'Volare - Festival of flight'

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Address: Via delle Cascine , Florence

Date: Saturday 14 May 2022


In Florence 'Volare - Festival del volo': three days to touch the sky with a finger

From the myth of Icarus to Leonardo da Vinci, from Jules Verne to the Frecce Tricolori. Hovering in the air is a desire inherent in mankind, since the dawn of time. To all those who want to touch the sky with a finger, with their imagination and more, is dedicated "Volare", the first festival of flying in Florence scheduled from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 May at the Ultravox Firenze summer space, at the Prato of the Cornacchie at the Cascine Park.

Three days of flights, hot air balloons, kites, model aircraft, Leonardo's intuitions, meetings with pilots, shows on the theme of flight, photographic exhibitions. All with free admission, with entertainment and a dedicated area for children, live music and quality catering.

"Volare - Festival del volo" is organized by LNDF and Toscana Aeroporti SpA, with the contribution of the CR Firenze Foundation, in collaboration with ISMA - Institute of Military Aeronautical Sciences, Aeroclub Firenze, Museo Leonardiano, as part of the Florentine Summer 2022 of Municipality of Florence.

Many activities scheduled during the three days.

At "Volare - Festival del volo" - which will open on Friday 13 May at 17, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 at 10 - it will be possible to board three hot air balloons for restricted flights (from 18.30 to 22), visit the exhibition of the "spotters" with magnificent photos of airplanes and their flights, visit the Museum and the complex of the Institute of Military Aeronautical Sciences by appointment. And again, it will be possible to build and fly kites, see in flight and make model airplanes, try simulated flight, participate in the workshops of the Leonardiano Museum, fly over the city of Florence aboard the planes of Aeroclub Firenze (by reservation), meet pilots, enjoy the delights of Gourmet Ultravox Food. Or fly by simply spreading your arms and running.

'' We supported this event - declares the President of Fondazione CR Firenze Luigi Salvadori - because, after two years of isolation, it is a new and pleasant opportunity to meet and socialize and set some initiatives expressly for children and families. Furthermore, it animates a beautiful place that should be even more appreciated and known, which is the Prato delle Cornacchie delle Cascine. I also hope that it can contribute to raising public awareness not only on the beauty of flying but also on the importance of having a stopover suited to the prestige and new needs of a city like Florence ''.

"Flight has always been the great aspiration of mankind and in Florence there has always been a great culture of flying - explains Eugenio Giani, President of the Tuscany Region -. Just think that the first person who manages to create the conditions to fly is just a Tuscan: Leonardo da Vinci. His assistant who physically went into the object invented by him, which then collapsed, is Zoroastro da Peretola. In reality it is testified in San Domenico that the flight was a couple of kilometers. door to the airport is still entitled, not surprisingly, to Giovanni Luder. And in Peretola on June 5, 1931, the airport called Cipresso del Nistro was inaugurated, a place where all the toponymy around which refers to the theme has grown of flight ".

"An opportunity to discover and experience Florence from an unusual and fascinating perspective, or rather from above, thanks to an important network of realities united by one of the greatest human challenges, that of flight - explains the councilor for tourism Cecilia Del Re -. A narrative that we have already followed with the mapping and promotion of the city's panoramic terraces, which have become part of the Feel Florence project, and which also renews the collaboration with Vinci, with a view to joint promotion with the municipalities of the tourism sector we are on. working. A way also to bring new opportunities for aggregation and liveability to the Cascine park with the UltraVox events, one of the strong points of the Florentine summer ".

“I can only reiterate (everyone will say so) that after two years of closure the desire to regain freedom can only be expressed through the dream of flying - says Roberto Naldi, CEO of Toscana Aeroporti -. We are very happy to have contributed to the realization of this event. Not only because, we are sure, it will be a lot of fun and the word fun is the most suitable one. The program speaks for itself, beautiful initiatives, interesting, engaging, suitable for families, children. Personally, I suggest the flight over the city on the planes of our friends from the Aeroclub, a unique experience. But there is a question that I would like to underline: this event is the fruit of the contribution of many subjects. Some of the local excellences have been involved and have "made a system". And this, which is in our DNA of Toscana Aeroporti, is an added value. When we work together this territory is able to express the maximum ".

"More than 500 years have passed since Leonardo's studies on flying machines - says the deputy mayor of Vinci with responsibility for Culture, Sara Iallorenzi - but his search for another world and another way of living existence is always current . And it is nice that, over 500 years later, Leonardo's work continues to attract enthusiasts and onlookers as we have seen in recent days at the Leonardo Museum in Vinci ”.

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