Reality Bites Festival at Soup Festival 2018

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Address: Piazza 23 agosto , Florence

Date: Thursday 12 July 2018


Reality Bites Festival at
Soup Festival 2018

From Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 and from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 July 2018
Piazza 23 August - Massarella - Fucecchio - Florence
free admission



free entry + Dj set + Tuscan cuisine + brewery

dinner from 20 hours, concerts at 21.30

What are the enlightened rappers Willie Peyote and the former pop / dance queen Alexia doing together? The masked singer Myss Keta and the libidinous Jerry Calà? They all go to the Soup Festival. That is, they go on stage, of the festival. You are under, spend nothing, eat and drink (responsibly) as pasha and there is also the children's space.

Only for two weekends, from Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 and from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 July, in Piazza 23 August in Massarella di Fucecchio - between Florence and Pisa - thanks to the indefatigable Spontaneous Group of Initiative Contrada Massarella.

This is the renewal of the collaboration between a pop-convivial event alive for just 48 years and the Reality Bites Festival, flagship of the award-winning Florentine agency / label dedicated to what was once called indie music and today call it what you like.

What then the independents there are: Diamine, Francesco De Leo, Cimini, Postman, Lemandorle, Galeffi, Telestar, Valeria Caliandro, Asia Ghergo ...

Forgot something? The soup, heck, prepared by the loving hands of the cooks massigiana, a delicacy that should be added to other Tuscan delicacies: come soon that among the gluttons has spread the voice ...

On the curtain!
Did you go to the Concorde? For the nostalgic of the former Tuscan temple of dance 80/90 Thursday 12 July there is the evening "I love Concorde", special guest the evergreen Alexia, to make us dance on the notes of "Summer is crazy", "Tell me how", "Uh la la la", "Me and you". Following the great DJs who have made the history of Chiesina Uzzanese nightclub.

Did not you go to the Concorde? Then try Myss Keta, the masked rapper who is changing the connotations of Milan to drink. Everyone talks about it, everyone goes to his concerts, including the one on Friday 13 July in Massarella. Ironic, mysterious, he sings "Milan, sushi and coca", "Burqa di Gucci" and other stories from the third world war. It presents the last effort "A life in capslock". The French touch à l'italienne of the Diamine opens the evening.

Is the good songwriter dead? No, it has evolved. Come Saturday, July 14 to enjoy Francesco De Leo and Cimini. Already front-man of the Officina della Camomilla, Francesco De Leo sails in dream-pop waters and surreal stories - for the critics "the bohemian of Italian song". "La Malanoche" marks the debut soloist, with a littlle help of Giorgio Poi. A bit 'Brunori, a bit' The Social State, Cimini challenges the "The law of Murphy" single opener of the album "Even better".

On the crest of dance and songwriting dance Lemandorle, waiting for the album we enjoy the last single "Colorful ice cream", but also "The girls," The 4 "and the other hits that have imposed them in the right turn. Sunday, July 15, on the stage of the Zuppa, will divide the stage with Postino, Florentine songwriter with a degree in medicine in his pocket: he has an album, called "Milk Soybean" and comes out these days.

It starts on Thursday 19th with the "Massigiana Evening", a big party that every year transforms the citizens of the Contrada Massarella into guitti, cabarettisti and comedians: guaranteed fun.

The music returns on Friday 20 July with the Roman singer-songwriter Galeffi: it feeds on football, cinema and Beatles and with "Scudetto" has boomed (4 million listenings between YouTube and Spotify), cheeky and pop songs, elegantly imbued with everyday life, of total loves and literary references. On the stage also the Empolesi Telestar and the Prato singer-songwriter Valeria Caliandro, former Vilrouge.

Great moment for Willie Peyote: concert of the first of May, a winter tour sold out and an album, "Tôret Syndrome" that has ousted from the charts emblazoned colleagues. Saturday, July 21, his rap drenched in literature and irony comes to Massarella, preceded by Asia Ghergo: guitar, voice, blond hair, has conquered the internet with acoustic covers and pieces like "2016" and "Giovani Fluo".

Libidine, double libidine: Sunday, July 22 is the concert-show of Jerry Calà to close on the edge of irony and revival. Excellent opportunity to bring on stage the local glory Toni Taormina: will sing "songs of new young singers who are also famous on YouTube and then another", here.

That's all folks! Indeed, there are also the DJ Gruvy, Fritz Orlowski, Tao Tze and Fulci who are busy at the console, set in theme with guests and evenings. And there is a new disk space, the School Stage.

LA SAGRA DELLA ZUPPA - The Sagra della Zuppa dates back to 1971 when some young massigiani gathered in the Spontaneous Group of Initiative under the guidance of Don Duilio Rogaziani with the aim of creating an event that would revitalize the millennial Massarella country. Aiming at the soup was not a casual choice: it was and remains a typical Tuscan dish that originates from the peasant families and Massarella, located on the rolling hills of the Cerbaie overlooking the Padule di Fucecchio plain, had deep roots in the cultivation of the earth and the padule.

The Sagra was originally held in September for the feast of Our Lady, Patron of Massarella. The first editions were held only on Sunday and the soup was distributed in the afternoon in the square below the millenary church, on the same day there were ancient games between massigiani and square orchestras played.

With the passing of the editions, even the days of celebration increased, while on the stage there were more and more important artists. Subsequently, the festival was anticipated in July to allow a wider development, but the formula, that has never changed: the legendary soup, free shows and dinners with lots of fun in the same square XXIII August.

At the Sagra della Zuppa there were Silvan, Sabani, Panariello, Carlo Conti, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Wilma Goich, Walter Santillo, Gigi and Andrea, Giucas Casella, the Stadio, Umberto Tozzi, Jerry Calà, Donatella Rettore, Dik Dik, Maurizio Vandelli, Camaleonti, New Trolls, Homo Sapiens, Paolo Ruffini, the PFM (twice), Nada, Franco Califano, up to the last years where a new artistic line has been undertaken promoting the Reality Bites Festival in collaboration with the: limonaia Fucecchio.

The aim of the new artistic line is to break down the fences that have long confined artists and musical genres in their respective reserves. To show that past and present coexist in wonder, that alternative scenes and mothers with the stroller have their affinities. And that even the most bohemian songwriters in front of a plate of soup ...

By the way: at the Soup Festival you do not eat only ... the soup. There are wonderful grills, tortelli and Tuscan specialties and other delicacies prepared lovingly by the cooks (mothers, mothers, grandmothers and grandparents) of Massarella.

SOUP - A true delight of peasant culture. A concentrate of stale Tuscan bread, cannellini beans boiled with sage and garlic, bono olive oil, black cabbage, zucchini, savoy cabbage, carrots, onion, celery, potatoes, tomatoes, salt and pepper. The preparation requires many hours of work every day.

Program of Soup 2018
Begin performances at 21.30

Thursday, 12 July 2018
Guest the singer ALEXIA

Friday, 13 July 2018
Reality Bites Festival
+ Aftershow DJ Set with Gruvy DJ & Fritz Orlowski DJ @ School Stage

Saturday 14 July 2018
Reality Bites Festival
+ Aftershow DJ Set "Indie Icon"
with Fulci DJ & Fritz Orlowski DJ @ School Stage

Sunday 15 July 2018
Reality Bites Festival
+ Pre / Aftershow DJ Set with Tao Tze Tung DJ

Thursday, July 19th
Massigiana evening

Friday 20 July 2018
Reality Bites Festival
+ Aftershow DJ Set "Indie Icon"
with Fulci DJ & Fritz Orlowski DJ @ School Stage

Saturday 21 July 2018
Reality Bites Festival
+ Aftershow DJ Set "Azzurro ... an Italian story"
with Fritz Orlowski & Gruvy Dj @ School Stage

Sunday 22 July 2018
Pre-show DJ Set "La Dolce Vita" with Fulci DJ

48th edition - from Thurs 12 to Sun 15 and from Thu 19 to Sun 22 July
Piazza 23 August - Massarella - Fucecchio - Florence
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