Stars at Piazzale Michelangelo (with total lunar eclipse)

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Address: Piazzale Michelangelo, Firenze

Date: Friday 27 July 17:00 - 01:00


ASTRONOMIC evening of public observation completely FREE for anyone who wants to see a lot 'of stuff in the sky on the night of the ECLIPSE TOTAL LUNA, in particular:

- SUN: in the afternoon (say from 17 to 19, then dinner break waiting for the moon to rise), weather permitting there will be a solar Lunt 60 telescope pointing at the Sun where you can throw an eye; with this very particular telescope you will see the Sun in total security and in the very narrow band passing of the h-alpha, or that shows the Sun as you imagine (but as you can hardly ever see), ie red with very distinct sunspots, filaments and protuberances (depending on the solar activity of that day). In short, more or less like this ->

- LUNA (WITH TOTAL ECLIPSE): It is the highlight of the evening, a Moon so you see very rarely! Really crossing the fingers for the weather, there will be a long Red Moon to be observed with the naked eye and with the telescope. The phase of penumbra will begin even before the Moon arises, so when we begin to see it it will already be partially eclipsed but not yet red; the totality phase will start at 21.30 to finish at 23.13 (with a peak at 22.22), and then return partial to 0.19 and exit completely from the penumbra area at 1.29 (in a nutshell: the Moon will be red from 21.30 to 23.13 approximately , before and after it will be partly white and partly grayish in that it is partially shaded first and then in dim light).

- GIOVE: From immediately after sunset until midnight it will definitely deserve to take a look also at Jupiter and its equatorial bands, always kindly accompanied by its 4 moons all clearly visible on the telescope.

- SATURN: Another gem that will accompany us throughout the evening; if I were you, I would not fail to take a look at its easily visible rings, still placed in a position that is prospectively very open to the Earth (in the next years they will close slowly and then reopen again).

- MARS: This is the good year to see it (you can see it in the sky one year and one year ago)! Planet as bright as a bastard, being small it is not trivial to observe many details on the surface but with a little 'luck (= good seeing) something will jump out. Moreover, it will be very close to the Moon and will therefore be very nice to see the Red Planet very close to the Red Moon!

- Various objects of the deep sky: There is so much stuff in the sky that I do not know if you will see anything else, but for those who are just as curious as a macaque you can try more exotic things less bright as open, globular clusters or few galaxies that can pierce the light pollution of Florence (for the latter the evening should be made in the Maremma where the sky is very dark, but then who comes ?! Fortunately for the moon and planets also the sky Florentine is fine!)

If time gives us the grace to be serene (otherwise we are referring to Friday, August 3, or at the weekend after, or s'immola a lamb in Odino) Friday I will be at Piazzale Michelangelo from 17 to boh ... until there are people, considering that everything is beautiful but at a certain it would not be bad to rest :)

You can do whatever you want, you can get rid of it and stay home, get rid of it and go dancing or drinking a beer, come and have a beer there, come without a beer, watch the moon and go, stay all night and have dinner there, stay there for ten minutes to chat ... so much it's free and there's no ticket;)

Then anyone who has a telescope or astronomical stuff of various kinds and would like to take it, he can obviously do it and use it;)

PS: In the last few days, however, keep an eye on the page because if any adverse event happens (especially clouds or rain) I write it.

PPS: I have no idea how many people will come and at the Piazzale there are not many parking spaces, so consider how to get around.

PPPS (then I stop): I'm just a fan, I do not do it for work and I'm not part of associations (as well as some friends who will probably be present with their telescopes and I thank them already in advance). The event is certainly not made to earn money, it is done to gain only on a social and cultural level!

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