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Tradition and Innovation
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Name: Ristorante Il Santo Graal

Address: Via Romana, 70r , Florence

Tel: +39 055 22.86.533

Email: info@ristorantesantograal.it



The following information is taken from the official website of the Restaurant The Holy Grail


The design of the restaurant Holy Grail comes from the passion for the architect Emanuele Canon catering.
Emmanuel, born in '70, driven by the desire to blend the architectural design to a dining environment in 2011 has created the Holy Grail, combining a refined cuisine and studied in a rustic-contemporary setting.
The with exposed brick arches and walls create a warm and classic setting that is harmonically damped by specially designed chairs and tables with lamps and lighting dropped cured in every corner of the room.
The elegance, the study and at the same time the simplicity is reflected in a young kitchen which, while respecting and submitting the Florentine tradition, tries to propose its own personality through technology and innovation.
Cared for the room service, but informal, to close the circle with harmony.


The Holy Grail of the kitchen is run by Simone Cipriani, of leghorn origin, grew up in Florence.
After a long apprenticeship passed between hotels and starred restaurants, Italian or otherwise, he is starting to take its first steps as a chef, trying to put their passion and techniques learned at the disposal of the restaurant Holy Grail.
The menu is presented in two keys: tradition and innovation. In the tradition there are the classic Tuscan dishes, a kitchen innovation that seeks to express itself with personality through a study of the plate in the round, by the ingredient of the season, passing for food pairing, to arrive at the design of the presentation.

For more information visit the official website of the Restaurant The Holy Grail .

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