposable. In a world made of cardboard, boxes and packaging, two small and funny characters are accomplices of enormous-looking creations, because like for them also in the eyes of children everything is giant and oversized. And it is with this look that the two artists will be able to imagine incredible realities, transporting the audience on a fun, surreal journey.

One of the great innovations of this edition is Nuovo Cinema Circo (September 17th), a film show curated by the director Raffaele de Ritis , one of the most prestigious circus historians in the world with a historical archive of very rare films that for this occasion has linked together in a narrative to the discovery of incredible artists, vanished numbers and behind the scenes of a heroic world. De Ritis takes us, in a journey through time, to cinemas when newsreels, short films and documentaries tell us about the circus universe.

New histories, new dreams
is the second episode of Kaleidoscope (19 September) in which fifteen boys from as many countries of the world stage their journey and their dreams. With the language of entertainment they tell their stories to break down those walls built by others and that are not part of their dreams. A show on migration issues that moves, ironizes, undermines and offers fresh points of view to the public. A project realized by Albatros 1973, Aria Network Culturale and Fosca. Winner of the No Excluded Call, promoted and supported by the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation and the Il Cuore Foundation is dissolved under the Patronage of the Municipality of Florence.

Complicated, sexy, and brazenly imaginative, the show Tangram (20, 21 and 22 September) by Sing & Casadio redraws the boundaries between dance, new circus and physical theater. On stage the dancer Cristiana Casadio and the world-class circus artist Stefan Sing tell a story of love, disdain and power, the struggle of man between attraction and repulsion, in a profound non-verbal exchange, with much humor and a job masterful physicist.

Music in the park

Nine musical groups from around the world perform in the open area bringing with them the traditional music of their country. To open the festival is Gran Varietà (12 September) the concert of I ragazzi di Casabiondo which, in addition to the musical and singing repertoire, include techniques of mime, narration, psychedelic juggling and demented tightrope walk. Continue on the notes of the Balkan Tir (September 13th), a vehicle loaded with 7 musicians who are furious, lovers of Eastern European rhythms, and end up on the Andes with reflections of Africa, jazz and Argentina milonga with a warm and deep voice by Carlos Forero y Cumbia (September 14).
A musical reading is dedicated to Violeta Parra I am Violeta Cuorcontento . The show, combining the writing and music of Violeta with the story of Ana María del Río, strengthens and amplifies the identity picture of one of the most energetic and vital female figures of the twentieth century (15 September).

The circus gives the tango home and the tango meets the circus with Circus Tango - Milonga Extra_Vagante! (September 16th), a dance evening under the awning of the Teatro delle Foglie on the waves of nomadism and artistic research.

Cumbia music with tropical fusion and buena onda rhythms returns with the POPS concert ! (September 19th) that takes us from the streets of Bogotá to the tropical south American beaches, without having to take the plane. From South America to Africa with Brahima Dembelè from Burkina Faso who leads the Malibra Trio & guests (September 20th) with the dance of Alain Nahi and Liron Meyuhas on percussion. The musical origin draws from the African rhythmic and melodic baggage that meets with reggae, jazz and rap. Even traditional instruments like djembe, balafon and kora mix with keyboards, guitar and piano.

The Etrurians (September 21), a group of more than ten elements that draws inspiration from the vintage sound of the Jamaican Rock-Steady of Studio One and Troyan Records, extends over a Soul & Funky repertoire in search of engaging and Cover little known.

OUTSIDE THE CENTER - Cirk Fantastik previews!

Also this year the Cirk Fantastik Festival will be introduced by three itinerant shows in the parks of the Neighborhoods. After the show on Friday 6th September, Villa Vogel (District 4), where Alessandro De Luca (Five Quartet Trio) presents Giornata Storta , the second appointment is with Fra Martò and his OuT of the Blue to be held in the Coop de Le Piagge Monday 9 September (District 5). The show tells of a nice 50s housewife who tries to keep everything clean and tidy, but with little success.
Finally on Tuesday 10 September at the Parco dell'Anconella (District 3) and Wednesday 11 September at the Utopia Cultural Park (District 2) the double replica of the show Manicomio di Brillo tightrope walker : 35 minutes of pathos, involvement and comedy on a tight wire.


The food space is extended with the new chiringuito bar of Drive Queen Bar , the artisan market and snacks, aperitifs and dinners organized by Zenzero in Zonzo, La Pentolina, Pizzeria Pirata, Mangirando Crepes.

Info and reservations on ticket and pass purchase:

info@cirkfantastik.com Tel. 389 182 4669 (from 10.00 to 20.00)
The whole program on: www.cirkfantastik.com

An Aria Network Cultural project
With the support of Mibac, Municipality of Florence - Fiorentina Estate 2019, CR Firenze Foundation, Unicoop Florence
With the patronage of Regione Toscana - Recognized by Europe for Festival EFFE
Media Partner: Juggling Magazine, Controradio

Ticket office and reservations

Ticket from 6 to 15 €
Available online on the Box Office circuit or at the Festival ticket office.
Reduced: Arci members, students, circus schools, Controradio, over 65, Coop members, groups of 10 people.
Children from 4 to 12 years: € 6
Children up to 3 years: free
Reservations: From 2pm the Cirk box office is open to the park. Tickets booked must be picked up within 30 minutes before the show starts.
Info and reservations on ticket and pass purchase:
info@cirkfantastik.com Tel. 389 182 4669 (from 10.00 to 20.00)
In case of rain the concerts will be held in the Chapiteau, with free admission


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