Upside down - Stranger ThingS Party

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Address: Lungarno Francesco Ferrucci 24, Florence

Date: Saturday 8 December 20:00 - 02:30


✦ Upside down - Stranger Things Party ✦
The only Stranger ThingS theme party


Get ready to enter the dark world of Stranger Things, a unique experience that will drag you into the Upside Down!
"Friends do not lie" [Eleven]

■ SETTINGS - The upside down
You can go into the SottoSopra, visit the living room of the Byers house with the alphabet and Christmas lights, enter Mike's cellar and discover Undi's hideout. Are you ready for Hawkins?

A dinner served, entirely themed inspired by the atmosphere of Stranger Things, an exceptional menu that will transport our senses in the Sottosopra.
2 Starters, 2 First, Second, Sweet, Goblet of wine, Water (short menu in description)
€ 25 Only by reservation at 3331688117 (also WhatsApp)

■ PERFORMANCE and entertainment (DURING DINNER):
✦ LIVE ACOUSTIC CONCERT (Stranger Things Theme and 80s / 90s music):
During THEME DINNER the UpSideDown, led by Eleven, will transport us to the magical atmosphere of the 80s / 90s by Hawkins, with a chilly themed acoustic concert. You can listen to the theme song of Stranger Things, close your eyes and sing 'Should I stay or should I go' like Will, you can get excited with Heroes or imagine yourself with headphones lying on the bed like Jonathan, listening to Joy Division.
✦ QUIZ, CONTEST and AWARDS to be won:
How much do you know about Stranger Things? Answer the quiz questions and win the prizes to be won (Drink - Shots - Special Gadgets)
✦ Custom photos of the Stranger Dinner
✦ PERFORMANCE by 'DART - Il Demogorgone': Demogorgone from the upside down, grown up with Dustin, which is why he is particularly friendly with humans, Dart will wander among you entering and exiting the Sottosopra.

■ DJ SET theme 80s / 90s by Dis0rder (from 22.30):
In one night all the iconic Stranger Things tracks and all the biggest hits of the 80s / 90s.
In the console they will turn: The Clash ▪ Talking Heads ▪ David Bowie ▪ Joy Division ▪ Nirvana ▪ Duran Duran ▪ ABBA ▪ Madonna ▪ Cyndi Lauper ▪ Kiss ▪ Michael Jackson ▪ U2 ▪ Depeche Mode ▪ Police ▪ Europe ▪ Bon Jovi ▪ Guns 'n' Roses ▪ The Doors ▪ and many others ...

■ Stranger Things-based COCKTAIL:
✦ SOTTOSOPRA - Light rum, dark rum, lemon juice, Cola
✦ UNDICI - Vodka, Passion fruit, Lime juice, Cranberry juice, Liquid sugar
✦ DEMOGORGONE - Whiskey, Cherry, Cinnamon syrup, Chocolate Bitter, Orange juice
✦ RE STEVE - Gin, triple sec, lemon juice, liquid sugar
WILL (Vodka, Blue curacao) - MIKE SHOT (Gin, Midori, Sweet & Sour) - DUSTIN (Whiskey, Sambuca, Gin) - LUCAS (Vodka, Kahlua)

We are in 1988, the city is Hawkins, shows off your 80s / 90s look or clothes from your favorite character, wearing accessories with the theme Stranger Things! Special promotions for those who will be dressed in theme!
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► FREE ENTRANCE from 22.30
► STRANGER DINNER (Theme Dinner) at 20.00
€ 25 only by reservation at 3331688117 (Also WhatsApp)
► Rare Bistrot
Lungarno Ferrucci 24 - FLORENCE

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